Natural Beauty Limited Oxygen Skincare Young Skin Starter Set Review

oxygen skincare young skin starter set review

When you are a teenager and you realize you have combination skin that does not fare well in winter, you start thinking about the best winter skin care products or at least some homemade treatments. The problem with combination skin at 17 years old is that half my face is dry and sensitive (almost painful in winter), while the other is oily and prone to some acne. While I do not wish to begin using cosmetic products at such an early age, I expressed my concerns about my winter skin to my family.

My mother bought me the Natural Beauty Limited Oxygen Skincare Young Skin Starter Set – a package of skin care products designed for the young skin of teenagers. While the products in the set are not 100% organic, she researched them for a while and draw the conclusion (based on others’ reviews) that this set was going to offer my skin the nourishment, hydration, and protection I needed during winter.

Since it is quite cold outside, I started using the products in the set my mom bought me right after she gave them to me. I have been using the products for two weeks now. It may be too soon for a review you might think, but I am so enthusiastic of this set, I cannot wait any longer. The results began to show after a few days of use and now my skin is feeling great and looking amazing.

​Before I share my full opinion with you regarding this product, I want to tell you a few things first.

Things to Consider before Buying the Natural Beauty Limited Oxygen Skincare Young Skin Starter Set

Dry skin on your cheeks and oily skin on your forehead and chin is not easy to manage. While I used some homemade face care treatments (usually including olive oil or coconut oil), cold weather takes a big toll on my face and hands, for that matter. My mom considered it was about time for me to begin using some light, mild, and well-designed products for my young skin. To top it all, the greasy parts of my face are prone to acne and pimples, while the dry portions seem to be prone to cracking, itching, hurting, and getting all red and swollen.

If you are also a teenager (although my mom also used the products and she was delighted with them) here are some things you should consider before buying the set for you, for a sister or for a friend.

  • Possible side effects: The products in the set contain both natural and artificial ingredients. You should not experience any side effects, even if you have dry and sensitive skin. However, make sure you read the label before buying it and see if some of the ingredients can cause you allergies or discomfort. If so, discontinue using the product.  

  • Efficiency: Each of the products in the set is extremely effective in fulfilling the purpose it was created for. The set contains a foaming skin cleanser, a light moisturizer, and a hydrating toning mist. Separately, they do exactly as they should do. Together, they build up on each other’s effects, making your skin clean, hydrated, nourished, moisturized, and safe from the negative impact of winter cold and wind. My complexion got cleaner, with better blood flow, with less acne and definitely less painful dry skin cheeks.  

  • Type of skin: The products in the set address young women with all types of skin. For people with combination skin as I am, this was a godsend. Just make sure you use the products in the set correctly and that you follow a daily skin care routine.

  • Multiple purposes and benefits: I used the light moisturizing cream for my hands as well for a few times, and it worked amazing.

  • Scent: Each product comes with its own scent. You will get peppermint, coconut, apricot, and mandarin. They smell like Christmas in heaven. You may not like these particular scents, so you should read the label carefully. I loved them, but smell is a very subjective issue.

  • Family-friendly pack: My mom used the moisturizing cream a few times to test it on adult skin and she said everything felt amazing. While she has normal skin, she said the cream worked great in terms of hydration, moisturizing and anti-cold protection.

  • Expiration date: Never put on your face a product that went past its expiration date, no matter how natural or even organic it is.

Who Should Buy This Winter Skin Care Products Set

Teenagers and young women who have dry and sensitive skin that suffers throughout winter; women and young women who have combination skin, both prone to acne and prone to extreme painful dryness; young women who want all-season good face care.

Oxygen Skincare Young Skin Starter Set
  • Foaming Cleanser 6.8oz cleans your face of surface dirt, oil and nasties....
  • Light Moisturizer 1.7oz, revitalizing, non-greasy crème with a hint of...
  • Hydrating Toning Mist 1.7oz refreshes, soothes and nourishes, a delightful...

Who Should Not Buy This Winter Skin Care Products Set

​Young women, whose skin needs more than cosmetic creams, lotions, and toners, but need medicated, dermatological treatments for severe acne, clogged pores, or extremely sensitive and dry skin.

Natural Beauty Limited Oxygen Skincare Young Skin Starter Set

This Natural Beauty Limited Oxygen Skincare Young Skin Starter Set comes with three products in the package:

  • a foaming cleanser with a light peppermint scent to clean your face of surface dirt, oil and impurities;
  • a light moisturizer non-greasy cream with a hint of antioxidant rich coconut;
  • a hydrating toning mist, which refreshes, soothes and nourishes your skin, coming in a delightful mandarin oil scent.

For the purpose of this article, my review encompasses my opinion on the entire set as a whole. I firmly believe that you can use each product separately to fit your needs, but you will get the best winter care by using them together, as they are meant to. Now let me summarize the pros and cons of this set, although I do not have many cons of my own for that matter.


  • Extremely effective for combination skin with a cumulating effect
  • Contains natural ingredients to safe and nourish your skin
  • Each product in the set comes with a delightful scent


  • May be a bit too expensive for teenage girls
  • You may not like all the scents or their final combination
  • It may end too soon

Natural Beauty Limited Oxygen Skincare Young Skin Starter Set Features and Benefits

I started using this product two weeks ago on a daily basis. I love everything about the product and I will continue using it. In addition, after it ends, I will ask my mom to continue buying it. Let me tell now the features and benefits of this set as I saw them.

