Best MAC Lipstick Products

MAC Lipstick is one of the most popular lipstick products for women in the market today. There are so many styles, you could spend an eternity trying them all out. It is almost certain that some women out there have tried!

Instead, we’ve compiled the best of them below. You can’t go wrong with any of these color choices, but they’re all special for different reasons. Enjoy!

Ruby Woo

One of the best MAC lipstick shades, it can be worn all year round and with every ensemble. A red lipstick can be the finishing touch to a little black dress or with just a dramatic cat eye for a fresh but modern look. This lipstick tends to be on the dryer side, so prep your lips with lip conditioner before applying.

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Viva Glam V

Another classic shade after red would have to be nude. MAC Viva Glam V is a universal nude that translates differently on every skin tone, making it your very own shade!

In the Lustre formula, this shade is sheer with quite a bit of shimmer.

To make this lipstick even better, MAC donates 100% of the purchases from their Viva Glam line to the MAC AIDS Fund.

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Please Me

A gorgeous matte shade in rosy pink, this hue is definitelypinky, but looks more sophisticated and flirty. Please Me pink looks amazing with a golden sun kissed face or just alone with mascara for the ultimate sweet and innocent look.

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This shade is so perfect for a girl’s night out! Lush and bright, this hue is the amplified formula that is full of pigment for that perfect pop of color. Impassioned is afuchsia magenta hue that looks amazing on all skin tones because of the warm red-pink complex. This shade was so popular, MAC also made a lip gloss and nail lacquer to compliment the color.

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Vegas Volt

A rich and intense shade of lipstick, Vegas Volt is the perfect name for this orange coral collaboration. Another MAC amplified formula gives a creamy finish with tons of pigment to brighten skin tone and look like summer all year round. A red lip liner with this lipstick is a striking come-hither shade.

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If you’re looking for a new nude lipstick, this is the one for you! This looks really great on fair to medium skin, but you should definitely check out how it looks on you before you buy it. A sweet and simple look that goes with every outfit, this is a lipstick that you can wear day or night.

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Up The Amp

This lipstick does exactly what the name says it will – amps up your lips! Up the Amp is definitely a lot more purple than it looks in this picture, but it looks great on a variety of skin tones. I would suggest keeping your eye makeup simple when you’re wearing thiscolor, unless you’re really trying to make a statement. The best part about this lipstick is definitely the creamy finish that you’re left with.

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Half and Half

An awesome neutral pinky brown shade,Half and Half can be worn to the office or out with your friends! This lipstick also works to moisturize your lips while you’re wearing it, which is always an added bonus. This is a really great lipstick when you’re going for a more subtle look.

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Lady Danger

This tangerine-ish lipstick should be paired with a simple eye because it adds a bright pop ofcolour to your lips. This is a great color on medium and darker skin tones. It has a matte finish and can stay on your lips for up to 5 hours. You don’t really have to worry about staining your teeth either because this lipstick doesn’t transfer easily.

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Rebel is a lipstick that looks great on almost any skin tone. It’s a deep plum shade that can make a bold statement. It has a satin finish that looks beautiful and smooth on your lips. No need to worry about layering your lipstick because this color only needs one coat to give you a look that you’ll love to show off.

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Velvet Teddy

All innocence and sweetness, this matte pinky-nude is perfect for polishing your barely-there, is-she-or-isn’t-she natural-faced look. Dash on two layers of brown mascara, add a quick swipe of this shade, and you’re set, sweetie!

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Creme Cup

Pink is my very favorite lipstick color, and I have a particular weakness for this one. It is all softness, with a hint of coral, so it’ll flatter any skin tone. Swoon!

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Finally, your auntie says, a modest lipstick! Something you can wear to church! But you know the truth: layer it on (two or three swipes should do) and you’re amped up, ready for your Tinder date. Don’t wait up!

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Who says lipstick has to be pink, red or coral? This mattegrey is just gorgeous, and it’s ideal for layering for a more dramatic look. One swipe for a hint of color, or layer it up for something muchmore bold. The lipstick color and formula selection at MAC cosmeticshas always been mygo to place to experiment with color or pick up my signature classic shades.

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Candy Yum Yum

A bubbly and appealing candy-like matte lipstick, Candy Yum Yum provides a neon pink color, brightens up your face, and highlights your lips beautifully. The perfect shade for evenings and outings with friends. Sport this shade as a tint during the day by dabbing a bit of it on the lips and blending it with fingers. Go bold and beautiful with this bright shade for the night by swiping two to three coats of it.

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Kinda Sexy

A color so subtle, yet sexy at the same time, this lipstick can be worn anywhere and everywhere. Kinda Sexy is a smooth matte finish lipstick in the nude pink shade. It is highly pigmented and goes perfectly with smokey eye makeup.

