10 Best Sriracha Mayo Products to Try Right Now

​Best Sriracha Mayo Options on the Market for Your Savory Meals

If you are the type of person who loves to spice up his or her life with something delicious, then you probably heard about Sriracha sauce. While its true origins are still a hot (he he!) topic of debate, one thing is certain: Sriracha is all the rage right now in terms of sauces, dips, and meal enhancers. It is spicy, flavorful, and unique. A novelty condiment if you want, Sriracha found its way on restaurant menus, on sushi plates, at barbecues, in vegan cuisine, and anywhere on your plate at home or in a fast food for instance. Modern gourmet cooking, however, took Sriracha to a completely new level of versatility and popularity when it created Sriracha mayo. If you were looking for the best sriracha mayo products on the market, you have come to the right place, because we found seven delicious such options to spice up your favorite dishes.

Before going further with this article, however, we have to understand why the best sriracha mayo seems to be ubiquitous these days and why everybody loves it so much. Well, the first and most obvious answer is that it goes with anything. From buffalo spicy chicken wings to a killer potato salad, if you add this miraculous ingredient, your food turns into a signature dish to make your family, and guests lick their fingers. The second reason is that it can satisfy all consumers due to its versatility – you can find spicier and less spicy versions, as well as you can find normal mayo and vegan mayo as well.

Now let us see our top seven best sriracha mayo products we loved and you definitely have to try!

Top 10 Best Sriracha Mayo Products to Spice up Your Life!

In the chart below, you will find our top 10 rated best Sriracha Mayo options. Enjoy!

Produ​ct Image

(Product Name)

My Review

best sriracha mayo lee kum keebest sriracha mayo lee kum kee

Lee Kum Kee Sriracha Mayo

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Terrapin Ridge Farms Sriracha mayoTerrapin Ridge Farms Sriracha mayo

Terrapin Ridge Farms Sriracha Mayo

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best sriracha mayo musashibest sriracha mayo musashi

Musashi Foods Sriracha Mayo

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best sriracha mayo kickbest sriracha mayo kick

k!ck Sriracha Mayo

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spectrum best sriracha mayospectrum best sriracha mayo

Spectrum Sriracha Mayonnaise

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best sriracha flying goose mayo vegan sriracha mayobest sriracha flying goose mayo vegan sriracha mayo

​Flying Goose Sriracha Mayo

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best sriracha mayo sarrayobest sriracha mayo sarrayo

​Sarayo Sriracha Mayo

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best sriracha mayo justbest sriracha mayo just

Just. Sriracha Mayo

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best sriracha mayo kikkomanbest sriracha mayo kikkoman

Kikkoman Sriracha Mayo

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best sriracha mayo sir kensingtonbest sriracha mayo sir kensington

​Sir Kensington’s Sriracha Mayo

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Best Sriracha Mayo Types​ 

Before we begin, we have to mention a few things, so you can make the best choice when it comes to the best sriracha mayo you can buy to give yourself a treat. Perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about mayo in general and sriracha mayo in particular is their “natural vs. artificial” ingredient makeup. When it comes to best sriracha mayo choices, you can identify two main categories: the mayo made with eggs and the vegan varieties that do not contain eggs at all.

However, even when you decide in between these two large categories you have to pay attention to the other ingredients on the label. You should consider getting Non-GMO, gluten-free, low calories, low cholesterol, low salt, low sugar, and no trans-fat sauces and food condiments in general. Many people agree that mayo is not the healthiest way to go about life. On the other hand, if you pick the right product, you will enjoy a novel and surprising meal without worrying about your health. In general, excesses of any kind are bad for you. If you consume moderate quantities of food – any food – you will feel amazing, besides having some awesome food recipes to brag about among your acquaintances.

Now let us see the main best sriracha mayo types and enjoy ourselves a little!

Type 1: Best Sriracha Mayo with Eggs

​This category consists of mayo products made with eggs. Some mayo varieties contain full eggs, while other only the yolks. Some varieties contain free-range eggs as well. Since they are not vegan and eggless mayo products, they fall under the same main category of egg-made mayonnaise. There are many brands experiencing with classic mayonnaise, sriracha mayo, flavored mayo (garlic or herbs), and so on. The sriracha mayonnaise products in this category are rich in texture; they have that unmistakable natural egg color and flavor to them; they are creamy and soft and so on. Nevertheless, they also come with their fair share of warnings, so let us take a look over the pros and cons of egg sriracha mayo products!

