Aignis Blackhead Remover Kit Review

Aignis blackhead removal tools kit review

Blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and zits are a woman’s nightmare, especially when she has to show her face in crowds that judge everything about the way you look. More importantly, if you are the type of woman judging the way you look every single day, you know that every spec of embedded dirt is a sign you do not try hard enough to keep your health intact. I have oily skin and I am a smoker. My face shows all the bad signs connected to my nature and my poor life choices.

When you are in your twenties, the way your face looks is less of a problem – it probably looks amazing by default. But when you are in your thirties you need to take a little care. Squeezing my pimples and removing my white fat face bumps with syringe needles soon ended being an option. My fatty complexion, marked by comedones, blackheads, zits, acne, and other such grime needed something stronger. I learned about the Aignis Blackhead Remover Kit reading some beauty articles on the Internet.

​The reviews seemed positive, so I bought and tried the product for a while. Now, after two months of constant usage, I can come before you and tell you what I believe about the product and what you should think about before using it.

Things to Consider before Buying the Aignis Blackhead Remover Kit

I am not a stranger to using pointy and sharp needles on my face, albeit the wrong ones. If you have plumps of hard fat sticking out from your skin you know you need to poke them around and extract them by any means necessary (as you cannot simply squeeze them with your nails). Tired of using barbarian methods, I thought about professional blackhead removal tools. Reading the internet, I stumbled upon the Aignis Blackhead Remover Kit, which promised a simple, clean, no-fuss, no BS blackheads, pimples, and zits removals in the comfort of your home.

I used the tweezers and the needles for two months, twice or three times a week. I am generally satisfied with the product, but here are some things you need to consider before buying the Aignis Blackhead Remover Kit.

  • Versatility: This kit contains only two tools for blackheads, comedones, acne, zits, and pimples removal, while other similar sets contain up to six different tools. This kit does its job for a beginner like me; however, if you want more professional tools kits read the Alternatives section below.    

  • Thorough face preparation: I really hope nobody pokes, plucks out, pinches, squeezes, and digs their face on dry, un-moisturized skin. I saw some reviews saying the tools led to pain and face marks or scars. My personal experience with these tools is far from such conclusions. I steamed my face for about 20 minutes or used the tools after a long, hot, bubble bath; if on a hurry, I put a hot moist towel on my face for 20 minutes to really open up those pores and soften the skin. Everything you pinch your face with is going to hurt if the skin is dry or dirty.    

  • Cleansing and disinfection: As I said, I have quite the experience of using syringe needles to poke around my blackheads and comedones. However, I would never dream of doing that without having my face cleansed and sterilized, the tools properly disinfected, the entire bathroom safe from bacteria, and so on. I also use gloves when performing blackheads’ extractions with the Aignis tools. What I want to emphasize is that before and after the cosmetic procedure, you need to disinfect, clean, sterilize, and safely store everything. This is not optional or negotiable.

  • Delicacy and gentility are mandatory: I am quite versed in the art of using needles on my face and around my eyes, but not everybody is. If you want to avoid pain, blood, scars, and marks, be gentle when using these tools. They are sharp and they will hurt you if you do not adjust the pressure and force or if you do not practice and test your fine motor skills.  
  • Follow the rules: The tools come with their own set of instructions so you should better follow them. Face preparation before and after is mandatory. Tools sterilization is mandatory. No shortcuts here.

Who Should Buy This Blackhead Removal Kit

People who want a fast, cheap, and unpretentious solution to removing comedones and blackheads in a less invasive and safer manner than finger squeezing.

Blackhead Remover Pimple Extractor Curved Blackhead Tweezers 5-in-1 by Aignis
  • 5-in-1 Multi-functional: 5 different high quality extractors (1 blackhead...
  • Travel-Friendly Case: Clear out oil buildup and release the gunk clogging your...
  • Ergonomic Handle: Anti-slip handles help you better control the pressure during...

Who Should Not Buy This Blackhead Removal Kit

Refrain from using these tools if you have severe dermatological problems on your face that can lead to infections, hemorrhage, and other problems. Before poking your face with metallic sharp instruments, talk to your dermatologist about alternative solutions or even treatment and medication.

