CosBeauty Blackhead Remover Skin Peeling Machine Review

CosBeauty Blackhead Removal Tools Peeling Machine review

When you are reaching your forties, you start having more face skin problems and less time to solve them all. I should be grateful for having oily skin – I get less wrinkles, dark circles, crows’ feet and other aging signs. However, the drawback to oily skin is, of course, plenty of nose blackheads, pimples, white fat bumps, zits, whiteheads, and so on.

As I said, joggling a career, a family, and some side entrepreneurial projects reduces the amount of time you are willing to spend in your cosmetician’s salon. On the other hand, you do not want to give up in the face of age and you want to do everything you can to keep your face clean, healthy, moisturized, lifted, and younger looking.

I always wondered whether I would find some cosmetic device to use at home to remove my blackheads and other dirty, ugly things from my face and peel, lift, and moist it in the same time. I knew all about blackhead removal tools but I could not bring myself to buying one. I am simply not convinced that poking and plucking my face with metal needles, tweezers, and pins is something I really want to do.

My assistant once showed me the CosBeauty Blackhead Remover Skin Peeling Machine and seeing the results on her face, I decided to try it.

​I searched the Internet looking for social proof on this product and seeing the enthusiasm surrounding it, I decided to buy it. I am now in my second month of usage (at a two-three times a week rate) and I can honestly say this was one of my best investments in the beauty and cosmetic departments. Before you jump at the opportunity, let me tell you a few things you need to consider before using this product.

​Things to Consider before Buying the CosBeauty Blackhead Remover Skin Peeling Machine

I am not a stranger to cosmetic treatments. Peeling and lifting procedures find their way into a woman’s life. However, I never thought I could bring the benefits of the professional salon into my own bathroom. The CosBeauty Blackhead Remover Skin Peeling Machine promised me:

  • Deep cleansing with dead skin cells and deep clogged dirt removal;
  • Skin firming and lifting with micro-current pulse technology that can activate cell vitality, boost collagen regeneration, and help restore skin elasticity;
  • Continuous ultrasonic vibrations to enhance cell permeability and accelerate blood and lymph circulation in order to promote effective absorption of nutrients.

This product delivered on its promise and for that, I would expose you to my enthusiastic review. However, here are the things you need to keep in mind before buying and using this product:

  • Thorough face preparation: Before you begin using this product, make sure you clean and moisturize your face properly. You want the machine to glide smoothly on your face and especially the tricky areas such as nose sides, lip area and chin. Wash your face with warm water or keep a hot towel on your face for a good ten minutes before you use the machine.  
  • Cleansing and disinfection: Make sure you clean your face before using the product, your hands, and the machine. After you finished, disinfect the machine with a cotton pad and rubbing alcohol. Use toner to remove the grime from your face and help your pores recover.  

  • Usage skills: The most important thing when using this machine is to find the right angle. This can take a few uses before you get the hang of it. Remember to use the machine gently to avoid skin damages.   
  • Follow the rules: The tools come with their own set of online instructions and explanations. Test the machine on more manageable areas before, so you can get used to it, and you should be just fine.

  • Safety precautions: Remove make-up before using the device, make sure the skin is damp or moisturized; do not apply the device on skin which has done IPL hair removal treatment or has sunburns within a week; do not use the device repeatedly on the same skin area; take off eye contacts, earrings, necklace or other accessories before use.

Who Should Buy This Blackhead Removal Kit

People who want a fast, deep, healthy, non-invasive face scrub and peel with blackheads, whiteheads, comedones, and dead skin cells removal. It works great on people of all ages, but I think mature women will appreciate the skin lift and the collagen boost, which fades away fine lines and wrinkles.

Christmas Gift CosBeauty Elite Skin Scrubber Black Head Removal nose blackhead acne remover utilizes...
  • • Ultrasonic vibrations: Deep cleansing 3 million/s high frequency ultrasonic...
  • • Anion import: Nutrition absorption Treatment plate instantly generates a...
  • • EMS: Firming and Lifting skin Micro-current pulse technology can activate...

