When you are looking for the best winter skin care products and skin care products in general, Dove comes to mind without exception. It does not matter you want a soap bar, a shower gel, face or body lotions, Dove is a reputable brand that does not disappoint.

When I decided I wanted a specific dry skin body wash to make my life easier especially during winter, Dove came to mind. My dry skin does not come (yet) with severe dermatological symptoms, but I do get rough, itchy, painful patches all over my body. The skin on my hands, feet, and legs cracks and hurts. I sometimes experience redness and face puffiness. Of course, I use plenty of creams and moisturizers for my face all year long. However, I wanted a winter-specific body wash to ease my suffering and offer me some physical and psychological comfort.

I bought this product knowing that Dove is a reputable brand in skin care and cosmetics. Once the package arrived, I began using it. After two weeks of endless self-pampering, I want to share my opinion about this product.

​Browsing the internet for such a body wash and having Dove at the back of my mind, I stumbled upon the Dove Winter Care Body Wash. A limited edition of something that promised endless skin health and self-pampering. Therefore, I decided to buy it – after a few moments spent reading others’ reviews. I have been using it for about a month now on a daily basis. Now let me tell you how things worked out…

​Things to Consider before Buying the Dove Winter Care Body Wash

Dry skin needs constant care all year long. If your skin gets rough and itchy or if you feel like everything you do, (even a shower) strips your body out of moisture, then you know how important a body wash is in reality. Dry, rough, flaky skin needs care A to Z. In my opinion, it begins in the shower and it ends with you applying the last layer of protective cream and lotion before you go outside to face winter. Since I am convinced that proper body care begins in the shower, I was more than willing to test this Dove Winter Care Body Wash.    

Before you jump at the opportunity to buy this product, however, make sure you consider these following things:

  • Possible side effects: You should always read the label before buying any skin care product. I did not experience any skin reaction, but if you know you are allergic to some of the ingredients mentioned on the bottle, I think you should choose other brand or an organic product instead.
  • Efficiency: I love this body wash, I can say as much. It cleans your skin in depth, but it also hydrates and moisturizes it. If you have some dry patches on your body, feet, or legs, they will get progressively smoother and softer, less itchy and certainly less uncomfortable. You will also feel your full skin smooth and healthier. One of the things I loved most about this product was that the effects lasted all day long – even the next day in the morning. This product has a rich, creamy texture like all good body washes should. My feet and legs are looking younger even.   
  • Type of skin: The product’s label says this body wash is suitable for all types of skin, but people with dry skin benefit it the most. If your skin seems to be a thirsty desert, this body wash may be the “rain” it so longs for.
  • Multiple purposes and benefits: Since this is a full body wash, I enjoyed the nice effects of the product from head to toe. No more cracked heels and hands’ skin, great looking, healthy, radiant face, no more dry patches on my body. My skin got all kinds of soft and I actually felt pampered and cared for. Of course, this does not have the power of a specific dry skin cream, serum, or lotion. I recommend you set your expectations right. It is just a body wash not a dermatological medicated cream to solve severe skin issues. You (and I for that matter) have other items for such problems.
  • Scent: This body wash smells nice. I cannot define a specific smell, but the fragrance is faint and it does not interfere with perfume. It smells milky and silky somehow.
  • Expiration date: Never put on your face, hands, or body a product that went past its expiration date, no matter how natural or dermatologically safe it is.  

Who Should Buy This Winter Skin Care Product

People with all skin types who want good hydration and skin moisturizing all year long, but especially proper winter care. People who do not experience dermatological problems or severe winter-itch effects.  

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Who Should Not Buy This Winter Skin Care Product

People who need more than a body wash in their winter skin care routine. People who need specific medicated creams or specific products dedicated to acute or chronic skin issues.

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​Dove Winter Care Body Wash

​After almost a month of daily use of Dove Winter Care Body Wash, my review of this product is quite positive. This product delivered everything it promised. I mostly appreciated the Nutrium Moisture technology, which makes your skin smooth, soft, and protected after the first use. The foamy, creamy leather cleanses your skin deeply and you will feel like you have spent your entire day at the spa. Let me now summarize the pros and cons of this product, reminding you again that this is a body wash and not some miracle treatment of any kind.


  • Excellent for dry skin
  • Extra ingredients and technologies for skin care and beauty
  • Amazing for yearlong dry, sensitive skin care


  • Questionable scent
  • Odd texture
  • The effects may vary depending on your skin type

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​Dove Winter Care Body Wash Features and Benefits 

I started using this product daily, most of the times twice a day. I had family coming over to visit and they used the body wash as well. I specifically asked my mother and brother about how they felt after using the product in the shower and they were both happy with it. My entire family has dry or combination skin, so I gave the product extra points for being all-family friendly as well (independent of gender and age). Here are the main features and benefits of this product as I see them:

  • Great for dry, sensitive skin. As I said, after a few uses, you will feel your skin soft, moist, and healthy. No more winter itch or that feeling of tight skin, like you are wearing too tight clothes. The effects are visible after the first use, but since I have rough patches of skin on my body, I experienced the full benefits after a week.
  • Great cosmetic effects. Besides being a great moisturizer, the body wash also has nice cosmetic effects. It cleanses deeply and leaves your skin looking refreshed and even more elastic so to speak.