​Aignis Blackhead Remover Kit

This Aignis Blackhead Remover Kit contains only two tools, nicely kept in a compact and lightweight case. If you carry your nail filer in your purse, you can squeeze in this thin compact case as well. I keep mine in the bathroom, as I do not travel much, but I had to leave town for a weekend and I found room for the kit in my luggage.

After the many uses of this kit, I found my face to look better. Comedones were not a problem anymore. Some blackheads and pimples were history already, and the new ones occurring had very short lifespans. There are other similar tools out there, but this one is so no-nonsense and so easy to use and carry, I think it is a nice product for a beginner.

​Overall, I was happy with this blackhead removal tools kit. Do not get me wrong, I will try my own recommendations you will find below.  However, if you never tried needles before or complex cosmetic tools to perform some sort of surgery on your face, this set is an excellent choice to get the hang of it.


  • Effective
  • Easy to use and carry
  • Great for beginners


  • Too simple if you require more complex interventions
  • May not work well on all types of blackheads and pimples
  • Tools may feel flimsy
Blackhead Remover Pimple Extractor Curved Blackhead Tweezers 5-in-1 by Aignis
  • 5-in-1 Multi-functional: 5 different high quality extractors (1 blackhead...
  • Travel-Friendly Case: Clear out oil buildup and release the gunk clogging your...
  • Ergonomic Handle: Anti-slip handles help you better control the pressure during...

Aignis Blackhead Remover Kit Features and Benefits

After I spent my adolescence and youth years removing zits, pimples, blackheads, and especially comedones with the help of syringe needles (for the utter despair of my mother), I finally found that my idea of sharp instruments had been translated into professional blackhead removal tools. Having oily skin and being a smoker takes a heavy toll on your face. Keeping things under control with the help of such tools was, for me at least, the reasonable thing to do.

Finger squeezing is painful, inefficient, and leading to bruises and marks. Needles, pins, and tweezers, on the other hand, offer more precision, refinement, and localized on-point interventions. I used the Aignis Blackhead Remover Kit two-three times a week, spanning on a total of three months or so. The results were impressive enough to elicit this enthusiastic review. Are there better, more complex tools out there? Of course there are! However, if you are a beginner in this field, I strongly recommend you start with the Aignis kit.

Now let me tell you what I liked best about it.

  • Excellent for beginners. You find reviews on similar products saying people should test, practice, and work their fine motor skills and usage skills before poking their faces with sharp metallic instruments. Well, you should start with this kit if you want to achieve those skills. The two tools are easy to understand, easy to use, and easy to perfect your face surgery finesse.
  • The kit allows you to tackle comedones and blackheads in a localized, laser-sharp manner and with a minimum invasiveness level.
  • The tools are in stainless steel. You may feel like they will bend or broke, but they will not. However, there are sturdier tools out there.   

  • The tools are ergonomic and come with anti-slip handles. This is great; the anti-slip handles will help you better control the pressure during use, ensuring that you will complete every step with great control and precision to avoid damage to the skin.
    • The case is light, compact, and easy to store and carry. It is actually very cute and I think it will make a great addition to any woman’s self-care and self-grooming portable arsenal.

    • It is affordable. This is one of the cheapest self-care items I have ever seen. True, there are only two tools in the set, but nevertheless, they bring high quality to the small price you will pay for it.

    ​Aignis Blackhead Remover Kit





    ​Ease of use

    Final Score


    Social Proof

    ​As I said, I bought this set because I saw an article summarizing its benefits. You may call it some sort of impulse purchase, but I do not regret a second of it. Moreover, I am very glad I bought it and used it. However, since I was already familiar and skilled with pins and needles, I wanted to see what other people had to say about the product. I am glad to see the Aignis kit has very positive reviews, written with genuine enthusiasm.

