Who doesn’t want attractive looking feet? If your feet have calluses, your first instinct might be to hide them by wearing socks and shoes — all the time! But why suffer in silence when you can get soft, silky, and smooth feet in no time with the best foot callus remover to rid your feet of that unsightly hardened skin?

You might think getting a pedicure is the only way to make your feet beautiful again but using a foot callus remover is easy, convenient — and more importantly, inexpensive.

But with so many callus removers on the market, how will you know which one is the best for your feet? And how exactly does it work?

Comparison Table

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What Is A Foot Callus Remover?


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A callus is a layer of skin that has become toughened and thick because of friction, pressure, or irritation. They are mostly found on your feet.

A foot callus remover is a device or a product that eliminates these dead layers of the skin. There are several types of callus removers, including shavers, electric callus removers, pumice stones, and creams and gels.

How A Foot Callus Remover Works


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A foot callus remover allows you to scrape away the dead layers of skin from the bottoms of your feet. Some callus removers require soaking your feet before use, so be sure to check the product instructions before giving your new toy a whirl.

Also, be careful not to remove too much dead skin. Because doing so can cause bleeding and increase your risk of infection. Not even the best foot callus remover can prevent damage to your feet if you get too enthusiastic seeing all that dead skin falling off.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Foot Callus Remover

What should you consider before buying a foot callus remover? Let’s take a look.

Do you have sensitive skin?

If you have sensitive skin, it’s important to pick the right product. Some gels and creams can irritate the skin as can some of the other tools on the list.

So your best bet is to spot test an area first to see how it responds. And always use a good foot moisturizer after each treatment.

How thick is the callus?

Extra-thick calluses are going to take more time to remove. However, if the callus is too thick for you to remove yourself, then you should see a medical professional who will give you advice on how to remove it.

In addition, people with diabetes need to take caution. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends not removing calluses on your own if you have diabetes.

How much time do you have?

Callus removers aren’t expensive. Even the best foot callus remover can easily fit into anyone’s budget. So the most significant expense is your time.

In order to do a proper job, you’ll need to set aside at least thirty minutes for each treatment. And depending on how thick your calluses are, you might need to spend more than one sitting removing that unsightly beast.

And remember that using a manual callus remover takes more time than using an electric one.

Types Of Foot Callus Removers

Several types of foot callus removers are effective at removing calluses from your feet. It all depends on how much time you want to spend and which one is most comfortable for you.

feet splashing waterfeet splashing water

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Electric callus removers might be the best foot callus remover as far as quickness and ease are concerned. Some electric shavers are waterproof while others are not. So if you want to use your callus remover in the shower, picking the right model is key.

Manual shavers

Manual shavers can be best described as cheese graters for your feet. There are two kinds of shavers: rasps and files.

Rasps look like cheese graters. They are the first course of action when removing hard and tough calluses. Some manufacturers call their shavers “foot files,” but they are really rasps. So if it looks like a cheese grater, it’s probably a rasp.

Files look like sandpaper on a stick similar to the nail files you use for your fingernails and toenails. If you have light calluses, a file is what you’d want to use.

Gels and creams

Gels and creams are a quick and convenient way to remove calluses. But a callus remover gel or cream might irritate sensitive skin. The way these products work is by penetrating the callus so you can peel or wipe it away.

Disgusting, right? But sometimes beauty comes with a price, and if you find this is the best foot callus remover option for you, who’s to judge?

You can use these products alone to eliminate calluses, but sometimes they work better if you use a pumice stone or fine sand foot file to slough the dead skin away.

Pumice stones

Pumice is made from volcano lava and form when the hot lava mixes with water and hardens. They not only remove calluses but also provide healthy exfoliating benefits like increasing blood flow.

They are either natural or synthetic..

Natural pumice stones come from pure volcanic rock. They usually have larger pores which are more effective for removing tough calluses.

Because these pumice stones are naturally formed, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. But they are also easily breakable, so take care not to drop them.

Synthetic pumice stones are made from synthetic materials like glass and may contain chemicals. They usually feature smaller pores, which are great if you have sensitive skin.

How We Chose Our List

We spent hours scouring the internet for reviews about the best foot callus remover on the market. We also checked user reviews for each product to make sure what we were reading was in line with how actual users rated the product.

In addition, we compared product features and prices to give you an unbiased overview of the best foot callus remover you can purchase.

Our Top 10 Picks For The Best Foot Callus Remover To Get Your Feet Smooth Again

Figuring out which is the best foot callus remover on the market might seem like a huge undertaking. But we’ve taken the time to do all the research for you so you can make an easy and wise purchasing decision.

So sit back, relax, and pick the one you feel will work best for you. Although we’ve numbered the products, the list is in no particular order and does not signify a ranking.

1. Microplane Colossal Foot File

[amazon box=”B00R6P72JO”]

The Microplane Colossal Foot File makes removing ugly calluses a breeze. The large surface area will remove more hardened skin in less time. Plus, no prep is needed to start making your feet soft and smooth again.

The only downside (and it’s not really a bad downside) of this manual callus shaver is that it may leave lines or patterns on your heel. So alternate how you remove the dead skin to avoid this from happening.

And if you want something different than the standard black or white handle, there are several color options available.

Key features

With the Microplane Colossal Foot File, you do not need batteries, electricity, or prep time.


The price for this callus remover is in the mid-range.

