Oleavine Therapeutic Balm with Tea Tree & Neem Oil Review

Oleavine Therapeutic Balm with Tea Tree & Neem Oil review

Winter itch is a huge problem for me, especially since my skin is sensitive and vulnerable enough to develop all sorts of rashes. It is extremely dry, and my feet, elbows, face, hands, and heels get cracks, redness, itchiness, inflammation, and pain all winter long. A few months back I was looking for the best winter skin care products available online. I figured I could complete my collection of creams, lotions, soaps, body butters and shower gels with yet another product to ease my pain.

My entire family (husband and teenage daughter) suffer from similar problems. The little one also develops eczema in winter. However, she was the one telling us about the Oleavine Therapeutic Balm with Tea Tree & Neem Oil. She said we should try it to alleviate our regular winter dry skin problems. Since I am open to my daughter’s (reasonable) suggestions, and seeing her enthusiasm about the product, I purchased it.

Of course, I looked at the product myself on the internet and I agreed it had enough positive reviews to try it. Moreover, the selling point was the large area of skin problems it said it covered. While we do not experience fungal or bacterial skin infections and such, the product seemed to address our itchy, scratchy, dry, cracked, flaky, inflamed skin.

​We have been using the product for about a week now – yes, I know it is too short a period to be objective about a product – but here comes the tricky part: spread a tiny jar to three people and you will not get enough product to last for more than a week. But I anticipate. Let me tell you some important things you need to know about this product.

​Things to Consider before Buying the Oleavine Therapeutic Balm with Tea Tree & Neem Oil

Just like my daughter, I learned in my early years that I had to take very good care of my dry skin. My husband also has sensitive skin, which tends to be dry and painful. In winter, things get even worse. Due to our jobs and life style, we all spend quite a lot of time outside the house. Cold temperatures, wind, the upcoming snowfall or blizzards will get their toll on our wellbeing. Cracked hands, dry feet and heels, dry arms and elbows, face rashes and redness – these are the main issues our family has to go against every winter.

The Oleavine Therapeutic Balm with Tea Tree & Neem Oil promised us relief and more. However, I will begin with the thing that disappointed me the most, and then list the other things you should know.

  • The jar is very small. The advertising may be misleading from this point of view, because you get very little product. It may be enough for one person for a couple of weeks, but when three people use it in the same time, you may feel disappointed. We did, in fact, although the product was very good. If you intend to buy it, remember that you may have face creams, lip balms or eye serums in jars or tubes bigger than this one.

  • The smell is… different. If you expect a winter skin care product to smell like the holidays or at least like something you would wear on your skin, this is not that product. I personally was not caught off-hand here, because I know how Tea Tree oil smells. It has a sort of medicine scent not many people will like.

  • Efficiency: This is where the ingredients and the formula of this product shine. Even if we used the product for a little while, we were all happy with it. It does offer relief from itchy, scratchy, dry, cracked, flaky, inflamed skin. It does come with a burning cool skin feel that soothes and heals. It also alleviates winter itch side effects and provides the skin with nutritional elements. It also has a good cosmetic effect – makes the skin soft, moisturized, smooth. I applied it on my face and it felt and looked amazing. I think this happened because of the Omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9 and natural vitamin E present in the product.

  • Multiple purposes and benefits: The product offers acne, eczema and rashes release (my husband’s face turns into a mess after each shaving). I was pleased with the added organic Tea Tree oil, broad spectrum essential oils (coconut, olive, jojoba, peppermint etc.), and antibacterial extracts including Neem oil – which are all great for your face skin.  

  • Family-friendly: The balm is friendly with all the members in your family. I would not apply it on children because there is a risk of ingestion, but my teenage daughter was pleased with the effects, urging us to buy more jars.  

  • Safe ingredients. The product does not contain any preservatives, petroleum, silicone, synthetic fragrance or dyes. I appreciated this a lot because when you have skin problems like we do, you do not need artificial or chemical elements on your skin.

