I’m always looking for products that are going to save me time and money in my beauty routine, so hello Activated Charcoal Powder! It is so hard to keep up with everything, don’t you think? When there’s school, college, jobs, parenting, adulting and everything in between. It feels like there really isn’t time for the little things. It’s pretty common to have this feeling that you are going to finish everything and catch up with life. Someday everything will slow down, right? When it does you can start pampering yourself for once! That’s why I love Activated Charcoal Powder!

But even when life slows down for me, I’m not really interested in spending a ton of money to improve my entire beauty routine. I have friends who put a lot of money into their makeup, lotions, bath bombs and face masks. They need the best products and they enjoy following beauty trends or buying big name brands. I think that’s great for them! More power to them and anyone else who is able to do that. They do it because they love it and they have the ability to do it…I just can’t bring myself to jump on that bandwagon. I love trying new beauty products but I have issues spending money on myself when it isn’t going to make a huge difference in my life, just my appearance.

I just love finding new ways to save money and still get what I need. Granted this way of doing things is typically more work and it is so much more convenient to just buy something that is ready to go. That’s why I totally understand why most people just buy what they need. You can save money or save time, you can’t always save both at once.

This is part of the reason I have always loved DIY beauty projects. You have to spend a little money and sometimes it won’t feel like you’re saving money at all. But in the end what you get is something that can go so much further. You also can use the items you got for the project for so many other purposes. The chances are that you already have what you need right in your kitchen!

I have never considered doing this with makeup itself, I think I will leave that to the professionals. But I do enjoy the masks, scrubs, bath bombs, soaps or even shampoos that I can make at home.

The reason I love doing this because it really gives me the ability to experiment and change a product so it works best for me. It also allows you to make small amounts to test it out before you make a lot and as a bonus, you know exactly what ingredients are going on your skin. Those factors are what made me fall in love with the idea of DIY projects in the first place.

So in recent times, I found out about a certain product called Activated Charcoal Powder. I knew about it being used in charcoal face masks or in products as a teeth whitener but I had no idea that you could buy straight up powdered charcoal!

Activated Charcoal Powder by Essential Elements was recommended to me and is supposed to be one of the best-priced items for this quality and quantity. So I decided to look into this product to see what you can use this much-activated charcoal for and why you would even want to!

Things to Consider When Trying Activated Charcoal Powder by Essential Elements

Possible side effects: One major recommendation is that you should never ingest this product within an hour before or after taking any kind of medication. I will explain more about that later in this post, but in the short summary, this product acts like a sponge for chemicals in your body. It will most likely counter any effects that your medications were supposed to have. This could be good if you accidentally took too much, but it also could harm you if you are taking prescription drugs for birth control, blood pressure, diabetes, or any other medical condition. This product could render them useless or less effective than they are supposed to be. If they are for some kind of medical condition, that could majorly affect your health and wellbeing. So not so much a side effect because it is totally avoidable, but just a tip there!

You may want to talk to your doctor about use if you are on medications because you may have a medication that releases slowly and it may take longer to really get into your system.

Efficiency: I think that in terms of effectiveness this is an incredibly useful product that will do the job right. There are multiple uses for this product. It is the great for skin cleansing, body detox, face masks, teeth whitening and odor eliminating. That is just the short list.

However, this is a very messy product that will get everywhere. It doesn’t typically stain clothing from what I understand, but it can be very hard to clean up. So when you first get this super ultra fine powder, definitely come up with a game plan for storage, use and cleanup. I don’t think the fact that it is messy makes it a bad product. Maybe just harder to work with. There really is no way getting around it if you want this amount at this price. So I think the important thing is knowing what you are getting yourself into.

Multiple Purpose and Benefits: This product has an impressive list of uses listed on the product description. You can use it to make your own personal peel off face mask, just like the ones we have been looking at in our list! Or you can add it to beauty products you already have like clay masks. This will add the benefit of gentle exfoliation and deep cleansing.