    Alternatives to the Aignis Blackhead Remover Kit

    Is this product the only blackhead removal tools kit in existence? Of course not. I browsed the Internet to find tools that are more complex and reliable alternatives to this particular product. If you are interested to learn what other options are there, look below! 

    • CidBestOfficial Blackhead Remover Tools Kit 

    This blackhead removal tools kit is more advanced than the Aignis one and requires advanced skills. However, it makes an excellent choice.  

    Who Should Use this Kit

    People with oily skin, large pores, acne, blackheads, comedones, pimples, and plenty of other similar issues. I think it works great for men with ingrown beard hairs as well.

    Aignis Tools Kit vs. CidBestOfficial Kit Comparison

    • Both are stainless steel;
    • CidBestOfficial contains six different tools;
    • Aignis is cheaper;
    • CidBestOfficial metal is even smoother than Aignis’s;
    • CidBestOfficial stainless steel comes with antibacterial coating.

    If you want an alternative to the Aignis blackhead removal tools kit, check out the CidBestOfficial Blackhead Removal Tools Kit to make the best choice for you!

    • Mintbear Blackhead Remover Kit

    The Mintbear Blackhead Remover Kit is also a crowd pleaser. You can read some reviews and make your own opinion about it.  

    Who Should Use this Kit

    People who want to get rid of their blackheads, pimples, blemishes, and other face issues, especially acne and nose blackheads.

    Aignis Kit vs. Mintbear Kit Comparison

    • Both are stainless steel;
    • Mintbear contains five tools in the set;
    • Mintbear tools are dermatologically graded stainless steel;
    • Aignis tools may feel flimsy in comparison to the Mintbear tools;
    • Aignis kit is cheaper.

    If you want an alternative to the Aignis tools kit, check out the Mintbear Blackhead Remover Kit! It may be the answer to your more complex skin problems!

    • Chimocee Blackhead Removal Kit

    This is another great entry on the blackhead removal tools kit products area and seems to cover all issues, including ingrown hairs for men and women.

    Who Should Use this Kit

    People who want quick, safe, and professional blackheads, comedones, and pimples removing, ingrown hairs extractions, and acne control.

    Aignis Kit vs. Chimocee Kit Comparison

    • Both are stainless steel;
    • Aignis is much cheaper;
    • Aignis addresses beginners;
    • Both come with a users’ manual;
    • Both come with satisfaction warranties.

    If you feel you want to gain blackhead removal, comedones removal and acne control at an affordable price, you can also try the Chimocee Blackhead Removal Tools Kit!


    Let us just say that the Aignis Blackhead Remover Kit was my personal upgrade from syringe needles. Will I make a further upgrade by choosing one of the alternatives I spoke of? It is very likely. However, until I reach out to other similar (yet more complex) such tools, I declare myself happy of beginning with this one.

    I gave this product a 4.4 rating our of 5 because I could have used even better (rougher, stronger, less flimsy) stainless steel with extra protection (antibacterial coatings and whatnot). However, given the price, I cannot reproach much to this product.

    One of my biggest issues were the comedones and the fatty bumps on my face. Nose blackheads and cheeks whiteheads were also an issue. I found the tools to be efficient in removing them safely and completely.

    If you have serious problems with acne, purulent and infected pores, you should ask your doctor before using the tools. Boiling acne and severe infected acne issues should make the attention of your GP or your dermatologist. I would not recommend any sharp tools to further cause skin damage in this case.

    I also strongly recommend disinfection, before and after the procedure. This should include the face, hands, tools, and environment. Wipe your face with rubbing alcohol in between two extractions. Disinfect the tools with alcohol after you use them and let them air dry before putting them back into the case. Always – ALWAYS – moist and warm up your face before use with hot water, steam, or at least a hot towel. Use a toner, derma cream, or disinfectant when you are done with the treatment.

    If you are a beginner in removing blackheads and pimples with other instruments than your fingers, this is a great tool to begin with. Once you get the hang of it and are ready for other interventions, you can try the alternatives I presented. However, if you are new to the blackhead removal tools kit market and you want a great product with visible great results, try the Aignis Blackhead Remover Kit, you will not regret the investment!

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