Top 10 Best Winter Skin Care Products

best winter skin care products in 2017

The Best Winter Skin Care Products on the Market in 2018

With the risk of repeating the same cliché over and over again, winter is coming, and she is a harsh mistress. The frost, wind, dryness, and even the winter sun take their toll on your skin, especially on your face and hands. When it comes to the best winter skin care products, it seems that you need them all to go through the cold season. If you have dry skin and sensitive skin, then things are complicated for you. Winter skin care means skin moisturizing and protection, skin nourishment, and the use of products with therapeutic properties.

Dry and sensitive skin comes together with flaky skin, rashes, irritations, and itchiness. In the worst-case scenario, you may also suffer from psoriasis or eczema. All these skin conditions favor a general feeling of discomfort, daily worries, daily suffering, and a never-ending quest to find the best winter skin care products out there.

As you probably know by now, winter skin care products are (or should be) enhanced with vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, essential oils, and plenty of moisturizer agents. There are many types of winter skin care products on the market, coming in all shapes, sizes, and formulas.

However, today we will focus on three main types of products so you can make an educated choice about the best skin care products for winter that you need this season.

Welcome to our top 10 best winter skin care products of 2018! You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that we cover many options, many skin care needs, and many product varieties!

Top 10 Best Winter Skin Care Products of 2018

In the chart below, you will find my top 10 rated best winter skin care products on the market. For a more in-depth review of each product, please click on the "Read Review" link.

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Best Winter Skin Care Products Types

Before we begin, we have to mention a few things, so you can make an educated choice when it comes to the best winter skin care products to choose. First, you need to follow the rules of dry skin care in winter (and all year long for that matter):

  • Hydration: You need to drink plenty of water on a daily basis
  • Mild and soothing face wash/makeup remover: Pick a face wash/makeup remover that is gentle to your skin and does not require hot water. It should also not contain chemicals.
  • Exfoliation: Make sure you exfoliate your face, hands, and body with products and tools that are 100% natural
  • Cleansing: An essential step to a soft, smooth, moisturized skin. Use gentle products with natural ingredients
  • Moisturizing, protection, and nourishment: This is where we come in with our top ten best skin care products of the year.

Now that we have summed up the main steps of excellent winter skin care, let us delve into the details. As we said before, winter skin care products come in various forms and formulas. We decided to present you with three main categories: full winter skin care kits, creams and lotions, and body washes. Of course, there are also serums, toners, multi-purpose lotions, and so on, but we think we can cover all the necessary bases with these three categories. Now let us take a closer look to each type and see what everything is about!

Type 1: Best Winter Skin Care Products – Full Kits

These full skin care kits seem a dream came true, especially for people with dry and sensitive skin. Their main advantage is that all the products in the kit complement and build up on each other, offering you a full skin care session.

Such kits usually contain facial soaps, cleansers, toners, and moisturizers. Since dry and sensitive skin also triggers acne or blemishes, red spots, or irritation spots, many such kits also contain anti-blemish soap or serums. Moreover, these kits may come with facial washes and even hydrating masks.

 They are as good as they say they are, but this does not mean they do not present their fair share of drawbacks.
  • plus
    Full winter skin care
  • plus
    Natural ingredients
  • plus
    Multiple skin health benefits
  • close
  • close
    May cause some skin problems
  • close
    You may not like their scents

Type 2: Best Winter Skin Care Products – Creams and Lotions

Ask any specialist, and he will tell you that skin creams work better than skin lotions. This is because the creamy, dense structure of creams helps your skin keep the moisture on the inside. However, we found some creams and lotions to be particularly efficient and equally impressive in results, so we decided to feature them in the same category.

When it comes to winter skin care, creams and lotions are your go-to products. Even if you have combination skin or even oily skin, you still pamper and protect your face and hands with moisturizing and hydrating creams.

These products have the highest availability and affordability levels on the market. Be they label creams or drugstore products, we found that they come with plenty of amazing ingredients and formulas to keep your skin healthy, smooth, and radiant no matter how harsh winter is.