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  • Advanced formula with winter-specific care in mind. The Nutrium Moisture technology mixes the mild cleansing benefits of Directly Esterified Fatty Isethionate technology found in the legendary Dove Beauty Bar with a new, unique moisturizing complex that cares for surface skin ten layers deep. This innovative technology takes a twofold approach to healthy skin by preserving both proteins and lipids during cleansing – something that is critical for amazing skin health.
  • Perfect for all year skin care. I chose to buy this product for winter skin protection, but I will use it all year long if Dove does not take the product out of the market.

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  • The texture is creamy and silky.
  • The scent is great: faint, pleasant and not conflicting with your perfume.  
  • It comes in large pack. While this is an expensive product, it still brings a lot of value to the table.
  • It is gender and age independent, making it a great choice for the entire family.

Social Proof

​I bought this body wash after I conducted a thorough research on the best winter skin care products on the market, having Dove and other brands in mind. If you have damaged skin and some severe winter dry skin problems, I think you should also opt for more specific products, which address your needs better. Regarding this particular body wash, not all people are happy with the same thing, but I was happy to see that others had amazing things to say about this product.

​Alternatives to the Dove Winter Care Body Wash

When you look for the best skin care products online, you are open to a dedicated market. Since I am aware of the fact that dry skin is a nightmare all year long, skimming through web pages, I found other interesting products to serve similar moisturizing, healing, and pampering purposes. I chose three alternatives and I recommend you pay attention to them, as they might be of good use to you.  

This is a full-body wash made by equally famous Olay brand. The offer includes four bottles of Olay body wash and you should consider it simply because they make amazing gifts for your dry skinned family members.

Who Should Use this Winter Product

People with winter dry skin and skin problems who want a winter body wash coming with the Olay label.  

Dove Body Wash vs. Olay Body Wash Comparison

  • Both work for dry skin;
  • Both can be used all year long;
  • Olay smells better;
  • Olay comes with a 4 bottles offer at almost the same price of 1 Dove bottle;
  • Olay uses Lock-in-Moisture technology.

If you want an alternative to this body wash, you can also try the Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash. It comes from a reputable brand in the skin care products market. If you make a comparison, you will notice that the Olay offer is more affordable and more versatile.

This is a balm for hands, face and body, also coming with Shea Butter and glycerin, just like the Dove product. However, Cicaplast is a dermatological type of treatment, which addresses acute or chronic skin issues. On the other hand, I think it deserves its place on this list.  

Who Should Use this Winter Balm

People who have very dry and sensitive skin; people who also have dermatological problems; people who want a multi-purpose cream, which is family friendly and comes with medical recommendations.

Dove Body Wash vs. Cicaplast Balm Comparison

  • Cicaplast is a skin treatment;
  • Cicaplast comes with pediatric control and dermatological testing;
  • Cicaplast is fragrance-free, paraben-free and dedicated to damaged sensitive skin;
  • Cicaplast is a La Roche-Posay product;
  • Cicaplast comes in a very tiny container which is expensive.

This is an amazing alternative for all people to treat dermatological problems and keep their faces, hands, and bodies healthy all winter long. Cicaplast comes with a wide range of dermatological benefits for men, women, and children. However, if you want great skin treatments for the entire family – coming from a renowned dermatological brand – then the La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 Multi-Purpose Balm should be something to consider.

This is a very interesting product and I think it should be on your mind as well. It contains plenty of natural ingredients and people say it works amazing for sensitive, dry, cracked skin. It is a full-body balm, recommended in the treatment of many acute and chronic dermatological problems, including winter itch.

Who Should Use this Winter Balm

People who want good dermatological skin care with the help of a product containing natural/organic ingredients and added vitamins, essential oils, and herbal extracts.  

Dove Body Wash vs. Oleavine Balm Comparison

  • Oleavine comes with added organic and natural ingredients;
  • Oleavine is used in treatment of athlete’s foot and ringworm;
  • Oleavine helps with severe dry skin issues;
  • Oleavine may cause side-effects and does not come with dermatologists’ recommendation;
  • Oleavine is more expensive.

Oleavine is a full-body balm that may help alleviate and treat fungi and bacteria responsible for foot odor, athlete’s foot, nail fungus, yeast, and other common foot and skin irritations. It also contains Omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9. It comes with added natural Vitamin E to help reduce redness, flaking, scaling, or eczema. If you want more than a body wash but a veritable winter skin treatment, then you should try the Oleavine TheraTree Therapeutic Tea Tree Oil Balm as well.

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​I was looking for a nice body wash to wrap my skin in softness and to moisturize it deeply and for long periods. I am very pleased with what I got. One of the things I liked the most about it was that this is indeed mild with my skin and produces effects after a few uses. The smooth creamy rich product cleanses your skin deeply. It nourishes, it hydrates, it moisturizes, and it builds upon its previous results. I hope this product will become a regular and not remain a simple special edition type of item.

My younger brother and my mother also used the product once or twice when they visited me and they both stated they felt a great difference between this Dove body wash and other drugstore shower gel. This is why I considered the product to be family friendly (the bottle size also helps) and totally gender and age independent.

What can I say? I felt coddled while using this product, protected, and ready to face all dry skin problems with a new attitude. I think this body wash can do amazing skin in the summer, when people with dry skin suffer terribly due to skin dehydration.

In conclusion, if you want great, healthy body skin all year long, with amazing benefits, you should try the Dove Winter Care Body Wash! If you have dry skin that needs pampering, then you should clearly try this product. Make sure it contains safe ingredients for your type of skin and skin problems. Also, keep in mind that scent is a very subjective topic. But if you are used to Dove products in general and you already love the iconic bar soap version of this body wash, you should experience no problems, only joys.