  • Excellent for combination skin. If you have both dry and oily skin, this set will benefit you greatly. The products have excellent results for acne prone skin, and the moisturizer leads to great hydration effects; the toner makes my skin feel refreshed, vascularized, and healthy. Taken together, I think this is one of the best winter skin care products sets for young women.

  • The texture is great. Each of the products in the set has a nice texture and each penetrates the skin without making it feel greasy. The skin absorbs each product perfectly and the effects are amazing.
  • The scents are great. They are mild and they do not bother, even if you use the products one after the other. The secondary scents are also great – you will find hints of kiwi, herbs, aloe vera and other fruits.

  • The formula comes with natural ingredients. While none of the products is organic, the added natural ingredients, oils, and extracts come with great benefits for the skin. In fact, the moisturizer cream is great for the hands as well. I particularly enjoyed the Organic Apricot Kernel Oil, Coconut Balm, and NZ Organic Hop Extract.
  • Family-friendly product. The products are dedicated to young women, but my mother begs to differ. She used the cream for a few times and felt amazing. I think the products in the set also work great for adult women who want a light, mild, and efficient approach to winter skin care.

  • Excellent customer care from the manufacturer. While this does not speak about the product, both my mom and I were impressed with the customer care we received from the manufacturer.

​Natural Beauty Limited Oxygen Skincare Young Skin Starter Set



​Multiple purposes

Natural ​ingredients


Final Score


Social Proof

​As I said, my mom bought this winter skin care products set – I think she knows about it from a colleague or friend of hers. Naturally, she did some research on the internet and found that the product had excellent reviews. I read them all myself as well. I think this is a great set for girls my age and I will surely buy this in the future. My advice is that you also read the reviews and the products’ labels before you buy products online to lower the risks of disappointment as much as you can.  

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​Alternatives to the Natural Beauty Limited Oxygen Skincare Young Skin Starter Set

Now that my mom opened the winter skin care door for me, I was curious about other similar products. In fact, we did the research together, as she wanted some similar sets and products for adult skin. These are our findings:

This is also a full set of winter skin care products that seems to contain natural ingredients. It has positive reviews and it caught the interest of my mother.

Who Should Use this Set

Women with all types of skin; women who need better winter skin protection; women who want a full set of skin care.

Shea Moisture vs. Natural Beauty Limited Set Comparison

  • Shea Moisture set comes with four products;
  • The Shea Moisture pack is cheaper;
  • Shea Moisture uses organic ingredients, paraben and sulfate free;
  • Shea Moisture may lead to some skin side-effects;
  • You may not like the Shea Moisture scents.

If you want an alternative to the natural Beauty Limited winter skin care set, check out the Shea Moisture African Facial Care Kit as well! You may like it even better.

This product is a standalone winter cream that comes with ravishing positive reviews and a best-seller label.

Who Should Use this Winter Cream

People who have very dry and sensitive skin that suffers a lot in winter; people who also have dermatological problems; people who want a multi-purpose cream.

Vanicream vs. Natural Beauty Limited Set Comparison

  • Vanicream is a skin cream coming with pump dispenser;
  • Vanicream is free of dyes, fragrance, lanolin, parabens and formaldehyde;
  • You can use Vanicream as night cream and as a daily moisturizing cream for face, hands, and body;
  • Vanicream comes with a seal of acceptance from the National Eczema Association with a rating of 5 out of 5 stars;
  • Vanicream is cheaper.

This is an amazing alternative for all people to get excellent winter care to treat dermatological problems and keep their faces, hands, and bodies healthy all year long. You can try Vanicream and decide for yourself!

As far as best winter skin care products go, this set of Olay body wash products deserve their place on this list. They are not creams or medicated treatments, but self-care and self-pampering winter delights that nourish and protect the skin.

Who Should Use this Winter Skin Care Set

People who want nourished, smooth, healthy skin with the help of a gentle body wash that moisturizes and hydrates deeply.

Olay Body Wash vs. Natural Beauty Limited Comparison

  • Olay products are body washes for cleansing the face and body;
  • Olay contains shea butter – a renowned ingredient in skin care;
  • Olay works very well for mature dry skin;
  • Olay offers long-lasting moisture to help treat dryness at the source;
  • The full Olay pack is cheaper.

If you feel you want to start your winter skin care in the shower (and maybe continue it with other winter skin care products), then the Olay Shea Butter Body Wash is a great deal for the entire family to enjoy.

Oxygen Skincare Young Skin Starter Set
  • Foaming Cleanser 6.8oz cleans your face of surface dirt, oil and nasties....
  • Light Moisturizer 1.7oz, revitalizing, non-greasy crème with a hint of...
  • Hydrating Toning Mist 1.7oz refreshes, soothes and nourishes, a delightful...


I gave this product a full 5 stars review because I loved everything about it. My mother may think it was a bit expensive, but we both decided it brought immense value for the money. All three products in the set work together to alleviate winter skin problems and even treat acne and pimples for those who struggle with such issues. I feel my skin healthy, elastic, hydrated, and feeling well. The symptoms of dry skin and the side effects are incredibly well kept under control.

My mom used the products for a few times and her experience was more than positive, even if we have different types of skin. I think the set would make an incredible winter gift for any teenager or adult woman. The results are great; the scents are all wintery and Christmas-evoking, fresh and sweet in the same time. I will definitely use this product in the future.

In conclusion, if you want great, healthy skin all winter long, you should try the Natural Beauty Limited Oxygen Skincare Young Skin Starter Set! You will not regret your choice, especially if you have dry sensitive skin or combination skin!


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