​Of course, we picked the best of all worlds: creams that are dermatologically tested; creams that come with natural/organic ingredients; creams and lotions packed with vitamins, and so on. We do not say they do not present their own fair share of cons, so let us look closer at our picks!


  • plus
    Good winter skin care results
  • plus
    Natural ingredients
  • plus


  • close
    May lead to some skin problems
  • close
    You may not favor the scent
  • close
    May not work for all dry skins

Type 3: Best Winter Skin Care Products – Creams and Lotions

We chose body washes for this list because many people neglect their bodies when it comes to skin care. Sure, you feel the effects of winter fully on your face and hands, but let us not forget that people with dry skin also have issues with their elbows and knees and other skin areas that get drier than others do.

If you are building a winter skin care routine, make sure you introduce winter-specific body washes. They should have mild formulas, be gentle with the skin, contain natural ingredients, and so on. Some are recommended by dermatologists, so they get more points. A winter body wash can save you time and money with supplemental body care.

 While they are available and affordable to a large extent, they may also feature a few issues you should pay attention to.


  • plus
    Full winter body care
  • plus
    Good for both women and men
  • plus
    Dermatologically recommended


  • close
  • close
    Scent may not be on your liking
  • close
    May lead to some skin problems
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Common Features of the Best Winter Skin Care Products

Upon testing each individual winter skin care product on this list, we factored in multiple parameters (beside the moisturizing effect, which is the main goal of our research): reduced itchiness and dryness of skin; smoother skin effects; long-lasting smooth skin effects; skin nourishment; multiple skin health benefits; age and gender independence, and more.

Before we begin listing the common features of these winter skin care products, we have to tell you that we also factored in the possible side effects of these products – albeit minor – and the smell/scent of these products.

People with acne and skin problems may be looking for dermatologically recommended formulas. Others may need to solve also eczema or psoriasis symptoms in the process. Lastly, since one scent cannot please everybody, we tested both unscented and fragrant products as well.

 Summing up, these are the common features of all ten best winter skin care products on our list!
  • check-circle-o
    Effectiveness - Either dermatologically formulated or containing natural ingredients, these winter care products delivered on their promise. We found that the body washes, the creams, and the full skin care kits left our skin moisturized and smooth. They also managed to alleviate dry skin symptoms and make us look and feel great.
  • check-circle-o
    Multiple skin benefits​This is obvious, but we need to mention the multiple skin benefits of these products. Moisturized, well-hydrated, and well-nourished skin also means beautiful radiant skin. From this point of view, the products on our list generated excellent results.​​​
  • check-circle-o
    Enriched formulas​All these products contain plenty of natural ingredients and come together with added vitamins, minerals, and essential oils for skin therapy and winter protection.​​​
  • check-circle-o
    Gender and age independence - As we know, men and women have different types of skin. Age also plays an important role in our skin care products’ choosing process. We found that these products work great for both men and women. You can use some also in children with dry skin, as their formulas are mild and dermatologically recommended. Moreover, many such products also have anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effects – which build up on their effectiveness and multi-purpose features.
  • check-circle-o
    Long-term results​One of the problems with winter skin care is that everything is just fine until you go out again or take a hot bath. Some products need to be used repeatedly to show results. We found that these products’ results hold in time, even if you skip using them for a few days in a row.​​​
  • check-circle-o
    Affordability​All these products are affordable. Granted, some are more expensive than others (the full skin care kits, especially, since they contain more than one product), but they all show incredible value for their money.​​​
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Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Winter Skin Care Products

While we chose to test some of the highest rated winter care products on the market, we still recommend you think about a few things before you go shopping. While you may have decided on the best cream or body wash on this list, make sure you are fully informed and you take a mindful choice.

1. Is Your Dry Skin a Seasonal Problem or do You Need to see Your Doctor?

Dry skin is common in women and men of all ages. Children are born with dry skin, while teenagers may learn they have dry sensitive skin once they reach puberty.