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Russian Red

‘Red’ never goes out of trend. The Russian Red matte finish lipstick gives an intense, deep red color and is a standard retro shade. It is also really long lasting and stays on up to four to five hours. For a smoother look, pair it with a lip conditioner or lip balm.

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This beautiful deep burgundy shade is perfect for evening parties, especially for brides-to-be. Its deep color and texture allow it to glide smoothly on your lips. It stays on for nearly four to five hours.

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Yet another beautiful magenta-violet shade in the matte finish range, ‘Heroine’ is a recent addition to the family of purples by MAC. Its non-drying formula provides a creamy finish, leaving the lips soft and supple. It provides medium to full coverage and lasts up to five hours.

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All Fired Up Retro

Fuschia’s been the rage since it hit the markets. This vibrant pink shade recently got added to the family of matte lipsticks by MAC. It’s a shade that suits every skin tone and is apt for any outing or occasions. Since it has a matte texture, it is advisable to wear a lip balm/lip conditioner before applying the lipstick. Like the other lipsticks from MAC, this one also lasts up to six to seven hours.

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The Matte Lip

If you prefer to put aside the shine, you might want to opt for the MAC matte lipsticks, picking a gorgeous shade that builds up the fire in the pink shade section. This particular color is full of pigment and perfect for a lady who wishes to head for a night on the town, the payoff to wearing it being the intense color and the all-matte finish, which means absolutely no shine.

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Viva Glam Ariana Grande – Viva Glam Ariana II

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One of two Ariana Grande shades for the brand, this is another striking lip shade, this time with a punkier style. This deep yet bright pink hue is classic for a refined punk look (just look at some of the singer’s style for an idea!). It has a smooth matte finish, so you can pair it with lip glass for some killer texture or keep it by itself for an equally appealing look.

But the color isn’t the only thing that makes this one of the best MAC lipsticks; 100 percent of the proceeds go toward helping those affected by HIV/AIDS as well – so it’s a smashing color with a truly worthy cause.

Fresh Moroccan

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We love pinks, especially the ones MAC lipsticks offer us. We love pinks so very much and that is saying something. This particular shade is just the right holiday color while still maintaining all the sexy necessary to rock your world if you head out of town for a warm island vacation or to dance the night away at a really smoking club.

It isa pink with the darker undertones and the incredible frosty shine that gives us excellent color with a high frosted shimmer and a shiny new finish to it that hold the keys to your lover’s heart.

See Sheer

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This grapefruit shade is one of the best MAC lipsticks because it perfectly skirts the line between natural and color. It’s a beautiful, subtle pink color with a semi-glosslustre finish, so you’re gettingstunning shine on top of a light and juicy hue.

As with MAC’s iconic lipstick style, this might become your new favorite go-to shade – although, that being said, it’s hard to have just one “go-to” when all of the colors and finishes are so fabulous!

‘Mattene’ Lipstick – Own the Look

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Gorgeous, gorgeous plum on your lips! Why in heaven’s name did you not start wearing this before? A new streamlined designed to the slim line lip color, the traditionalglamour of a MAC product now comes with a matte finish and such intense color that the velvety aspects to it are amplified.

Definitely one of the best MAC lipsticks ever created, this is a plum color that gives those lips a softer feel, the creamier mixture gliding on with ease, without the problems of caking or drying things out. Just because a lipstick is moisturizing does not mean that it should be shiny and this particular item on our lists certainly proves that theory to beundeniable truth.

Liptensity Lipstick – Doe

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The name says it all with this creamy pink lip color. This is one of the best MAC lipsticks due to its intense pigmentation all packed in this subtle, soft pink color. It is both vibrant and subdued in one, due to the high saturation and inherently light color.

It’s a long-lasting product, so this lovely pink color will last you through your outings, and the satin finish will keep the wear totally comfortable all the while. Since there’s so much packed into this small tube, it’s super easy to get just the right level of intensity.

Retro Matte Liquid Lip Colour – High Drama

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Dark and mysterious, this deep plum liquid color makes our list as one of the best MAC lip colors. This daring shade just screams drama, so it really does live up to its name. That being said, the underlying theme of this color is glamor.

It’s a liquid color with a matte finish, so you know that high saturation and intensity is going to be bringing all of the attention in the world to your lips – what more could you want from the intersection between drama and glamor? Plus, you can keep the night going since this product promises eight hours of wear.

Retro Matte Lipstick – Relentlessly Red

It may only be 0.1 oz, but this hot pink MAC lipstick packs a pretty tough punch, looking especially incredible in the classic casing for the company. If you love the MAC engraves, matte black tubing that is a classic, you will want to pull this piece into your bag happily. There is little to say here other than the fact that the hot pink is really hot and Barbie is so very jealous right now.