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  • plus They go great with everything
  • plus They taste amazing
  • plus They come in different levels of spiciness to meet your tastes
  • close May contain preservatives
  • close May boost your cholesterol levels
  • close Some may be pricy

​Type 2: Best Sriracha Mayo without Eggs (Vegan)

​When it comes to vegan mayo in general, things are quite simple: they do not contain eggs, but a blend of other ingredients to offer you a rich, smooth sauce and a healthy culinary experience. Vegan sriracha mayo is an excellent addition to all your vegan dishes. Surely, many people prefer eggless sriracha mayo with their non-vegan dishes to lower the fat and cholesterol levels (and hence calories) they eat. There are plenty of organic sriracha mayo products you can find in stores and online. You just have to read the labels carefully and pick the ones that best match your tastes and needs. Just like egg-based sriracha mayo types, they too should be GMO-free, gluten-free, and even sugarless. Now let us sum up the main pros and cons of best sriracha mayo types in the vegan department.


  • plus Encourage healthier lifestyle
  • plus Lower levels of fat
  • plus ​More natural ingredients


  • close ​May not taste like mayo
  • close May contain preservatives
  • close ​May be expensive

Common Features of the Best Sriracha Mayo Varieties

​We carefully tested and tasted these sriracha mayo products and payed attention to plenty of their features: taste and spice, aftertaste/secondary flavors, quality of the ingredients, overall healthiness of the product, quantity/price balance, versatility, and so on. We weighed in all these parameters and came up with the following set of common features of all seven best sriracha mayo products on this list.

  • Overall taste – Regardless they contain eggs, all the sriracha mayo products on this list have a tantalizing taste. They do taste like mayo, and the sriracha only spices things up without overpowering the flavor of a delicious mayonnaise.
  • Sriracha flavor and spice – These sriracha mayo products deliver that punch you would expect to all your dishes. Surely, some products may be spicier than others are. If you want some heat but you do not want to literally burn up, you can mix the sriracha mayo with regular mayo in order to take the heat down a few notches. We find it very important to mention that even if these mayo products are indeed spicy, the sriracha blend does not simply cover a dull, bland mayo taste, nor does it overpower the real flavor of high quality mayonnaise. Many low quality sauces are sometimes so spicy that they cover for the fact that the product is tasteless or flavorless. It is not the case with these sriracha mayo varieties.
  • Secondary flavors/aftertaste – Speaking of flavors and aftertaste, we have to mention that these products have a flavor of their own besides the chili punch in the sriracha. You will also feel the garlic, vinegar, lemon, and eggs (when they are present) – which can only add more flavor to your dishes. As aftertaste is concerned, you will not get a chemical flavor or a gummy texture on your palate.
  • Texture – Independent of their contents (vegan or not), these sriracha mayo products also deliver on the promise that they will offer you a creamy, smooth, rich, and refined culinary experience. We will get into some details later, but if your mayo is within its expiration range and came in an impeccable package, you should enjoy the creaminess, velvety texture and taste.
  • Versatility – Mayonnaise in general is a versatile condiment, dip, and sauce. Eaten as is or in combination with other sauces, mayonnaise makes a great addition to sandwiches, veggies, fish, tacos, burgers, fries, breakfast eggs, even salads, corn on the cob, pot stickers, barbecue, sushi, and many more. Look at the brand and ingredient list and pick your poison. Do you want a mayo that tastes and looks exactly like the sauce you get with your sushi? You will find it on this list. Do you want some mayo to turn your deviled eggs into works of art? You will find it on this list. This is the point we want to make here: some mayo products are too bland and artificial to be able to really style up your favorite foods. These sriracha mayo varieties, however, will deliver on that promise and then some!
  • Health benefits – Despite popular belief that mayo is unhealthy these products come from very mindful and responsible manufacturers. Case in point, these varieties are generally GMO-free, contain less salt and sugar than other similar products, are low in cholesterol (and the vegan ones contain no animal fat and byproducts whatsoever), many are gluten free and kosher and so on.
  • Manufacturing – Many of these products are USA made, and you know we always pick such products for our lists, as we support local entrepreneurs that offer quality and thoughtfulness with their products. Some mayo options from this list are imported from countries (like Japan), which almost invented sriracha and sriracha mayo sauce, and we trust they did a great job.
  • Packaging – The sriracha mayo options on this list come in two main packaging solutions: the classic glass jar and the plastic squeezing bottle. Each such packaging solution has its fair share of benefits and drawbacks. What you need to know and mind is that you should never consume a product coming in an imperfect package. If the bottle or jar lacks some parts, if it looks like somebody opened it before, if it is less than perfect, do not use the content. The rule is available for anything edible and non-edible.
  • ​Affordability – While some of the products on this list are a bit pricy, they are overall affordable given their taste and quality. Granted, some products may come in a too small a bottle for their price, but there are enough options out there to better match your needs and budget. One argument in the support of these sriracha mayo products is that they replaced all other sauces and dips in many homes, so they actually help you better control your budget on the long haul.
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    Things to Consider before Buying the Best Sriracha Mayo Products​ 

    We have touched some of these topics until now here and there, but let us sum up the main things you need you to consider before buying these best sriracha mayo products.  