Some people can handle this problem easily, while others experience other subsequent skin and health problems: acne, itchiness, blemishes, flakes, eczema, psoriasis, and ichthyosis, dry patches of skin on their bodies and feet, and so on. These symptoms may become worse in winter.

The issue you need to tackle with is if you can manage your skin dryness and sensitivity with the help of cosmetic products – such as these on our list –, or you need to see your dermatologist for a diagnosis and a medical therapeutic cure.

Moderate dry skin not accompanied by health problems is something that you can keep under control (all year long in fact) with the products on the list. Some contain dermatological ingredients – medication if you like – to prevent your skin from breaking out or become too itchy to handle.

​However, a medical control will not hurt. Before you shop any of these products, you should have a chat with your physician or dermatologist to make sure you pick the right product.

​Winter Skin Care Products Side Effects

Our skin is our largest organ and one of the most sensitive ones to everything inside and out. This means that a product that is good for somebody may not be as good for you. While we tried to pick the best products of the year and the ones containing more natural ingredients than others do, nobody can guarantee you will not experience a skin reaction or a side effect.

In order to prevent anything from happening, we recommend you read the labels very carefully. You need to look for ingredients you are allergic to and avoid them. You also need to read the reviews and ask your doctor’s opinion about a certain product if you are not totally convinced.

While these skin care products’ main goal is to nourish and moisturize your skin, you may get oily skin instead or a skin breakout. If that is the case, you should stop using the product.

​Besides allergies or skin reactions, you should be aware that you can harm your own skin by overusing skin care products, no matter how natural and safe they are. Just as it is the case with any cosmetic/beauty product, do not overuse them thinking that more is better. If the product come with use guides, follow them.

​Winter Skin Care Products Scent

We all have different tastes, that’s for sure, even if many love the same fragrance. Before jumping at the opportunity to buy the best winter skin care products, learn more about their scents. Since we are talking about sensitive skin prone to developing health problems, the products should be unscented.

​However, many are. Make sure you are not allergic to some essential oil, fruit, herb, or ingredient. Also, make sure you read the labels and the reviews and find out what other people have to say about the products. It would be a shame to spend money and then dismiss a product, no matter its quality, just because you resent the scent.

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Questions to Ask Yourself before Buying the Best Winter Skin Care Products

​We emphasized on many important things while we tested and rated each individual shampoo, but you still need to ask yourself a few more questions before you start shopping. There are many FAQs answered on each of the reviews linked here, but let us resume some of the most important inquiries people have in relationship with these winter skin care products.

1. Q: Am I using only natural ingredients in these products?

A: When you read the label, you will see dozens of ingredients. Some are natural and some are not. Dermatological creams and even body washes also contain medicine and substances to fight against acne, rashes, itchiness, and eczema. The natural creams and lotions come with enriched formulas containing essential oils, herbal and fruit extracts, natural butters, vitamins, and minerals. We found that the formulas are mild and help your dry skin get better. If you are interested in learning more about the natural/organic ingredients in the products, feel free to ask the manufacturers. They are more than willing to answer such questions.  

2. Q: Am I going to get better skin after using these products?

A: Yes. As we mentioned above, we picked the products that show lasting effects and skin benefits. Besides a moisturized and nourished skin, you will also get anti-wrinkle effects and glowing, healthy skin. Some of the products on our list also have medical properties, alleviating rashes, acne, blemishes, itchiness, redness, and flaky skin symptoms.

3. Q: Are these products fit for all genders?

A: Yes. We picked the best winter skin care products that have good results in both women and men.
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Why are These Best Winter Skin Care Products Awesome/Valuable?

​These winter skin care products are awesome and valuable for a great number of reasons. We mentioned such reasons on each individual product review, but we are more than happy to summarize our top favorite awesome reasons why everybody should try these products during the cold season.

