10 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Best Valentine’s Day Options on the Market for Your Special Lady

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast and you need to plan things carefully. You don’t want to learn that some items you picked for your loved one are out of stock or will arrive past the date, do you? If you think buying gifts for women is easy, as anything in the accessories department goes, you might want to reconsider. In this day and age, women are perfectly capable of buying their own items without your input. After all, they know the best what they want and need. When it comes to the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her, you need to surprise her with something truly great that sends an important message: you know exactly who she is and what makes her happy.

Of course, you do have a world of endless choices to make. From the symbolic, fun, amusing small gifts to the expensive, high-end, and investment-in-luxury type of gifts, only your imagination and your budget stand in your way. On the other hand, for Valentine’s Day you can refrain from buying her a car, because this is not what the holiday is about. When you start looking for the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her, keep in mind that this is a fun, lighthearted, laidback, colorful, and whimsical celebration of love no matter your age or for how long you two have been together.

Just like love, some gifts can and should be shared between the two of you, so this list will also feature some nice things you can both enjoy – if she wants to share them with you, so mind the way you play your hand.

One of the first rules when buying gifts for women says that you should know them very well and anticipate some of their desires. If she lost herself in the perfume department of the mall for a while, you have a very good clue where to begin your gift-buying quest. If your relationship is young and you did not have the time to learn everything you should know about her, there are a few gifts on this list that will make a memorable impression.

We will go through all these details, as we get deeper into things. As for the best Valentine’s Dat gifts for her, let us see our top ten picks!

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her in 2018

​In the chart below, you will find our top 10 rated best Valentine’s Day gifts for her. Enjoy!


Product Name

​Message in a Bottle


Valentine Treasures Fruit Gift Basket

​Beauty and the Beast Musical Glitter Globe

Luxury Cotton Novelty Socks

Touchscreen Fleece Windproof Gloves

Magic Music Plant Pot

Knitted Mermaid Tail Blanket

White Gold Plated Forever Lover Heart Pendant Necklace

Fashion Weave Wrap Wrist Watch

Valentine’s Day Gifts Types

Before we begin, we have to mention a few things, so you can make the best choice when it comes to the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her. Perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about presents for women is clothes. Perhaps perfumes, shoes, or makeup. However great these items are, keep in mind they are also incredibly subjective. Women have their own standards, priorities, rules, and boundaries when they shop for clothes or shoes, makeup, and similar products. You can go wrong with a perfume as well if you just think she will like it but you are not 100% sure she will.

Making a top ten list including the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her is hard, because as we said, you have many more options available. However, we tried to include as many ideas as possible in some categories, so you have a starting point for your inspiration process.

 But let us see what everything is all about, shall we?

Type 1: Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her: Jewelry and Accessories

This category alone can cover tens of pages and lists and still leave enough room for some ideas. However, selected jewelry and accessories with a fun and romantic flair to them will take you a long way. Not all women like all types of jewelry and accessories, not all women wear certain types of jewelry, and not all women think that Valentine’s Day is all about heart-shaped merchandise. For this reason, you need to be careful what you choose in this category. On the other hand, if you choose well, you will manage to offer her a memorable gift that she will cherish forever.

 Before buying her jewelry or accessories, make sure they match her tastes and personality, her age, and her specific stand on certain issues (if she is totally against all types of animal cruelty, refrain from buying her a watch with a leather belt for instance).

best valentines day gifts jewelrybest valentines day gifts jewelry

  • plus Endless choices in terms of types, materials, designs, models etc.
  • plus Long lasting
  • plus High levels of availability and affordability
  • close She may not like some of ​their features
  • close May not match her tastes or personality
  • close May be pricy

Type 2: Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her: Gift Sets and Baskets

When it comes to appealing to her tastes and offering her a very nice surprise, few things compare with gift baskets and gift sets. There are plenty of such baskets containing gourmet foods, drinks, coffees, confectionery, and teas, among others. There are also amazing gift sets dedicated to self-pampering and containing spa products and bath items. One of the most important features of this type of present is that it is age independent. All you have to know is her tastes.