Who Should Not Buy This Blackhead Removal Kit

​Refrain from using these tools if you have severe dermatological problems on your face that can lead to infections, hemorrhage, and other problems. Severe purulent and infected acne is a problem you need to discuss with your doctor before using this machine.

​CosBeauty Blackhead Remover Skin Peeling Machine

​This CosBeauty Blackhead Remover Skin Peeling Machine works in many ways. It has a powerful peeling effect – this is the feature you want to use if you want to get rid of blackheads, comedones, pimples, grime, dead skin cells, dirt, and zits. It has a lead-in effect and mode – meaning that it promotes lotion, cream, medicated treatments to sink deep within your skin, promote cell permeability, strengthen blood and lymph circulation, and improve nutrient absorption. The technology is advanced enough to allow you skin lifting and elasticity, with fine wrinkles reduction.

Christmas Gift CosBeauty Elite Skin Scrubber Black Head Removal nose blackhead acne remover utilizes...
  • • Ultrasonic vibrations: Deep cleansing 3 million/s high frequency ultrasonic...
  • • Anion import: Nutrition absorption Treatment plate instantly generates a...
  • • EMS: Firming and Lifting skin Micro-current pulse technology can activate...


  • Effective for blackheads removal
  • Carries multiple benefits for the skin
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive
  • May not work well on all types of blackheads and pimples
  • Needs practice to get the best results

​CosBeauty Blackhead Remover Skin Peeling Machine Features and Benefits

After I spent my adolescence and youth years removing zits, pimples, blackheads, and especially comedones with my fingers, needles, and my cosmetician, I understood I also needed something for home to save me time, money, and the inescapable amount of pain associated with such practices. In the last years, I wanted to somehow mix blackheads and pimples removal with skin lifting and peeling, wrinkles fading and deep face cleansing.  

Oily skin comes with its own benefits and drawbacks, but if you want to look great and feel great, then I would strongly recommend this blackhead removal tools kit. Granted, it needs some practice to learn how to use it for 100% excellent results, but you will get there in no time. I found a dozen of enthusiastic reviews on the product, and even if it is expensive, I think you will truly appreciate the investment.  

Now let me tell you what I liked best about it:

  • Great blackheads removal. This is a non-invasive manner to finally free yourself from blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, zits, and fat bumps and so on. You can actually see those little dirt deposits popping out due to the deep vibrations produced by the machine. From a cleansing point of view, this tool is an excellent choice.   

  • Besides this peeling mode, you also have a lift mode that women my age will appreciate. Better blood and lymph circulation means more elasticity and firmness, leading to younger looking skin.

  • The lead-in mode is also excellent if you want to speed up nutrient absorption deep into your skin cells. Either it is toner or dermatological creams, the device works great.   

  • The technology of this product is advanced and I am happy to see that we finally have home product that match professional ones in quality and performance.
  • The machine is light, compact, easy to carry and easy to store.

  • The machine comes with IPX5 grade waterproof body
  • The machine comes with wireless charging, safe and convenient inductively coupled technology; you can charge it simply by placing it on the charging base. The product comes with its own battery and the battery will hold you for weeks.

  • It works great for all ages. My assistant is 15 years younger than I am and she looks 25 years younger than I do now.

​CosBeauty Blackhead Remover Skin Peeling Machine





​Ease of use

Final Score


Social Proof

​As I said, I bought this set because I did some Internet research prompted by my assistant. I found plenty of great reviews out there and testimonials favorable to the product. While it is a bit pricey, let me tell you that it brings a lot of value to the table. In time, it will save you a lot of money, time, and effort, as you will not need so many cosmetic treatments once you get the hang of this machine.

​Alternatives to the CosBeauty Blackhead Remover Skin Peeling Machine

Is this product the only blackhead removal tools and peeling kit on the market? Of course not. I browsed the Internet to find other similar machines that promise the same results. Some are interesting enough to deserve a try. Let me present you with the alternatives I found!   