Another use that I found very interesting is that you can actually eat this Activated Charcoal Powder. You can add it to your food, drinks or even smoothies. It will act as a detox for your digestive system! That is what I meant before when I said it acts like a chemical or toxin sponge. It will take any junk weighing down your body that is not supposed to be there and eject it from your system.

So in the end, Activated Charcoal Powder can be used to improve your body in a lot of different ways. Most of which are meant as a way of detoxing and making you feel better. Either with your digestive tract or skin. It is pretty incredible to think that something as unsuspecting as charcoal is good for things like that.


Who Should Buy This Product

If you have ever had problems with your skin this could be a wonderful product for you. Even if you have products that you already like and think just need a little extra help to lift the impurities from your pores. This could make a great addition to any routine!

On the other hand, this can even be used to whiten your teeth! If you’re anything like me you love your coffee or tea so much it leaves stains on your teeth. All you have to do is add this to your toothpaste on a consistent basis to remove plaque and stains from your teeth! This is one of the things I really am tempted to try. I might only drink a cup of coffee a day, but it sure does do a number on the color of my teeth if I’m not careful. If this is the simple, natural solution I’ve been looking for I’m all for it!

Another reason you could use this is to detox your body but ingesting this product. I know this isn’t exactly a beauty benefit, but it is another fantastic use. And when you buy something this fine in texture and so large in this size, you are definitely going to want a lot of ways to use it up!

Food Grade Activated Charcoal Powder (1 lb) - Amazing Body Cleansing, Teeth Whitening Solution, Skin...
  • PROUDLY USA MADE: Our Extra fine Hardwood Activated Charcoal Powder is made and...
  • YOUR DIY ESSENTIAL: This Activated Charcoal powder can be everyone's health,...
  • CONVENIENCE IN A BAG: Essential Elements' food grade activated charcoal powder...

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product

I would say that this is a bad product for anyone who doesn’t like adding extra steps to their routine. If you want something that is easy to slap on and wash off you definitely might not like this. The DIY projects you can do with something like this are incredible, but can also be time-consuming. If you don’t have the time and would just rather buy something that has the same qualities, just go for that instead! I think this is a great product with a lot of potential, but only if you have the time to use it!

It isn’t going to do you any good at all if you don’t have time to use it anyway!

I also wouldn’t recommend this for someone who is going to be bothered by a mess either. This stuff gets everywhere and might be your worst nightmare. Since I have a background of making a mess during a project and just cleaning up later, I wouldn’t mind so much. But this is the type of thing that would drive my mother-in-law up the wall. She is little, Italian and the type who insists that you can’t have a mess when you are baking, you have to clean up as you go…she still isn’t used to my methods of “why clean it up before I’m done?” So if you are like that too, this isn’t really the product for you, unless you do it outside!


  • Multi-use product
  • Can be used as face mask
  • Great price for so much product
  • Can absorb toxic or poisonous substances from your system


  • Messy, messy, messy.
  • Takes more time to make face mask
  • Bag isn’t usually resealable, you will need to find a storage solution
  • Need to be careful with ingestion of this around medication schedule


Features and Benefits 

DIY beauty products can be made or enhanced by using this product. You can either use a recipe to make a peel-off mask with this charcoal, or you can add it to an already existing product that you have. By adding it to a product like a clay mask you can add the element of gentle exfoliation when you go to wash it off. It will also draw the blackheads and impurities from your pores. So if you have a mask that is wonderful for rejuvenation and moisturization, this could add some extra help to actually cleanse your skin as well as make it feel great!

Detox for your body! This is such a strange concept because to me the idea of consuming charcoal is so odd. But then again if you have gas, bloating, indigestion, or even bad breath you could take care of them by adding some of this to your food or drink. It will soak up the toxins in your body that are making you uncomfortable and escort them out of your body, so to speak. You also don’t even need to worry about whether this is bad for you because this is food grade activated charcoal. It was literally made to be safe to eat!

Teeth whitening is another fantastic use for this product. This is not meant to be a substitute for regular toothpaste, but it is a great addition to your routine. It gently exfoliates your teeth and really gets in there to removes the plaque and stains that cause your teeth to get a yellow tint like mine.