No matter how you want to spoil her senses, you should know a thing or two about such gift sets before buying them. One of the most important ones is to know exactly what she likes and what would please her the most. If she loves Italian food for instance, go for a specific Italian gourmet basket. If she is a tea lover, orient yourself towards exotic tea sets and tea making accessories. You understand where we are going with this. Gift baskets are the most sharable types of Valentines’ Day gifts and can make the centerpiece of a romantic evening with fine wining and dining.

If you prefer spa and bath gift sets you need to consider the following: what type of skin she has, so you can buy the right basket. It would be a pity for the contents of the basket to collect dust in the bathroom and cabinets simply because she cannot use a certain moisturizer or shower gel. Secondly, you have to pay attention to the scents involved. If she loves orange, look for personal and skin care products smelling of orange. Again, you know where this is going: make sure you will truly offer her something beautiful and useful. Many women also universally love such baskets. Such gift sets are also age independent.

As supplemental advice, try to learn if she favors a certain brand or a certain personal care manufacturing methodology. It sounds complicated, but it is not. If she has a firm position regarding organic and natural ingredients in skin care products, for instance, make sure you get something that she will appreciate. You will win more points for really paying attention to her values and principles. The same goes for brands that do not use animal testing or do not exploit people from vulnerable economies.

Now let us see what you should expect when buying gift sets:

best valentines day gifts basketsbest valentines day gifts baskets


  • plus Widely available
  • plus Versatile and diverse as content is concerned
  • plus Age independent


  • close They may not match her ​tastes
  • close They do not have a long shelf life
  • close May be pricy

Type 3: Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her: Romantic Arts and Crafts

You have endless choices in this department and you have to choose the gift carefully. Do not fall on the cheesy side of Valentine’s Day if she does not appreciate the mushiness attached to the celebration or, if she does, make sure the gift will truly speak to her romantic core. When it comes to arts and crafts, you can think about anything, from framed poems to be hang on the wall to handmade decorative objects with an intrinsic message.

We will say it again; make sure the gift matches her tastes and personality. Some women will be perfectly happy with a nice box of chocolates, while others will melt on their feet at the sight of the plushy teddy bear holding an “I love you” card.

best valentines day gifts arts and craftsbest valentines day gifts arts and crafts These are the things you need to consider:


  • plus ​Very diverse and customizable
  • plus ​Have a more romantic side to them than practical
  • plus ​Affordable


  • close ​They are not age independent
  • close ​May not match her ​tastes
  • close ​Stocks run out fast

Type 4: Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her: Gadgets and Fun Tech Accessories

In the high tech world that we live in, gadgets make an important and useful part of it. More importantly, besides having high utility levels, many gadgets are incredibly fun. You now have alarm clocks for the heavy sleepers, multi-functional gadgets, which play music and tell the times, and so on. You have a world of wonder at your fingertips. Of course, not all gadgets match all women, but some have a universal flair to them if you look for them carefully.

Make sure that the gadget will entice some shared laughter and amusement and not frowns. Some women would feel offended to receive a knife set or a blender (unless your wife of 30 years did mention she would love to waste less time in the kitchen by owning some super kitchen robot). In the gadgets department you will also find beauty and self-care women products you might want to consider: curling irons, rotating makeup organizers, Bluetooth-powered aromatherapy diffusers, lit makeup mirrors, and so on. Make sure you know her well enough for her to enjoy the present.

fitness tracking watchfitness tracking watch On the other hand, if you heard her complaining that her headphones do not work so well anymore or that she would like to change her smart fitness-tracking bracelet, you know what you have to do.