    ​Your Tastes vs. Their Taste

    When we talk about food in general, some products have to meet specific peoples’ criteria. Many may consider some of these mayo products a bit too spicy – and thus mix them with classic mayo or other sauces to cut down the heat. On the other hand, many may consider some of these sriracha mayo varieties not spicy enough. Since tastes are completely subjective, our recommendation is to test and sample any such product and make an educated choice. Even if these mayonnaise options do not leave an unpleasant aftertaste, who knows what your family members may feel?

    List of Ingredients

    It would be far-fetched to believe that such products contain absolutely zero added ingredients or preservatives, no matter how vegan or organic they are. Flavor, color, taste, and life-span need protection. If you know you are allergic to some preservative or added flavor or if you only eat foods containing zero levels of salt or sugar, then you need to be careful when buying any sauce, not only sriracha mayo. However, if you want only some specific ingredients to be present or absent, you will enjoy the fact that many of such mayo products openly confirm that they lack GMOs, gluten, and other ingredients. If you want to avoid any side effects, always read the labels.

    Expiration Dates

    ​If we mind the expiration dates on cosmetic products, you can imagine how much we mind expiration dates on edible products. If a product does not clearly specify when it was made and before when you need to consume it, ask the manufacturer. It is no shame in caring for your health and avoiding at all cost any product that may be past its expiration date. Moreover, as we insisted before, never consume a product within its expiration limits if its package looks flawed. You may experience a rancid taste or an unusual color of the product and you need to know if it was the expiration date or the package that led to such unfortunate results. Check out the manufacturers’ guidelines on returning policies and make sure you get the product you want that respects all health and safety regulations.

    Your Budget

    You may find cheaper versions of these products on stores’ shelves or, on the contrary, in online stores. You may also find such products coming in bulk sampling packs or together with another sauce and special 2-for-1 sales offers. Independent from such discounts, you have to consider that sriracha mayo in general can be a bit pricy. Overall it is an affordable product if you take into account the ingredients, the health benefits, the brand, and the other options you have. As we said, many people replaced all their condiments and sauces with these mayo options, leading to family budget costs.

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    Questions to Ask Yourself before Buying the Best Sriracha Mayo Products

    We emphasized on many important things while we tasted each individual product, but you still need to ask yourself a few more questions before you start shopping. There are many FAQs answered on each of the items linked here, but let us resume some of the most important inquiries people have in relationship with these sriracha mayo products.

    1. Q: Is this a product of quality?

    A: When you read the label and the description of the product, be careful to understand where the product comes from, what it is made of, what it contains, what health regulations it follows (especially when it comes to food products), and so on. Our recommendation is to read the reviews and ask the vendor all the question you need to ask about ingredients, manufacturing process, ingredients’ provenance, supply chains, and eco-friendliness. While we chose products that we feel rise to health and quality expectations, you may want to delve into the details. If the label does not answer all your questions, do not feel shy to ask the manufacturer or other consumers.

    2. Q: Is this product good for my health?

    A: If your health status or lifestyle excludes the consumption of some ingredients, make sure you read the labels and make an educated choice. There are more criteria you can select your foods on, besides the obvious vegan vs. non-vegan ones. Some mayo products on this list also emphasize on the fact that they are kosher, contain less salt/sugar than other similar ones, contain no trans-fats whatsoever, and so on.   

    3. Q: How much time is this product going to last?

    A: The answer to this question depends on the size of the product, the frequency you consume it with, and the way you store it. As we mentioned, you may feel like you pay too much money on some product, so make sure you check the quantity and the price balance first.

    4. Q: How I am Supposed to Store the Product?

    A: While some mayo products sit on a shelf with no problems, we strongly recommend you keep mayo (even the vegan one) in the fridge, especially after you unsealed the bottle and opened the jar. It is always best to be safer than sorry, not to mention that fridge storage allows you to enjoy your product for longer periods.

    Why These Best Sriracha Mayo Products are Awesome/Valuable?

    ​These deli products are awesome and valuable for a great number of reasons. We mentioned such reasons above, but we are more than glad to summarize our top favorite awesome reasons why everybody should give these products a chance.


