10 Best Sea Salt Spray on the Market – Our Top Picks


What does sea salt spray do for hair? It will give you a beachy look, as if the sea breeze played with your hair the whole day.

​Best Sea Salt Spray Products of 2018

When it comes to the hair styling industry, one of the hottest trends is sea salt spray. If you remember, we have covered a little the topic of sea salt spray, emphasizing on its benefits for your hairstyle. The purpose of sea salt sprays is to offer you a wet, beachy look, with textured tresses and wavy locks all year long. If you want to look like you just arrived from the beach to the office one morning, sea salt spray will do the trick just fine. Some of the best sea salt spray products on the market also add some shine and some nourishment to your locks, so you can enjoy a seductive look with no effort. If you have concerns about the composition of sea salt spray products, you should not worry much – they are coming with safe ingredients, many of them organic.

One of the main problems when talking about sea salt sprays is the degree in which they dehydrate your hair. The issue is valid, as one cannot separate the idea of salt from the idea of dehydration. Indeed, spraying salt water on your hair may lead to some wavy curls but to dehydration in the same time. This is one of the reasons why you should get the best sea salt spray products on the market: they come with more than just salt and water, but with other hair-healthy ingredients as well. Nevertheless, we will speak about the ingredients’ list in a few moments.

Why are sea salt sprays all the rage right now? One of the first reasons is that they give you a young, carefree surfer girl’s look in a matter of minutes. If you already have curly hair, you will get rounder, bouncier curls. If you have straight hair, you will get exactly those soft, cute curls all women with straight hair wish to have. Moreover, you can achieve all these effects without using curling irons and spending too much time with hairstyling. You can be ready for work or for a party in a matter of minutes. Spray, go, and bring summer with you wherever you make an appearance.

One of the greatest advantages of sea salt sprays is that they offer you a nice look without you seeming of trying too hard. They work well for both women and men. They wash away with ease. Some sprays, as we mentioned before, also come with some added benefits for your scalp and hair, so can enjoy them no matter the season. They keep your hair safer than other harsher hairstyling methods, which involve heat, the use of chemicals, or a bunch of tools and techniques. Your beachy waves will look all natural and subtle.

Without further ado, let us discuss in detail the ten best sea salt spray products on the market and see why they are so great and deserve a chance from you.

Top 10 ​Best Sea Salt Spray Products of 2018

In the chart below, you will find my top 10 rated best sea salt spray options on the market list.

Produ​ct Image

(Product Name)

My Review

​Artnaturals Sea Salt Spray

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Not Your Mother’s Sea Salt Spray

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​Aquage Sea Salt Spray

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​Herbivore Botanicals Sea Salt Spray

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​Redken Sea Salt Spray

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​J Beverly Hills Sea Salt Spray

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​Winsome & Wisdom Sea Salt Spray

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​Alaffia Sea Salt Spray

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​Harvey Prince Sea Salt Spray

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​John Frieda Sea Salt Spray

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Best Sea Salt Spray Types

Before we begin, we have to say that sea salt sprays come in many recipes and formulas. From the simplest, most straightforward formulas to the more complex ones, there is a sea salt spray out there to meet your needs and expectations. However, we decided to separate them into two main categories, as we find them to be very important: the best sea salt spray containing some artificial ingredients, and the best sea salt spray coming with organic ingredients. While they do share plenty of common traits and advantages, each category comes with its drawbacks. We will further discuss them in detail to help you make the best decision.

sea salt spraysea salt spray

Type 1 Best Sea Salt Spray – Mix of Natural and Artificial Ingredients

​Just like shampoos, conditioners, and hair treatments, the sea salt sprays mixing both natural and artificial ingredients have their advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, these sprays are harmless for your hair in case you were wondering, but if you want to go full organic and safe with your hair care and styling products, you may feel these do not meet your requirements. Let us look at the main advantages and disadvantages of these types of products.

  • plus Offer great hair beach waves
  • plus Come with multiple hair benefits
  • plus Good price vs. quality balance
  • close May have side effects
  • close You may not love their smell
  • close Not completely healthy

Type 2 Best Sea Salt Spray – Natural / Organic Ingredients

​If all you want is beachy tresses with a bit of texture, then these sea salt sprays may be exactly what you were looking for. As safe hair styling goes, they are quite healthy and help you achieve the goal of getting all-natural hair styling without any effort. However, such products are not completely lacked of drawbacks, as we will see below.