  • plus ​High diversity
  • plus ​Have fun and practical side to them
  • plus ​Widely available


  • close ​They are not age independent
  • close ​May not match her ​tastes/needs
  • close ​Pricy

​Type 5: Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her: Fun Novelty Gifts

​Last but not least, the fun and novelty gifts department is probably the most versatile of them all. It includes anything and everything from cool gadgets, geeky items, personalized items, and so on. From socks with messages printed on them to sassy wine glasses with politically incorrect messages on them, you have an entire world to explore. This category is mostly dedicated to women of all ages well-endowed with a sense of humor.  This is your shopping area if you are not taking yourselves too seriously and you treat Valentine’s Day as a celebration of loving to share some laughs together. Keep in mind that many of these gifts go beyond your everyday printed coffee mug. Many come in luxury fabrics, with handmade manufacturing, and a lush flair to them. If you find the perfect balance between whimsical and practical, there is no stopping you.

wine sockswine socks


  • plus ​Modern and diverse
  • plus ​Non-cliche and whimsical
  • plus ​Affordable and widely available


  • close ​They are not age independent
  • close ​May not match her ​tastes/needs
  • close ​Stocks run out fast

Still Unsure What To Get Her? 

If you are thinking that nobody will ever figure out what women want, we will share a little secret with you: they want you to show them you care. We are all used to the Valentine’s Day chocolate and heart shaped everything frenzy, so on one hand, anything cute goes in terms of gifts. But you should take into account your lady’s sense of humor, personality, tastes, views and principles, needs, wishes, age, and the time you have spent together. If you have a long and intimate relationship, some gifts work better than others do. If this is the first Valentine’s you spend together, some gifts come more in handy.

We chose our ten best Valentine’s Gifts for her keeping in mind some common features they all have or should have so you can find the perfect present to make a memorable impression. Let us see what they are!

  • check-circle-o Utility – Many women have a strong sense of practicality even when it comes to the gifts they receive. Even if you like some special item, think about her: will she use it, or will she put it somewhere safe and forget about it? Is the present matching her tastes and personality enough for her to consider wearing/using it? The gifts on this list appeal to a wide diversity of ages and preferences, but they do come with that side of cuteness and practicality to become amazing Valentine’s Day gifts.
  • check-circle-o Thoughtfulness – As we said, women would like to receive a gift that says that you care and you paid attention. Be it a pair of socks, a mug, a makeup set, or even a kitchen gadget, the important thing is that they know you know them. The gifts on this list – simple examples of what you can really achieve if you put your mind to it – all consider women’s preferences. Either they are romantic, amusing, useful, expensive, symbolic, and so on, these gifts mind the women they are addressed to.
  • check-circle-o Affordability – While some of the products on this list are a bit pricy, they are overall affordable and available. Just start your shopping spree in time, as many are popular enough to disappear from the stores.

Things to Consider before Buying the Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

​We have touched these topics until now here and there, but let us sum up the main things you need you to consider before buying these Valentine’s Day gifts for her.

Your Lady’s Age

​When we talk about cute and useful gifts for her, you have to consider her age. We chose gifts that are mostly age-independent, but you have to realize that some gifts are more appropriate to certain age. The printed socks will appeal to young, quirky, and lighthearted women, while jewelry appeals to women of all ages. Tech and gadgets – depending on what they are – can also match all women of all ages.

​Your Lady’s Personal Preferences

We spoke about them many times until now, but we have to emphasize again on that. Pick a gift that you know she will enjoy, be it gourmet food or a book. As a piece of advice, try to buy her gifts that match some of her hobbies or skills.

The Message the Gift Sends​​​​​

As we mentioned, you should consider the message the gift conveys. It should all be about love, respect, attention to details, passion, commitment, fun, and cherished companionship. These gifts will make women feel happy and special. Do not forget, however, to think things through: if a gift might be interpreted differently or may have an offensive side to it, reconsider your purchase options.

Your Budget

When it comes to buying gifts for your loved one, budget should not be an issue. However, if you want to accompany the gift with a nice gesture like dinner reservations, movie, theater night, a city break or something else, you should put some money aside.

Questions to Ask Yourself before Buying the Best Valentine’s Gifts For Her

​We emphasized on many important things while we assessed individual product, but you still need to ask yourself a few more questions before you start shopping. There are many FAQs answered on each of the items linked here, but let us resume some of the most important inquiries people have in relationship with these gifts.