​1. Physical and psychological comfort

​Dry and sensitive skin comes with a lot of physical and psychological discomfort, especially in winter. It also comes with the need of using a great number of products for skin care. We found that these products have multiple skin benefits and positive results besides the main one. In other words, you will be free of itchiness, dryness, flakes and cracks, wrinkles, acne, blemishes, eczema, dry knees, feet, and elbows, skin breakouts, and more. The second you will feel better in your own skin, you will also enjoy psychological benefits: better self-confidence, better self-esteem, and better motivation levels.

​2. Multiple skin benefits for the entire family

​Our products are gender and age independent. People admit they use many of these products in the family, as some are working great in children and teenagers alike. It is hard to find skin care products, creams, soaps, and body washes to please all family members, but these products fit the bill. Thus, they will keep everybody happy during winter. Your budget will feel a bit happier as well.

​3. Affordability

​Professional skin care is expensive. Medical skin care is even more so. While some of these products have cosmetic purposes, while a few also have medical ones, they are all affordable. Surely, some are pricier than others are, but the quality-price balance will be on your side at all times.

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Common Questions

Before reaching the conclusion of this best winter skin care products top ten list, we have to focus on three more questions that are common among customers. We noticed people are preoccupied with some issues. While we touched these subjects on each individual review, we feel it is important to summarize them here as well.

Q: Are these products environmentally friendly?

A: They are, but in different grades. The natural creams and body washes on this list contain botanical and natural ingredients. Not all these products are USDA certified as organic, but they do contain ingredients coming from controlled cultivations. You can always ask the manufacturers about the environmental friendliness of each individual product. From our experience, manufacturers are more than willing to answer to their clients’ inquiries.

Q: Are these products cruelty free?

A: More and more people care a lot about animal testing when it comes to cosmetic products and especially skin care ones. This is why we found important to mention that most of the products mentioned on this list are cruelty free. In case you are concerned with this issue regarding a certain product you want to shop, it is best to make sure by asking the manufacturer. Usually, skin care companies are willing in answering such inquiries coming from their clients.

Q: How much do expiration dates matter with these products?

A: Expiration dates matter immensely. Again, this is about your skin, your largest organ, and the one exposed in full to environmental factors. Always read the labels to make sure your products do not expire. If your product has a funny smell, a weird consistency, or a color you are not comfortable with, make sure you do not use it. Never apply on your skin an expired cosmetic product, no matter its nature.

​Even more so, if you have dry sensitive skin suffering from adjacent problems, you should refrain from using any product that is old, spoiled, or with low shelf life.


This was our best winter care products top of 2018! If you want to pamper your skin, smooth it, make it glow, soften and moisturize it, then you have come to the right place. No matter which product on this list you choose, you will enjoy its benefits in no time!  

One of the biggest advantages of these winter care products are their mild, mindful, and natural formulas. They can soothe itchy skin and restore your face, hands, and body’s wellbeing. Many such products come with enriched formulas containing vitamins complexes, natural extracts, herbs essential oils, and even medication.  

You may want to focus on the skin care kits on this list, albeit not many. They come with cleansers, toners, soaps, moisturizers, and creams – all working together to heal your dry skin and enhance its looks and feel. However, if you already use other skin care products that work amazing on you, feel free to pick only the creams, lotions, and body washes on the list.

These winter care products bring a lot of value from a quality-price balance point of view. You may find some cheaper than others, while some are quite pricy. However, if you want quality for your money, these products are budget friendly.

We also picked gender-independent and age-independent  skin care products. Before using them on newborns and small children, you should have a chat with the doctor first. However, we found that these products are mild enough to work well with all genders and all ages. Make sure everybody is fully aware of their skin problems, skin type, allergies, and health issues before introducing these products to your family. There should not be any problems, however.

Do you want to get the best winter care products on the market? Check out each individual review we offered for each of the products on the list! If you have more questions, concerns, suggestions or feedback for us, we would be happy to hear from you! Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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