  • plus Great results
  • plus Multiple hair benefits
  • plus Safe and healthy hair styling


  • close May be pricier
  • close May not work for all hair types
  • close May show poor results in some

Common Features of the Best Sea Salt Spray Products

​We carefully tasted and tried all the sea salt sprays on this list, trying to find the most effective ones in terms of beachy waves, natural look, volume, texture, hold, shine, and so on. When we rated these shampoos, we also took into account their long-term effects on the hair: dehydration, discolorations, unhealthy look and feel of the hair, long-term hair benefits, and more.

Before presenting you with the common features of our top best sea salt spray products on this list, we have to tell you we also factored in scent and possible side effects. After all, you need a sea salt spray that allows you gorgeous tresses, not one that triggers scalp itchiness or split ends!

After careful considerations, we came up with a list of eight common features shared by all the shampoos on our list. Let us see what they are!

sea salt sprayssea salt sprays

  • Excellent results: All the sea salt sprays on this list led to wavy hair and wet-looking surfer tresses, no matter how long or short the hair was. We enjoyed texture, volume, and shine in different degrees after using these sprays. If you want to look like you just came out of the ocean, then these sprays will certainly do the trick. If a messy, wavy, wet sexy look is your goal, then you hit the jackpot!
  • Hold: One of the biggest concerns when using a sea salt spray is “how long is it going to hold?” Of course, you would deem a spray of low quality of your wet beachy curls would last only a couple of hours instead of a full day. This is why we payed attention to their holding capabilities and are happy to report that your beachy tresses will bounce for hours and hours.
  • Multiple Hair Benefits: Some such sprays contain a mix of natural and artificial ingredients, while others are all natural. Despite this categorization, all the shampoos came with multiple hair benefits to some extent: they offered more than curly beach wet waves, but also texture, volume, hair shine, and hair nourishment in different degrees.
  • ​Enriched formulas: Besides the usual suspects in sea salt sprays – sea salt to be exact – many of these sprays also contain amazing ingredients for your hair: coconut oil, aloe vera, tangerine and walnut extracts and so on.
  • They work on short and long hair. One may not consider using a sea salt spray for a short haircut, but we beg to differ. Men and women with short straight hair can look completely different when they spray their tresses and scrunch them with their fingers. If you are in a constant fight with your short, straight, and frizzy hair, a sea salt spray makes you look stylish with no effort.
  • Unisex. Speaking of men and women, we have to emphasize that all sea salt sprays on this list had nice styling effects on both women and men hair, no matter how short and long. Of course, the sprays will not do much if you sport undercuts, but if you want to style up your pixie or your faux Mohawk, the sprays will surprise you.
  • Long-term side effects. Depending on your hair type, some of these sprays may make your hair feel a bit dry or frizzier than usual. However, on the long term, you will not have issues with these sprays. As usual, if you feel your hair suffers from the use of the spray or any other hair product, discontinue the use immediately. While we consider them to be safe, in case your hair and scalp do not feel or look well, it is better to ask your dermatologist first before you use them and stop using them at the earliest sign of discomfort.
  • Affordability: ​​​​​​Granted, some of these sea salt sprays are a bit pricy, but they bring good quality for their price if you want fast, easy, and refined hair styling.
  • Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Sea Salt Spray on the Market

    ​Even if you believe all the amazing customer reviews and you want to follow your hairstylist’s advice on sea salt spray, you still need to consider a few things before buying one.

    Hair sprayHair spray

    A sea salt hair spray DIY could give the beachy waves for this summer.

    Sea Salt Spray Side Effects

    As a rule, sea salt sprays – as we said above – come together with some natural ingredients and some artificial ones in some cases. Many of them have an enhanced formula mixing essential oils, herbal extracts, fruit extracts and added vitamins and minerals. However, before buying one or more of these sprays, you need to read the label carefully. Some of them may contain oils and extracts you are allergic to or have some unexpected hair effects: frizz, dryness, stiffness, greasiness, stickiness, itchiness, and so on. 

    You should do the mandatory skin allergy test before using any of these sea salt sprays, just as you do with hair dye, shampoos, or other cosmetic products. While sea salt sprays are generally hypoallergenic and dermatologically safe, it is better to be safe than sorry, especially if you have scalp and hair problems.

    Another issue you should take into account is your hair type. You will see many people praising one sea salt spray, while others totally rejecting it for making their hair frizzy, sticky, dull, oily, or crunchy. Some people can also complain about itchy scalps, while others may confess hair tangling.

     ​Before you start using any type of sea salt spray, make sure you are fully aware of your hair type and scalp problems. If you want to make sure you are safe to use the best sea salt spray on the market, you should have a chat with your hairstylist and even dermatologist.