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Crème Sheen Lipstick – Little Buddha

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Celebrate all through the day with this beautiful and vibrant peachy pink shade that marks itself as one of the best MAC lipsticks. This is an especially viable option for your springtime beauty routine, as the color will just pop against everything that comes with the warm weather.

This type of product is also moisturizing, so you’re getting lip hydration as well. This is a MAC product that will have your lips gleaming against the sun’s rays, without being too overpowering.

Viva Glam Lipstick – Viva Glam II

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This lovely neutral shade marks one of the best MAC lipsticks. The base shade here is a beige/pink, with just enough shimmer to brighten up your lips.

This is the perfect lip color to go with that extra-special dress or outfit you’ve been dying to wear to an event, since it will leave your lips with a satiny, semi-matte shimmer in a light pinkish hue – your makeup look will be understated enough to give your outfit the spotlight, but beautiful enough to highlight your best features!

‘Sheen Supreme’ Lipstick – Gotta Dash!

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A lovely black tube should do the trick! The sheen supreme lipstick line has 6 distinct colors, but we decided to pick the pale peach for us that is named “Gotta Dash!” and reminds us of a very gentle blush in the warm, sun-kissed dawn. This is one of the most versatile MAC lipstick colors you can wear from day to night.

The color has great impact and is as lovely asregular lipstick with the added benefits of lip gloss, the shine coming in for a perfect hybrid that allows for no compromise. It is a lightweight product that cannot be called sticky in any way, one, which is perfectly slick in its application and very comfortable to wear out.

For those of us who crave such a fusion, we believe it should never be far from those daily purses. Just put it on and dash out to enjoy your day!

Retro Matte Liquid Lip Colour – Fashion Legacy

This luscious red is absolutely to die for. It’s one of the truly best MAC lipsticks because of its long-lasting color and brilliant red hue. Whether you’re looking for an everyday color or a special, daring outing color, this color (and its long-lasting, stay-true formula) is exactly what you’d be looking for. It also promises to be non-feathering and non-bleeding.

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Lipstick/Shade Scents – Crème D’Nude

This creamy-peachy beige lipstick has a great deal of shine, which is the exchange for a muted color. That balance and trade off is what makes this one of the best MAC lipsticks. The packaging is super cute as well, because the tube is color-matched to this lovely peach shade – that’s especially helpful when you’re trying to find this particular shade amongst your other beautiful lipsticks!

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Huggable Lip Colour – Bonsai Bloom

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The comfortability and creaminess of this luminous lip color is what makes this product one of the best MAC lipsticks. It looks and feels totally effortless, and has moisturizing properties, so it’s essentially a glorified lip balm!

It’s long lasting, so your lips can have a tint of this luscious pink-tinted nude shade and it’ll still most likely be a step up from your current everyday lip balm. Your lips will instantly thank you, both for the hydration and for the beautiful color.

Frost Lipstick – Angel

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Enjoy luscious, soft pink lips with this frosty formula. This is one of the best MAC lipsticks because the color is totally versatile across the seasons, and it’s also one of Kim Kardashian’s favorite MAC lipstick colors.

The frostiness makes it ideal for winter, especially as the pink will vibe well with the white snow, but it would be just as stunning inSpring, when it pops among the various pink flowers and other springtime colors.

Dance with Me

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This is one of the most holiday-ready shades of red – that’s why this is one of the best MAC lipsticks for the upcoming holiday season. Dance with Me is a cranberry red, and it looks totally juicy in its liquid matte formula.

Even besides the color, it’s great because it’s long lasting (which is ideal for holiday parties and events) and will not feather or bleed as your evening goes on. It’s a bold and robust color, all with a “liquid-suede finish.”


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Keep the iconic lipstick trend going with this beautiful deep beige lip color. With an accent of rose, this matte shade is one of the best MAC lipsticks; it’s a luscious neutral tone with just enough of a color tone to keep things interesting.

It’s a staple color that everyone should invest in for their beautycollections, because it’s one of the best MAC lipstick colors to highlight your lips in a look and to draw attention to it without the need for a pop of color.


What is more fun than flaming lips? Deep red with a darker undertone is what we are looking at, though this line of huggable MAC lipsticks has 14 different shades to choose from.

We have not done reds justice in this list though and we much prefer to stick to this color, particularly since it is of a darker nature, without the candied apple effect, nor the bright sugary cherry red.

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‘Dark Desires’ Lipstick – Boyfriend Stealer

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There are three shades in this line and we have to say that the Boyfriend Stealer is the best out of all. It is an aubergine purple color that is as vampy as it gets, meaning that you can wear this well into the spring season and still appear to be the trendy “It Girl” you are.

The lipstick is of a creamy design and glides on perfectly without leaving behind any residue or caking, while the soft glaze on the high color impact is immeasurable.