About Beautifully Alive

Beautifully Alive is a health and wellness blog thats main focus is to provide you with the most up to date information on all things beauty, health, and weight loss. Our team of writers scour the internet to help you discover the latest trends in makeup, hair, nails, weight loss, and holistic care. We hope that this site can be a safe haven where you can come to learn and get quality information that can help you on your beauty and wellness journey. For more information about our writers and editors, check out their bios below!

Rachel Watson

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Rachel is the website manager here at Beautifully Alive. She currently resides in Lancaster, PA, and has a degree in Communications and Internet Entrepreneurship from Grove City College. Rachel is focused on researching and finding the best topics in the beauty and health industry for her team of writers to bring to you.

When she is not editing or researching beauty trends, you can find her curled up with a great book, exploring a cute coffee shop, and partaking in a slice of cheesecake. 

Mariann Foster


Mariann Foster is a content writer here at Beautifully Alive. You most likely have seen her name from our product reviews and pages. Mariann is dedicated to researching Amazon and other online retailers to bring you the best beauty and wellness products that are currently on the market.

Mariann is a reading specialist who spends her days homeschooling her daughter and raising her various animals both big and small on her alpaca farm. She hopes that she can help to find you affordable and long lasting products that you can use for years to come!

Cheyenne Malave

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Cheyenne Malave is another one of our content writers for Beautifully Alive. She adores researching beauty trends and finding new ideas and inspiration on Pinterest. She resides in Lancaster, PA with her husband and adorable dog Dobby. 

She loves to try out new fun hairstyles and makeup trends! You can count on her to bring you the latest beauty trends that you need to be trying!

Kira Smith

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Kira is another one of our content writers here at Beautifully Alive. Kira is originally from the great state of Minnesota, but now works as a full time saleswoman for a recycling company in Pennsylvania. She enjoys all things natural and environmentally friendly. She loves researching and writing to bring you all more information about how to be naturally well and beautiful! 

In her free time, Kira loves playing card and board games or hiking. She’s also working on writing a novel, and shamelessly keeps up on all Marvel movies as they come out. She loves finding ways to be outside in the sun (even in colder winter months) getting fresh air and trying new things. Kira & her husband Bradley both love trying new recipes, so if you have any delicious whole-ingredient meals you love, let her know!

Megan Shick

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Megan is our final content writer for Beautifully Alive. Megan is originally from Bel-Air, Maryland but now resides in Baltimore with her new husband Adam. Megan is a fitness and makeup guru, who is always ready to try out a new trend or healthy recipe.

When she is not writing and researching for us, she is an elementary school teacher in the Baltimore area. Since her husband was a Exercise Science major in college, they love being able to implement new workouts and best food practices into their everyday lives. She is excited for this opportunity to share her best practices with all of you!