    Mistaking the Spray for Something Else

    We mentioned unrealistic expectations when we covered other types of hair products and styling items. If you imagine you will get the same curls as you would of you used a curling iron, you should learn what a sea salt spray actually does. If you want perfectly defined curls that hold for days, you wither go to your hairdresser or focus on hair styling tools. A sea salt spray will help you get a wet beachy look with some waves. If you have curly hair, the curls will get a better definition. If you have straight hair, it will look more textured, wetter, and wavier.

    ​Moreover, you need to make a difference between a sea salt spray and a dry shampoo or a hair styling fixing spray. While the sea salt spray will offer some volume and shine, it does not work like dry shampoo. Even if the wavy tresses will hold for a day, a sea salt spray will not hold your hairdo in place as hair fixing sprays do.

    Sea Salt Sprays Scent

    We said it before and we will say it again: people have different tastes. This being said, you should expect sea salt sprays to smell differently. Some may smell like the ocean, others come with a powerful fruity scent. Some may exude a vague chemical fragrance – if the product contains both natural and artificial ingredients. Some smell like nature itself: herbal, sandy, or like the essential oils they contain.

    Our recommendation is for you to carefully read the label of each product. Besides being allergic to some scents (in which case we recommend you skip the product and find something else), you should make a general idea on what your hair will smell like for a while. If bananas and coconuts are not your cups of tea, go on to the next product on the list and find one you feel comfortable with.

     ​Many sea salt sprays feature a slight salty sea scent, while many come with neutral scents or vague ones. If you want your hair to smell amazing the second you enter a room, make sure you find the product that suits your needs.

    Questions to Ask Yourself before Buying the Best Sea Salt Spray on the Market

    We emphasized on many important things while we assessed and rated each individual sea salt spray, but there are still a few questions you need to ask yourself before going shopping. Many FAQs have their answers on each of the reviews linked here, but let us resume some of the most important inquiries people have in relationship with these hair styling products.

    We emphasized on many important things while we assessed and rated each individual sea salt spray, but there are still a few questions you need to ask yourself before going shopping. Many FAQs have their answers on each of the reviews linked here, but let us resume some of the most important inquiries people have in relationship with these hair styling products.

    1. ​​Do the sea salt sprays help me tame the frizz and tangling of my hair?

    ​If you have very thin, messy, frizzy wavy hair, these sprays may help you tame your tresses. However, it all depends on your type of hair, and hair thickness, the presence / absence of natural curls, and so on. We recommend you test a few sprays until you decide which ones makes your hair look and feel the best. As long as you do not mistake the spray for styling mousse or fixing spray, volume or texture powders, you can enjoy your wet locks with no problems.

    2. ​Am I going to get better hair after using these sprays?

    ​The answer is yes – with the amendment that you should not rely solely on these sprays to get fuller, thicker, shinier, or better-nourished hair. Many of these sprays come with enhanced formulas and organic ingredients that are excellent for your hair. Nevertheless, they represent temporary styling solutions and not permanent hair care treatments. In other words, you should not give up on using sulfate free shampoos, dandruff shampoos, or other hair care products if you want your hair to gain strength, thickness, volume, texture, health, and shine.

    3. ​Are these shampoos fit for all ages?

    ​Yes. Besides being good for all genders, these shampoos are good for all ages as well. Many parents use these shampoos for their kids and teenagers, to help them better manage their curly or straight hairs without adding chemical weight or heat styling to the little ones’ hairs.

    4. How much sea salt spray should I use to get the beach hair effect?

    This depends a lot on your hair type, length, and hair thickness, curly/straight category, and so on. There is no correct answer here. We recommend you test the product and decide which is the least quantity of spray able to give you the perfect beach waves you desire.

    5. Should I spray all of my hair?

    The best practice when using sea salt spray is to use it starting from the mid-section of your hair towards the ends. Avoiding the roots is better to keep them clean and safe – hence your scalp will not get itchy or your hair too dry. However, some women use a trick when they do not have time to wash their hair: using sea salt spray from top to bottom lifts the hair a little and gives it some volume, so you can get away with your hair not being washed that day. Nevertheless, specialists do not recommend you employ this trick too often.

    Why Are these Best Sea Salt Spray Varieties Awesome/Valuable?

    These sea salt sprays are awesome and valuable for a great number of reasons. We mentioned such reasons above, but we are more than glad to summarize our top favorite awesome reasons why everybody should give these sprays a chance.