  • Expiration date: Never put on your face, hands, or body a product that went past its expiration date, no matter how natural or dermatologically safe it is.  

Who Should Buy This Winter Skin Care Product

People of all ages suffering from dermatological problems, extremely dry skin, acne, rashes, athelte’s foot, cracked heels and elbows, fungal or bacterial infections and other skin issues.

Therapeutic Balm with Tea Tree & Neem Oil. Antifungal. Helps Defend Against Common Causes of Skin...
  • EXTRA STRENGTH DEFENSE - Helps Defend Against Fungus & Bacteria Responsible for...
  • PROTECTIVE BARRIER - Helps Create a Skin Protecting Occlusive Barrier that Helps...

Who Should Not Buy This Winter Skin Care Product

​People who do not necessarily need such winter skin care products to alleviate skin damages. People who manage to go through winter with their regular beauty creams, lotions, serums, or shower gels/body washes.

Oleavine Therapeutic Balm with Tea Tree & Neem Oil

​After a week of using Oleavine Therapeutic Balm with Tea Tree & Neem Oil on a daily basis, my review of this product is positive. There are a few things I do not like about it, but overall, this product was almost everything what it promised to be. I found it to have good therapeutic and cosmetic value. Now let me sum up the pros and cons of this product – according to our family consensus.


  • Excellent for extreme dry skin and dermatological problems
  • Works well for face, hands, feet, and damaged skin areas
  • Perfect for everyday skin winter care and skin treatments


  • Too expensive for the quantity of product you get
  • The smell may put you off completely
  • You may get even better products for this price

Oleavine Therapeutic Balm with Tea Tree & Neem Oil Features and Benefits

My family of three began using this product a week ago. The jar is small and we have to fight over the last few drops, but so far, these are the main features and benefits of this product as we can see them now.

  • Great for severely dry skin prone to illness and winter itch. After a few uses, you will feel your skin healthier, smoother, and better looking. It works great for women, men, and teenagers (I am not sure about children) and it causes a pleasant cool burning peppermint feel on your skin. It warms up, it cools down, and it soothes. No more cracked hands, heels, and elbows. No more inflammation and redness on face and neck. No more pain.
  • The texture is thick but not greasy. Even if we all three have dry skin, none of us likes greasy skin products. This balm has a nice texture and it leaves a smooth feel, which is not greasy at all. If you use it in the evening after a nice shower/bath, you will feel heavenly.
  • The product contains natural and organic ingredients, which I appreciate a lot.
  • This may also be a good summer product, alleviating perspiration rashes, smelly feet, and other sun-induced skin problems.

Oleavine Therapeutic Balm with Tea Tree & Neem Oil



​Multiple benefits

Natural ​ingredients


Final Score


Social Proof

​I bought this balm because my daughter insisted. I think she learned about it in high school from one of her friends. I looked it up and saw people offering positive reviews about it. I bought it even if many said it smelled medicinally. We the people with very dry skin and derma problems know what to expect when it comes to tea tree oil, so this was not something to discourage me. Indeed, it does not smell like Christmas, although it would have been amazing. However, when you look for one product online, chances are you stumble upon others as well. I will show you three of them. They caught my interest and I will probably test them as well.

​Alternatives to the Oleavine Therapeutic Balm with Tea Tree & Neem Oil

Some of these following products seem to be great competition for this balm. I suggest you analyze them closer and you make the best choice for you and your family.

This is a full-body skin cream, which also comes with dermatological recommendations. It has a thick texture and is child friendly. It seems that doctors recommend it for a wide area of dermatological treatments and winter itch relief.

Who Should Use this Winter Cream

People with extremely dry skin and skin problems who want excellent full body protection for the entire family at an affordable price.