Will probably last you forever because it is such a fine grade which is so great for gentle exfoliation. But it also comes in a 2lb package! Everyone who has gotten this specific package has been determined that even while using this for multiple purposes on a regular basis, there is no way that they are going to go through it very fast at all. But as long as you find a good way to store it long term, this is kind of a really great thing.

Making a face mask is easy! I personally prefer the idea of using a mixture of activated charcoal, bentonite clay and water to make a clay mask with the charcoal. It is just more natural than the other peel off version they have on that site as well. For that one, you mix the charcoal with non-toxic glue and make a peel-off mask. While it’s a great idea, I just don’t know if it is that necessary. I know you can make DIY Biore strips with gelatin, which I have done in the past, so I don’t see why you couldn’t make a peel-off mask with charcoal the same way. But whatever works for you!

Social Proof

Considering that there are so many uses for this and that activated charcoal powder has become so popular, I think that’s probably all the proof I personally need. Everyone loves this product for that fact that is can be used for so many different purposes! I literally only listed personal uses for this product. There are actually a lot of other ways you can use it around your house as well.

So considering how many different uses there are, how many people utilize it, and the fact that it has become such a popular item even in common beauty masks is incredible!

Food Grade Activated Charcoal Powder (1 lb) - Amazing Body Cleansing, Teeth Whitening Solution, Skin...
  • PROUDLY USA MADE: Our Extra fine Hardwood Activated Charcoal Powder is made and...
  • YOUR DIY ESSENTIAL: This Activated Charcoal powder can be everyone's health,...
  • CONVENIENCE IN A BAG: Essential Elements' food grade activated charcoal powder...


So I know that while most people will certainly be interested to learn why in the world we might be using charcoal in beauty regimens. But I also know not everyone is going to want to buy a huge bag of it like this right off the bat…or ever. That is totally fine!

But, as usual, I wanted to throw out a list of possible alternative products in case you just aren’t down for a giant bag of charcoal!

Pixi Glow Mud Mask: This is a great mask if you are interested in mud masks and love the idea of something that will really brighten up your skin and naturally pull the impurities out of your skin! This is a new brand to me, but they seem to get good reviews for this simple and reasonably priced mask.

Organic Activated Charcoal Capsules: I know that this might not exactly be the beauty product that you were looking for. But if you don’t love the idea of trying the activated charcoal I suggested, this is a possible alternative!

I know that it can be a bit intimidating to get a huge bag of activated charcoal powder when you’re really just planning to use a little bit from time to time. And the idea of the mess it could make is a hard one to get around for some people. But these organic capsules are the same product in much smaller and more contained packages. If you would like to use this in a face mask you can break the capsule and mix the powder into a premade clay mask.

You probably don’t really want to use this product to make a mask entirely from scratch though, you would end up going through a whole lot of capsules! But it would be very easy to add to other products if you want to just test out charcoal and see how it works for you!

You obviously can ingest these capsules as well if you hate the idea of adding something like charcoal to your food or drinks. This makes it much easier and tasteless!

Food Grade Activated Charcoal Powder (1 lb) - Amazing Body Cleansing, Teeth Whitening Solution, Skin...
  • PROUDLY USA MADE: Our Extra fine Hardwood Activated Charcoal Powder is made and...
  • YOUR DIY ESSENTIAL: This Activated Charcoal powder can be everyone's health,...
  • CONVENIENCE IN A BAG: Essential Elements' food grade activated charcoal powder...


​I just can’t get around the array of uses that this product is good for. Not only are there so many uses and benefits, it is also incredibly affordable and will last you such a long time!

If I decided to buy this product I think I would definitely be getting it in bulk like this and I would use it to make masks for me, my friends and my family. I also would love to use this to whiten my teeth. I am just so curious to see how long it would take to remove any stains completely!

No matter what you want to use it for, there is no doubt you will be able to find plenty of uses for it and it will be an investment that will last you a good long time!

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