1. Q: Is this a product of quality?

A: When you read the label and the description of the product, be careful to understand where the product comes from, what it is made of, what it contains, what health regulations it follows (especially when it comes to food and skin care products), and so on. Our recommendation is to read the reviews and ask the vendor all the question you need to ask about ingredient, manufacturing process, eco-friendliness, tech specs, animal cruelty, warranties (especially when it comes to gadgets and jewelry), and so on.

2. Q: Is this product going to make a memorable first impression?

A: Most of these items come in nice wraps and packages. Beyond the content itself, the wrapping plays an important part. If you can personalize such items, we recommend you to do it.  

3. Q: Is this product going to last so she can enjoy it for a long time?

A: Besides the consumable gourmet and skin care products, the others on this list have a medium to long life span. Jewelry does last forever if kept well. Gadgets and tech items should have extended warranties so she can enjoy them for a long while

Are These Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her Awesome/Valuable?

​These gifts are awesome and valuable for a great number of reasons. We mentioned such reasons above, but we are more than glad to summarize our top favorite awesome reasons why everybody should give these gifts a chance.

Looks and Feel

​Be them elegant pieces of jewelry or amusing printed socks, these gifts look great and make women feel great.

Wearable and Sharable ​Love

Enter your text here…The gift baskets in particular are sharable gifts and may sparkle some romance. The jewelry and other gifts on this list are wearable or, to some extent, visible to others, so she will be more than happy to show off her new necklace, watch, fitness tracker, musical pot plant or gloves and mention it was from you. Women love to show to their friends and social network what they received from their special someone. The pride and the joy of this sharing with the world is priceless.


​Even if some of these gifts are not universally recommended to all women of all ages, they can become a great surprise for all women out there. Some may speak to their humor, some to their romantic side, some to their practical side, and some to their desire of feeling special during this day. All in all, the wide range of tastes, needs, wishes, and preferences these gifts cover is what makes them great.

Recommended Best Sellers

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Common Questions

Before reaching the conclusion of this best Valentine’s Day gifts for her top ten list, we have to focus on three more questions that are common among customers. We noticed people are preoccupied with some issues. We feel it is important to summarize them here.

Q: Are these gifts suitable only for Valentine’s Day?

A: No, and that is a good thing. If you want to take the classic route to Valentine’s Day and gift her some amazing chocolates and a cute card, you can put this list aside and check it again for her birthday, your anniversary, Christmas, and so on. The versatility of these gifts is amazing and you can adapt them to any occasion requiring a mindful present for her.

Q: Is she going to like them?

A: It all depends on her tastes and wishes, but if you look at each individual product’s reviews, you will see that they made a nice impression and that people are satisfied with them.

Q: Will I be able to return the gift if she does not like it?

A: Return policies matter a lot when it comes to buying gifts, together with warranties, and quality certificates. Make sure you read the reviews and learn as many things as you can about the manufacturer and its policies. Some brands have excellent customer service and you can discuss such matters in detail with their representatives.


This was our 10 best Valentine’s Day gifts for her in 2018! If you want to surprise her, make her laugh, cry, or simply impress her with your thoughtfulness, this is a good top to begin with. Of course, you can consider one item on this list and end up buying another, even more suitable, but if you are in a hurry, you can rely on the top.

One of the biggest advantages of these gifts is that they are diverse and versatile enough to please women of all ages and match the type of relationship you two have.

Some of the products on this list also come with their own wrapping and packaging, turning into true pieces of art that will definitely spark a “wow” moment. If you manage to buy her something, you know she desires, the odds will definitely be in your favor.

These products bring a lot of value from a quality-price balance point of view. You may find some products that seem too good to be true, but they are just as good as advertised. Just make sure you read the reviews and consider asking the manufacturer everything you need to know.

All this being said and done, we wish you a very happy and cheerful Valentine’s Day! If you have more questions, concerns, suggestions or feedback for us, do not be reluctant to leave us a word or some thoughts in the comments section below!