  • Zoumo Portable Face Tool

This blackhead removal tools kit is quite interesting. The blackhead removal technology is based on vacuum extraction. It also comes with interchangeable heads, each for a specific problem and purpose.   

Who Should Use this Kit

People with oily skin, large pores, acne, and visible/deep aging signs like saggy skin, deep wrinkles, and other skin issues.  

CosBeauty Kit vs. Zoumo Kit Comparison

  • Both are hi-tech and cover multiple purposes;
  • Zoumo comes with interchangeable heads;
  • Zoumo is cheaper;
  • Zoumo still lacks replaceable filters and diamond heads;
  • Zoumo comes with a manual in the package.

If you want an alternative to the CosBeauty blackhead removal tools kit and peeling machine, check out the Zoumo Portable Face Tool to make the best choice for you!

  • THZY DR. J Blackhead Removal Suction Tool

The DR. J Blackhead Removal Suction Tool is also a crowd pleaser. You can read some reviews and make your own opinion about it, but people are quite enthusiastic when it comes to this product.

Who Should Use this Kit

People who want to get rid of their blackheads, pimples, blemishes, and other face issues, especially acne and nose blackheads. Moreover, it can help you lift your face skin and send wrinkles into fading.

CosBeauty Kit vs. THZY Kit Comparison

  • Both are hi-tech and multi-functional;
  • THZY contains five interchangeable heads;
  • THZY comes with USB charging interface and 3 speeds;
  • THZY is CE FCC ROHS certified;
  • THZY is cheaper.

If you want an alternative to the CosBeauty peeling machine and blackhead remover tool, check out the THZY DR. J Blackhead Removal Suction Tool!

  • Imbeang Blackhead Vacuum Suction Remover

Last but not least, here is my third recommended alternative to the CosBeauty machine. This also has great reviews and it may be exactly what you were looking for in the blackhead removal tools department!

Who Should Use this Kit

People who want quick, safe, and professional blackheads and pimples removing, acne control, and skin peeling and lifting.

CosBeauty Kit vs. Imbeang Kit Comparison

  • Both are hi-tech and multi-purpose;
  • Imbeang comes with 3 level adjustable suction file and 4 replaceable beauty heads;
  • The ABS material in Imbeang is environmental, safe, and non-toxic;
  • You should not use Imbeang more than 1-2 times per week;
  • Imbeang is cheaper.

If you feel you want to gain blackhead removal and a face-lift in the same time, you probably need to research the Imbeang Blackhead Vacuum Suction Remover closer!


Let us just say that the CosBeauty Blackhead Remover Skin Peeling Machine was a small miracle I am happy to have found. It is a full cosmetic treatment in the comfort of your home. If you prep your face before in a correct manner, if you use the gadget according to the instructions, and if you make sure you apply a post-treatment toner or derma cream, you will look better, younger, and more radiant in no time!

I gave this product a full 5 stars rating because I loved everything about it. Besides the hi-tech it comes with, it is multi-functional, multi-purpose, efficient, mild with the skin, easy to carry and pack, and easy to use. I used it to get rid of many of my nose blackheads and also push my skin into getting better blood flow and collagen boost.  

I would not recommend the device if your face is riddled with purulent acne, abscess, scars, cuts, broken capillaries and so on. Before using the peeling and the lifting modes of the tool you should consult with your doctor first.

I also strongly recommend disinfection, before and after the procedure. Wash your face before and after you use the product. Make sure you disinfect it with rubbing alcohol and air-dry it before storing it for later. Keep your hands and your bathroom clean.  

If you are around the 35+ age, you know you need more than just a pimple or blackhead removal tools set. You need those creams and lotions of yours to better penetrate the skin. You need lifting and peeling to remove the dirt and alleviate wrinkles and fine lines. You need some practice with the tool to reach the best of results, but you will get there in no time. Is this the best blackhead removal tools set on the market? There are others, of course. Many are cheaper, as you have seen from the examples I gave. However, if you want to begin with the right foot, I wholeheartedly recommend the CosBeauty Blackhead Remover Skin Peeling Machine!

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