Eczema refers to any skin inflammation, and it is caused by several different factors such as food allergies, soaps and detergents, viruses and bacteria, and more. The good news is that there are great solutions that work like essential oils for eczema and psoriasis. These methods are easy to apply, and they are totally natural. Some of them are even good for treating hormone imbalance.

How Does Essential Oil Therapy Work for Eczema?

Essential oils for eczema are good because they contain specific ingredients which help reduce or eliminate redness, itchiness, and all the other symptoms associated with eczemas. These oils work as natural anti-inflammatory treatment due to their vitamin content.

When you use essential oils, you benefit not only from their instant symptom relief but also from the aromatherapy. This property alleviates and moisturizes the skin, preventing further sores or inflammations. Bottom line, natural oils treatments hydrate and protect your skin, especially damaged areas.

Best Essential Oils for Eczema

Lavender Oil

lavender oil natural treatment

This is one of the best essential oils for eczema; it has been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years. Lavender oil is a great natural remedy when it comes to skin soothing. It not only reduces inflammation and redness but it also moisturizes your skin. This way, you won’t have problems with dry or peeling skin anymore.

Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oil has soothing effects

This oil is popular for its antiseptic properties. According to patients and specialists, this is one of the most effective essential oils for eczema. Any wound generated by your inflammations will be reduced by tea tree oil. It prevents future infections from developing. If you mix this oil with jojoba, you will obtain the perfect homemade skin remedy.

Eucalyptus Oil

eucalyptus oil calms irritations and reduces redness

Eucalyptus oil has a wide range of benefits when it comes to fighting skin sores and eczemas. It disinfects the damaged area and cleans it from bacteria that might cause infections. Furthermore, it has a soothing effect on irritation due to its fresh and earthy menthol. Using this essential oil helps you get rid of pain and inflammation.

Chamomile Oil

chamomile oil moisturizes the skin

When you search for a calming as well as sedative effect, chamomile is one of the best essential oils for eczema treatment. It offers a fruity and sweet sensation, and it is rich in minerals. Specialists tested chamomile oil’s properties. All these studies have shown that applying this oil on your damaged skin areas decreases irritation.

Mandarin Oil

mandarin oil is one of the best essential oils for eczema

A lot of specialists recommend mandarin oil as a way to naturally treat eczemas and other skin conditions. Traditional medicine uses all the healing properties of the mandarin oil. If you use it directly on your irritation, it will maintain your skin moisturized. Moreover, mandarin oil improves both blood and lymph circulation. This essential oil boosts tissue regeneration.

Let’s Recap

All these essential oils for eczema are a great alternative to chemical treatments such as pills. However, make sure to get a doctor’s opinion about your type of irritation before deciding what cure you should use. More severe inflammations must be treated by a specialist. Always dilute all these treatments with a carrier oil, which will transform the essential oils into a lotion.

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