Vanicream vs. Oleavine Balm Comparison

  • Vanicream is a full body cream coming in a huge jar;
  • Vanicream has a Seal of Acceptance from the National Eczema Association with a 5 out of 5 stars;
  • Vanicream is free of dyes, fragrance, lanolin, parabens and formaldehyde;
  • Vanicream can be used for skin problems such as atopic dermatitis (eczema), psoriasis, ichthyosis, winter itch;
  • Vanicream is cheaper.

If you want a doctor-recommended winter skin care product that works great and has great reviews, you should try the Vanicream Skin Cream as well. It is also family-friendly and it can last you plenty of time.

This is another entry on the list of best winter skin care products that people love. It is a lotion for your face, although you can use it on your hands as well. I am not sure it works for men or teenagers.  

Who Should Use this Winter Lotion

People who have dry and sensitive skin; people who also have some dermatological problems.

CeraVe Lotion vs. Oleavine Balm Comparison

  • CeraVe comes with dermatologists’ recommendations;
  • CeraVe comes with pediatric control and dermatological testing;
  • CeraVe comes in a larger jar;
  • CeraVe also comes with sunscreen, being suitable for all-year use;
  • CeraVe is cheaper.

This is an amazing alternative for all people to prevent and treat dermatological issues all year long. CeraVe also comes with cosmetic benefits. You can use it in summer as well – due to the SPF 30 sunscreen. If you want both a nice winter skin care product and a great cosmetic one, you can also try the CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion.

This is a branded product, not necessarily a drugstore one. Cicaplast comes with La Roche-Posay Laboratories name behind. In fact, we use some of this company’s dermatological products and they are very effective.   

Who Should Use this Winter Balm

People who want good winter skin care with the help of a product containing dermatologically recommended ingredients for extremely severe dry skin problems.  

Cicaplast Balm vs. Oleavine Balm Comparison

  • Cicaplast also comes in a very small tube;
  • Cicaplast is however cheaper;
  • Cicaplast is tested under dermatological and pediatric control;
  • Cicaplast contains skin-beauty/cosmetic ingredients;
  • Cicaplast works for all types of skin.

Cicalplast comes from a company with a solid reputation in the dermatological and beauty departments. Cicaplast seems to be an extremely good product for all types of skin. It is also baby-friendly and has a rich texture with a matte finish that will please adult women and men. I use other Roche-Posay products and I am very happy with them. So if you want a nice alternative to your all-year-long skin care routine, you can think about Cicaplast Balm as well.

Therapeutic Balm with Tea Tree & Neem Oil. Antifungal. Helps Defend Against Common Causes of Skin...
  • EXTRA STRENGTH DEFENSE - Helps Defend Against Fungus & Bacteria Responsible for...
  • PROTECTIVE BARRIER - Helps Create a Skin Protecting Occlusive Barrier that Helps...


I gave the Oleavine Therapeutic Balm with Tea Tree & Neem Oil 4.4 stars out of 5. The scent is less than ideal – but not disappointing if you know what to expect. What I felt it was disappointing, however, was the big price – small jar situation. If you take a look above, at the alternatives I mentioned, you can easily figure out you can buy a bucket of doctor-recommended skin cream for your family at a similar price.

However, this product won everybody over, even if we did not get the chance to experiment with it for more than a week. A pea-size drop will do to alleviate your rashes, itchiness, redness, cracked skin, and irritations. I estimate that a person can use a jar (frugally) for about 2-3 weeks.

It is a very good product; do not get me wrong. Our daughter is the happiest one of us all and she will probably convince us to buy more. She did feel and look amazing this week.

I recommend this product if you do experience fungal and bacteria induced skin problems, rashes, acne, athlete’s foot, and winter itch. I think it works great for such issues. It also offers a layer of protection against cold and wind, keeping moisture inside the skin.

In conclusion, if you want a nice product with both therapeutic and cosmetic effects to keep you safe and beautiful all winter long, you should try the Oleavine Therapeutic Balm with Tea Tree & Neem Oil. It may not be number one on your best winter skin care products, but it will offer you great relief.


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