    Looks and feel

    If you are the type of person hating their hair for looking like a straw pile or not being able to hold a curl, you will love these sprays. They offer curly hair better curls, while straight hair some wet beachy waves to die for. The new look holds its ground for a full day or a party, so you will get to look like just returned from a trip to an exotic island.

    ​Everybody loves them

    These shampoos are age-independent and gender-independent. We said this before, but it is important to emphasize on this feature. You can use them on teenagers as well to get a nice, composed look without them using harsh chemicals or heat styling.

    Safer and faster hair styling

    ​Spray your hair and scrunch it with your hands – there, you are ready to go to work or to a party in no time. As we mentioned when we reviewed the best curling irons on the market, heat styling should be taken with a grain of salt so you can avoid damaging your hair, especially if it is thin and sensitive or too dry. Sea salt sprays represent a quick, sexy hair styling solution for those busy days of yours.

    Recommended Best Sellers

    Bestseller No. 1
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    • HOW TO USE. Apply to damp or dry hair, scrunch in with hands, and let air dry...
    Bestseller No. 3
    Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Soft Waves Sea Salt Spray (2-Pack) - 8 fl oz - Spray for Tousled Hair -...
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    • MADE WITH DEAD SEA SALT, SEA KELP, AND ALOE: Formulated with dead sea salt, sea...
    • EASY TO USE: Simply spray onto wet or dry hair from mid-length to ends, scrunch...

    Common Questions

    Before reaching the conclusion of this best sea salt spray top ten list we have to focus on five more common questions that preoccupy everyone. We also touched these topics beforehand, but we feel it is important for everybody to emphasize on some issues again.

    Q: Can I use the sea salt spray on wet hair or dry hair?

    A: You can use the sea salt sprays on either wet hair after you washed it and want to style it further, or on dry hair in the morning when you hurry up for work. As long as you get the quantity right, you can enjoy the results without worrying about using the spray on wet / dry hair. The results are the same in many cases.

    Q: Are these sprays cruelty free?

    A: Many people care a lot about this aspect when it comes to cosmetic products, hair care, and the beauty industry in general. This is why we found important to mention that sea salt sprays are cruelty free since they only contain sea salt and plant extracts. However, if you want to have a fully clear conscience, verify the manufacturer. Many brands may use animal testing for other products – like shampoos for instance – while selling cruelty free sea salt sprays. Ask the manufacturers directly and read the reviews in case you want to be absolutely sure.

    Q: How do I avoid hair crispiness?

    A: Some sea salt sprays will make your hair a bit crispy and sticky, especially if you have dry hair. If you notice your ends get crispy after using the spray, make sure you use a leave-in conditioner or you use a detangling hair product so your tresses are always hydrated and soft.

    Q: How do I best choose which sea salt spray to use?

    A: Make sure you are fully aware of your hair type. Some sprays work better on already curly hair, while others have excellent effects on thin, frizzy, stubborn hair. Also, a great deal depends on the thickness / coarseness of your hair. Our recommendation is to read the labels carefully and even ask the manufacturers. Some sprays may add some dryness to your hair, stripping it of its oils, while others will have no such effects even if you apply them on your roots.

    Q: How much should I care for expiration dates?

    A: A lot. As we always say when we talk about hair and skin care products, you should always mind the expiration dates. Even if the sea salt sprays contain only salt and plant/fruit extracts, it is always best to use them within their expiration limitations. If you have dandruff, itchy scalps, dry skin and hair, other dermatological issues or an overall sensitivity to cosmetics, you should never use any beauty and styling product past its expiration date.


    This was our best sea salt spray products top of 2018! They are excellent picks if you want to boost your hair looks, volume, texture, shine, and curls in a fast and safe manner. If you want to take a break from harsher styling products and especially heat styling tools, the sea salt spray offers a quick sexy look in matter of minutes. Even if some contain artificial ingredients, they are by far safer than other hair styling cosmetic products on the market.

    One of the biggest advantages of these sea salt sprays is that they offer you a beachy surfer look at all times – and what makes people feel better in the middle of the winter than looking as if they just descended from an exotic beach? The use of such sea salt sprays offer you some amazing looks and comforts your soul while you wait for the sunnier days and the real ocean-kissed curls.

    You will be happy to learn that the sprays on the list are affordable and easy to use. You may find some to be pricier than others may, but they are all worth every cent. Many come together with outstanding quality warranties, strong brand reputations and enthusiast customers’ reviews. You can also try some DIY Sea Salt Sprays if you’re looking for a cheaper option. 

    If you also have your own two cents to add to the topic of best sea salt spray products on the market, feel free to use the comments section below, we would love to hear from you and share your opinion and feedback with our community!

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