My son and I both have sensitive dry skin. The little one also suffers from eczema and has a hard time dealing with winter itch. Even he is 12 years old, we still have to be very careful on what we apply on his skin, as he is rather allergic to many ingredients found in skin care products (even in some dermatologically-recommended ones, especially if they contain fragrances).

As far as I am concerned, my sensitive dry skin tends to manifest mostly in cold weather. I suffer the most when it comes to my face and neck. My hands and feet are not that sensible. While I was browsing the internet to get a new product to work for both my and my kid’s problems, I stumbled upon some articles featuring the best winter skin care products on the market. I knew many of them, as we already used them already. Some work better than others and some are life saving devices for my boy’s eczema. I was looking for a cream or a lotion that I have never tried before – one with more than dermatological effects, but also with cosmetic ones.

In my research, I stumbled upon the GoodOnYa Organic Face Moisturizing Cream. People reviewing it had great experiences with this product and said it also had multiple effects in alleviating winter itch and offering you some cosmetic benefits. Seeing the positive energy surrounding this product, I ordered it and started using it the same day it arrived.

I have been using this cream for a month now – by myself, because my son does not have a pleasant experience with it, unfortunately. But before getting into the details, let me tell you some things you should know first, before making a purchase decision.

Things to Consider before Buying the GoodOnYa Organic Face Moisturizing Cream

According to the reviews, this cream is a godsend to people who want deep skin moisturizing and hydration, a boost in health, protection against winter itch, beauty/cosmetic effects, and skin discomfort alleviation. This is an OK product for adult women and men (because my husband tested it as well). However, my son cannot use it and we the parents use it mostly on our feet, hands, and body and less on our faces.

The GoodOnYa Organic Face Moisturizing Cream promised us skin discomfort relief and other benefits. Nevertheless, it comes with some disappointments I will list below.

  • The jar is too small for its price. It seemed to me that the product targets families with sensitive skin, winter itch, and dermatological problems. In other words, a bigger jar will make more sense for a family of three. However, this particular cream looks like many of my other women-oriented cosmetic creams. I may be wrong here, but for me the quantity and the quality do not justify the price.  
  • The scent is difficult to handle. I understand this cream comes with organic ingredients, but it has a fragrance we cannot get used to. My son resents it and I make efforts to ignore it. While the scent is not extremely powerful, it is persistent, at least for the members of our family.
  • Possible side effects. My kid cannot use this cream. I tried to offer him some relief for his eczema, but he complained about some stinging and burning sensation. My face skin also stings and burns for a while if I apply the cream on it. The feeling goes away in about 10 minutes. This is why I use it rarely for my face and mostly for my hands, feet, and body as the skin there is not that sensitive.  
  • Efficiency: Despite the drawbacks I mentioned earlier, this product does come with some nice effects. If you put it on your face and ignore the smell or stinging, you will get softer, better-nourished skin. It does have an anti-wrinkle effect as well and manages to keep your face safe against cold winds and temperatures. The texture is creamy, but not greasy – it absorbs well in the skin. For feet, hands, and legs this cream does work very well on my husband and me. I will not use it, however, on my son – it is probably not kid-friendly, although I thought it was.
  • Multiple purposes and benefits: The effects are not spectacular, but they are there. I get softer, smoother, firmer, and healthier skin on my feet, legs, hands, and arms. When I use it for my face and neck, I eventually get hydration, moisturizing, and nutrition. I may have too sensitive skin for this cream. While I do trust the manufacturer regarding the organic ingredients in this product, there may be something there in a quantity large enough to cause the stinging feelings in my son and me.      
  • Safe ingredients. Besides some of the less natural ingredients in this product, the formula contains medical grade Manuka Honey for healing, botanical ingredients like Cehami, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Coconut oil, cocoa butter, and more. It also comes with added vitamins C and A – which I suspect are a bit too concentrated and thus cause discomfort for extremely sensitive skin. This cream may have powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and cellular regeneration properties due to its ingredients, but the smell and burning sensation shine an unfavorable light upon it.
  • Expiration date: Never put on your face, hands, or body a product that went past its expiration date, no matter how natural or dermatologically safe it is.  

Who Should Buy This Winter Skin Care Product

People of all ages and genders who – I think – have normal skin and are not prone to dermatological problems. People who want a nice face cream that can also alleviate some dermatological symptoms or winter itch.

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Who Should Not Buy This Winter Skin Care Product

People who want specific winter skin care products that also solve dermatological problems. Families with extremely sensitive dry skin who want family friendly products at more affordable prices. People who want dermatologically designed solutions for their skin problems.  

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GoodOnYa Organic Face Moisturizing Cream

​After almost a month using GoodOnYa Organic Face Moisturizing Cream on a daily basis (only once a day, even they say we should use it twice a day), my review of this product is rather positive. This product is good to some extent. Your sense of smell may work in your favor and not against you. In addition, your skin may not experience any stinging or other side effects. I found it to have nice cosmetic value as a face cream when I used it. It had even better results for my feet, legs, hands, and arms. Now let me sum up the pros and cons of this product – according to our family consensus.


  • Good results as a moisturizing face cream
  • It has nice cosmetic results (wrinkles and fine lines fade)
  • Great for other body parts


  • Too expensive
  • The smell may not please all of you
  • Possible side effects

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​GoodOnYa Organic Face Moisturizing Cream Features and Benefits 

After about three weeks of use – by myself – I think I am now able to share the features and benefits of this cream as I see them.