2. Esarora Foot File

[amazon box=”B074CDK3MY”]

If you’re looking for a foot file with options based on the thickness of your callus, then the Esarora Foot File is the right choice for you. It is a double-sided manual shaver with a large surface area that easily removes any type of callus. The course side can be used for thicker calluses while the fine side can be used for smaller calluses and touch-ups.

And it features an easy-to-use handle and comes in packages of four. So you get more bang for your buck.

Key features

The key features are that it comes with two surfaces and can either be used wet or dry.


The price for this callus remover is in the low range.

3. Care Me Electric Callus Remover

[amazon box=”B00QEXVPQ0″]

The Care Me Electric Callus Remover is a powerful electric callus shaver that has a two-headed extra coarse roller which makes removing even the toughest calluses quick and easy. Plus, it features a rechargeable battery allowing it to run for 40 minutes after each eight-hour charge.

Key features

The callus remover has a rechargeable battery, and it is lightweight and portable.


The Care Me Electric Callus Remover’s price is in the mid-range.

4. IWEEL Electric Callus Remover

[amazon box=”B07PHF84DS”]

This amazing electric callus remover offers many features not found with other brands. Not only is the IWEEL Electric Callus Remover rechargeable, but it has a life span of up to 120 minutes after each charge. And it features a nifty five-level battery display to make it easier for you to know when your battery is running low.

In addition, this electric shaver comes with three different roller heads and two different speed levels allowing you better control in removing your calluses. And best of all, it’s waterproof.

Key features

Key features are it’s waterproof and has a rechargeable battery.


Price is low range.

5. PRITECH Electric Foot Callus Remover

[amazon box=”B079JVZHSQ”]

The PRITECH Electric Foot Callus Remover will make your feet smooth and soft in no time. One of the best features of this electric shaver is its long battery life. After a full three-hour charge, you can use it up to 150 minutes.

And it comes with one extra course roller and one regular roller so you can remove both tough and light calluses in record speed. Plus, it’s fully waterproof.

Key features

The PRITECH Electric Foot Callus Remover has a rechargeable battery and is fully waterproof.


Its price is in the low range.

6. Own Harmony Electric Callus Remover

[amazon box=”B00YO6DW74″]

When you are removing your calluses, you want to make sure you don’t remove too much dead skin. A great feature of the Own Harmony Electric Callus Remover is that it has pressure-sensitive technology to protect your skin from cuts and irritation.

Also, you’ll be able to remove more callus with this electric shaver’s convex-curved rollers which have a larger surface area than other electric callus removers.

Key features

This callus remover has a rechargeable battery and replaceable roller heads.


It has a price range at the high end. So, you may want to keep that in mind.

7. Urea 40+ Cream

[amazon box=”B01B8BQGQ6″]

Loosening and removing an unsightly callus is easy with Urea 40+ Cream. This cream contains salicylic acid and urea, which softens the callus for easy removal. If the callus isn’t too hard or thick, this cream might actually remove it without having to use any additional callus removing tools.

The cream contains 40 percent urea, which is a carbamide cream used for people who have psoriasis, dermatitis, or other severe skin conditions. It’s pretty powerful stuff.

Besides loosening the callus, this cream will hydrate and soften the skin for the smoothest feet ever. And you won’t have to worry about it irritating sensitive skin. It contains soothing aloe-vera and even anti-bacterial tea tree oil.

Key features

This callus remover is fragrance-free and moisturizes while eliminating dead skin.


It has a high-end price range.

8. ProLinc Callus Eliminator

[amazon box=”B000PT1R9E”]

What if you could get rid of your callus in three to five minutes? The fast-acting formula in ProLinc Callus Eliminator will do just that.

This gel works best if you lightly scrub away the dead skin with a pumice stone or soft sponge after allowing the gel to work its magic. Those with sensitive skin might find this gel irritating, so spot testing first is a good idea.

Key features

This product is really cool because it is both fast-acting and cruelty-free.


Even better, it has a price is in the low range.

9. Pumice Valley Pure Pumice Stone

[amazon box=”B01JTFFPRE”]

The Pumice Valley Pure Pumice Stone is a natural pumice stone made from black volcanic lava. As with all pumice stones, this stone removes calluses easily, leaving your feet soft and smooth. Also, it includes a handy dandy rope, so it dries faster between uses.

Key features

This callus remover is easy to use and 100 percent natural.

Price range

It has a mid-range price, so it isn’t too expensive.

10. Onyx Professional Siliglass Pumice Stone

[amazon box=”B005HGWIIE”]

The Onyx Professional Siliglass Pumice Stone is double-sided, which makes it highly effective in removing hard, dry skin. It has both a coarse side and fine side so you can alternate between gentle or rougher exfoliation.

If you’re wondering what siliglass is, it’s a porous foam glass material that is made by heating a mixture of crushed or granulated glass and a blowing agent such as carbon or limestone.

However, it’s made this pumice stone easily eliminates even the toughest calluses.

Key features

This pumice stone is double-sided and hypoallergenic.


It has a price in the low range.

Show Your Feet Some Love

Everyone deserves to have soft and smooth feet. You’ll feel better about yourself, and your feet will be happy, too. And it’s easy to treat your feet to a spa-like revitalization right in the privacy of your own home with a foot callus remover.

The best foot callus remover is one that doesn’t require a lot of time (or money) to eliminate an unsightly callus. So what are you waiting for? Choose the best foot callus remover to fit your needs and show off your beautiful feet to the world!

Have you used a foot callus remover? What’s your favorite type and brand? Let us know your thoughts below!