    Sriracha mayo is not brand new as a gourmet dish, but it is new enough to still elicit excitement and debate. The novelty of such products appeal to those who are always trying to create something new in their kitchens. People who are relatively bored with the taste of classic run-of-the-mill sauces and dips will fully embrace sriracha mayo as it brings heat, flavor, innovation, and easy upgrading of the simplest, most common dishes. In other words, you can surprise and awe anybody by enhancing an ordinary plate with a few drops of sriracha mayo and create a completely different culinary experience.   sriracha mayo, sriracha mayo recipe, creamy sriracha, how long does mayo last, sriracha dipping sauce, Japanese spicy mayo, french fries dip sauce, keto mayo recipe, creamy sriracha sauces, spicy mayo sushi, sriracha mayo, sriracha mayo recipe, creamy sriracha, how long does mayo last, sriracha dipping sauce, Japanese spicy mayo, french fries dip sauce, keto mayo recipe, creamy sriracha sauces, spicy mayo sushi,

    ​Restaurant Brought Home

    Did you ever complain that some specific dishes will never taste home like they do in a restaurant no matter how hard you try to follow the recipe? If you were desperately looking for a sauce that goes with your homemade sushi as it goes with restaurant sushi, then you are in luck. Some sriracha mayo products on this list are the original ones chefs use in specialty or ethnic restaurants, so you can turn your kitchen into a Master Chef studio any time you want. If you always wanted to recreate the exotic flavor of a salad or a burger dressing and never quite hit it, try sriracha mayo and give yourself a treat!


    Some people will have mayo on anything, while others still need some persuasion to include mayo on their menu. It matters less now, because unlike regular, classic mayo, sriracha mayo does match all possible dishes. Either you try it plain on your hotdogs or you mix a few spoons with your signature salad dressing or fried chicken dip, you will have the time of your life. Not many can eat mayo as is, but even they will have little to complain about. Sriracha mayo is not just spicy, but full of different flavors and it can be a game changer.  

    Gifts to Crave For

    As we mentioned, some mayo products on this list also come in bulk packs or together with other sauces. They also come in smaller, sampling bottles / jars. Even the larger standalone jars and bottles make incredible and whimsical gifts for your friends and family members who love cooking and experimenting with new flavors and dishes. Moreover, they also make amazing gifts for your gourmand friends, colleagues, and family members.

    Recommended Best Sellers

    Bestseller No. 1
    Lee Kum Kee Sriracha Mayo 15 oz (Pack of 3)
    • Product - Kee Sriracha Mayo Condiment
    • Great for dipssalad dressings sauces marinades stir-frying seafood cocktails
    • Great for sandwiches
    Bestseller No. 2
    Kikkoman Sriracha Mayo, 8.5 Ounce (Pack Of 1)
    • Great with Sandwiches, Dips and more
    • Trusted name, Great flavor
    • Made in USA

    Common Questions

    Before reaching the conclusion of this best sriracha mayo top seven list, we have to focus on three more questions that are common among customers. We noticed people are preoccupied with some issues, and we feel it is important to summarize them here.

    Q: Are these sriracha mayo products widely available?

    A: Yes and no in the same time. Some bigger brands always have available their newest sriracha mayo blends in store and online shops. Other newer or smaller brands are just entering a very competitive market and still need to organize their supply chains. If you look for sriracha mayo, you will eventually find the one that speaks to your tastes and preferences the most. As we said, this type of mayo is still young, but it will take off in no time.  

    Q: Are there any health issues I need to concern with when eating this product?

    A: You should take into account all possible health issues when you eat anything – and this is not a joke. Excess of any kind is unhealthy. Moreover, we discover every day cases of the food industry’s ethic violations and we all have to be aware of them. In other words, if you want to stay on the safe and ethic side of things, spend some time doing research and asking the manufacturer about one or more of the following: ingredients’ provenance, supply chain ethics, transportation and storage safety regulations, and so on.

    Q: Will I be able to return the product in case I have problems with it?

    A: Return policies matter a lot when it comes to buying edible products, but they depend from one seller to the next. The likelihood is for you to receive your money back, but we cannot generalize. In case there is something wrong with your mayo (product or package wise), make sure you inform the manufacturer / seller and you receive compensation within the boundaries of the law.


    This was our list of top seven best sriracha mayo products we recommend you to try. As you probably know, there are many other flavored mayo options on the market that will turn your dishes into veritable Master Chef winners. However, we focused on sriracha mayo because it has an exotic and novel flair to it – not to mention is does pack a spicy punch we cannot say no to.

    These best sriracha mayo products are quite versatile, being able to adapt to your lifestyle choices and health concerns. Besides also being eggless, many of these products emphasize on the healthy side of mayonnaise in general, offering you GMO-free, gluten-free, and even low fats and calories products.

    As taste and flavor is concerned, this is the point where all these best sriracha mayo products stand out from the crowd: they are more than spicy mayo. After all, you can add a pinch of chili powder to your mayo and call it a day, right? Sriracha mayo comes with more than spice, but a selective and unique blend of flavors and aromas that really upgrade your foods, making them taste better and look fancy. Even the color of such mayo represents an upgrade to any dish.

    If you want to dress (your salads and foods) to impress, then these best sriracha mayo products are one way to do it!

    Do you usually consume sriracha mayo? Which is your favorite brand and type? Do you have other products you love and want to tell us about? Don’t be shy to use the comments section below for feedback or more questions!

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