  • Good for dry to normal skin. I have very sensitive skin only on my face and neck and I feel this cream is a bit too harsh for it. On the other hand, I simply have dry skin on my hands, feet, arms, and legs and they all benefit from this cream a lot. The skin gets smooth, soft, without feeling any winter itch discomfort.   
  • The texture is thick but not greasy. I appreciate this a lot. While I do have plenty of cosmetic and dermatological products around the house, those that are dedicated to dry sensitive skin tend to be greasy. This one absorbs well and leaves a nice feeling behind.

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  • The cream is cruelty-free. It was one of the reasons we bought it in the first place. We do not condone animal testing.
  • This product does not contain sulfate, parabens, gluten, alcohol, fragrances or petroleum. Even if it may contain too much of a certain ingredient, thus the smell and the stinging, I do believe this cream is very efficient for many people who need such a safe product.

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  • The product is USA made, which is great, because we also support local entrepreneurs.  
  • The product contains many natural / organic ingredients with many benefits for the skin. I use coconut oil and cocoa butter separately and I know how great they are.

Social Proof

Before buying the product, I looked around for reviews, and they seemed positive. The negative ones referred to the product’s side effects (skin stings or breakouts). Some people also complained about the scent. I have to admit, these two main issues also managed to bother me as well. However, you should take them with a grain of salt, as you may not have the same problems with the product the way we did.

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Alternatives to the GoodOnYa Organic Face Moisturizing Cream

When you buy a product and it seems a bit disappointing, you are inclined to check out the competition as well. I can admit I purchased this product on an impulse. However, now that I know what I am looking for, I selected three other products that promise even more benefits for the entire family. Here are the three alternatives I think might interest you:

This is a full-body skin cream, which also comes with dermatological recommendations. Doctors recommend it for a wide area of dermatological treatments and winter itch relief for children and adults alike. I think we will try this as well as soon as possible.

Who Should Use this Winter Cream

People with extremely dry skin and skin problems who want excellent full body protection for the entire family at an affordable price all year long. People who want the benefits of a product that seems to deliver on its promises.

Vanicream vs. GoodOnYa Cream Comparison

  • Vanicream is a full body cream coming in a huge jar;
  • Vanicream has a Seal of Acceptance from the National Eczema Association;
  • Vanicream is free of dyes, fragrance, lanolin, parabens and formaldehyde;
  • Vanicream treats skin problems such as atopic dermatitis (eczema), psoriasis, ichthyosis, winter itch;
  • Vanicream is cheaper.

If you want a doctor-recommended winter skin care product that promises winter itch relief, dermatological therapy for the entire family and a product that might keep you safe for months, you can try the Vanicream as well!

This is another entry on the list of best winter skin care products that people seem to love. It is also a lotion for your face, although you can use it on your hands as well – according to reviewers. I am not sure it works for men or children.  

Who Should Use this Winter Lotion

People who have dry and sensitive skin on their face; people who also have some mild dermatological problems on their faces.

CeraVe Lotion vs. GoodOnYa Cream Comparison

  • CeraVe comes with dermatologists’ recommendations;
  • CeraVe comes with pediatric control and dermatological testing;
  • CeraVe comes in a larger jar;
  • CeraVe also comes with sunscreen, being suitable for all-year use;
  • CeraVe is almost double in price.

This looks like a great skin care solution for all people to prevent and treat dermatological issues all year long. CeraVe also comes with cosmetic benefits. You can use it in summer as well – due to the SPF 30 sunscreen. If you want both a nice winter skin care product and a great cosmetic one, you can also try the CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion.

This is a branded product created by La Roche-Posay Laboratories. We use some of this company’s dermatological products for our son and they work really well.

Who Should Use this Winter Balm

People who want good winter skin care with the help of a product containing dermatologically recommended ingredients for extremely severe dry skin problems.  

Cicaplast Balm vs. GoodOnYa Cream Comparison

  • Cicaplast comes in an even smaller tube for the same price as GoodOnYa;
  • Cicaplast contains less natural/organic ingredients;
  • Cicaplast is tested under dermatological and pediatric control;
  • Cicaplast also contains skin-beauty/cosmetic ingredients;
  • Cicaplast works for all types of skin.

Cicalplast comes from a company with a good reputation in dermatology – my son really gets great skin care with their products. Cicaplast also seems to be baby-friendly and has a rich texture with a matte finish that will please adult women who also want a boost in looks. I think I will also try the Cicaplast Balm for winter care.

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​The scent is not ideal for me and it is a drag for the little one. My husband seems to tolerate it the best, but then again, he grew up on a farm; nothing bothers him. My son also complained about his skin stinging when I used the cream on his face. I experience the same burning sensation on my face and neck. I do not experience it anywhere else on my body. Either my face skin is extremely sensitive, or the cream contains something that clashes against thin, sensitive skin.

The product may have won us over if the price would have been a bit better for what we got in reality. The product did not do much for my face and I can get feet and legs creams and lotions that are cheaper and better.

Do not let my tone discourage you, however. This is a good product for all its effects, multiple purposes, family friendliness, list of organic ingredients, and more. You will also get rid of some wrinkles in the process and that is very nice. You can get some minor scars and acne scars healing, moisturizing, hydration, nourishment, and protection against winter itch. Overall, this is a decent product. It may not present to you the faults I mentioned.

In conclusion, if you want a nice product with therapeutic and cosmetic effects to keep you safe and beautiful all winter long, you should try the GoodOnYa Organic Face Moisturizing Cream. It may not be the best winter skin care products leader, but it will offer you good relief from most dermatological problems. The cosmetic benefits are nice and you may also even enjoy the scent.