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You are what you eat, literally. Here are 15 foods to make your skin glow and your hair happy and healthy. Via Turns out, Mom was right (again). You really are what you eat. So, if you're looking for healthy hair and glowing skin, try these fabulous foods today.   Ready to nosh your way to better hair and skin? You can. Research...

PIXNOR Facial Cleansing Brush, Waterproof: Product Review

Introduction - Empathize with the reader 50-75 words (I suggest a shorter intro; you’ll get less bulls*** from the writers) please include the exact keyword somewhere in here as naturally as possible. Quick NavigationThings to Consider When...

Weak and Splitting Nails Treatment Plan That Won’t Cost a Fortune

Weak and splitting nails usually occur because of poor diet and care. However, getting your hands and nails strong and healthy won’t be easy. To achieve this, you’ll need to use specialized products, revise...
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Twelve Hairstyles All People with Heart-Shaped Faces Have to Try

So much goes into choosing the perfect hairstyle for you. One of the major things to think about (that is often overlooked) is the shape of your face. All face shapes can rock a...
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17 of the Best Expert-Recomended Remedies to Banish Back Pain

Nearly everyone will suffer from back pain in life. In fact, there is an 84 percent chance that every person will develop lower back pain in their lifetime. However, as common as back pain...

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