So I don’t know about you, but I love a good peel off beauty product. Face masks are just that much more satisfying when you can peel them off and see how much they helped your skin. Some people actually really hate this part, but I think it is kind of a great reminder that I need to take better care of my skin and clean out my pores more often.

I wear make up on a regular basis and although I’m pretty good and I wash it off before bed almost every night. But I know that my pores are still packed full of gross buildup. My blackheads can attest to that much! Although I don’t really breakout that often I definitely need something that will help me detox and pull all the junk out of my pores.

I love a good exfoliating face scrub or the pads that you can use to wipe down your face because you can actually see all the dirt you removed from your skin. 

But sometimes you need something that will physically pull the grime from your skin and I keep hearing great things about charcoal face masks and how much good they can do to clear out your pores and remove blackheads.

So while looking into them I immediately realized that there are so many different kinds and I had no idea what I was looking for exactly. But after some digging I decided to look into one by the brand AsaVea and see what it was all about!

Things to Consider Before Buying AsaVea Black Peel Off Charcoal Mask

Possible side effects: So this product is something that is definitely not recommended if you have sensitive skin. It probably isn’t going to make you break out, but it might give you dry or irritated skin. So if you have any skin conditions or severe dry skin I would avoid using this product because it will most likely cause inflammation, or it could worsen any inflammation you already have.

Efficiency: This seems to be truly effective product when it comes to removing blackheads and oils. It is easy to apply, although it should be a semi-thick layer to ensure coverage because it does not seem to go on in an even layer like some other products I have seen. It will probably take a good while to dry and it pays to be patient until it is totally dry before you attempt to remove it!

Skin Type: This is really good for anyone who has blackheads that are really hard to get rid of…which is most of us last time I checked. But it’s important to only use this mask on occasion and because using it too frequently could really dry out your skin.

Multiple Purpose and Benefits: This product is best for removing blackheads and dead skin. It also claims to have a “whitening” effect but I’m pretty sure they didn’t mean to use that term. They might have meant that it “brightens” your skin. Considering it is made in China but also has some Arabic writing on the packaging as well tells me there may have been a little bit lost in translation when describing this product.

However, everyone who has tried this product seems to like how their skin feels after use. It makes your skin firm, softens the feel of your skin and removes all the extra oils that can make your feel greasy and unclean. So it certainly has some benefits!


Who Should Try This Product

I think that I personally would really like to try this product because in what I have seen so far this is a great product for blackheads removal, even if it doesn’t have a whole lot of other benefits that are 100% proven.

So if you are the type of person who has larger pores and have a lot of blackheads, this could be perfect for you. I think I really actually would like to get this and use it on my husband more than anything…he might hate me for it.

But he has large pores, large blackheads, and he absolutely hates it when I try to pop anything for him. The only reason I even try is because he will just let things go and they get infected and always getd worse before they get better! I just can’t stand there and let it happen!

But if I got this for him I could just have him do it in one go. So even if it’s a little bit painful (it can be depending on your pain tolerance and the product) he wouldn’t have to deal with his pestering wife anymore! Win win!

Really the main problem is that he works in a really dirty foundry and there is no avoiding the clogged pores. This could be the perfect solution!

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Who Shouldn’t Try This Product

If I had lots of of blackheads I would definitely use this product. But if I had a lot of acne that is painful, blotchy, or cystic I might want to get that under control before I would use this. The charcoal part isn’t the part that I would avoid, but I would probably try to avoid the peel-off product. Not all peel-off masks hurt. But this is suppose to dry, tighten and it is commonly said that it basically waxes all the little hairs off your face. This might really irritate any deep infections you have.

It also would be a good idea to avoid this if you have any other skin conditions as well, but if you have seen a doctor about them you probably would know that already!


  • Blackhead remover
  • Easy to use
  • Leaves skin feeling soft
  • Firms skin


  • Not all natural
  • May hurt to peel off
  • Takes a long time to dry completely


Features and Benefits 

This is an affordable mask, that is not very widely known and kind of flies under the radar. It is definitely a great product for the price! This may not be an all natural mask but it does provide a very straightforward list of ingredients on the packaging that you can check out. It comes in a reasonable amount of 5oz that may only be good for a few applications, but that is really okay because it shouldn’t really be used too frequently and it is super affordable! Plus it gives you a chance to try it out for yourself and if you don’t like it, you didn’t spend much money on a ton of product you will never use!

As we have said before, it is a great product to remove blackheads and does a good job firming your skin as well. The peel-off feature allows you to remove a lot of pore-clogging dead skin and really freshens up your skin!


Social Proof

To tell the truth, I found a lot of mixed reviews on this product. A lot of the reviews on Amazon were a pretty solid mix of positive and negative One vlogger from Dubai really gave this product a thumbs up and that was more of a promising example of the product because we got to see her talk about the product, use it and see the results. Much like you would do in your own home!

So to be honest, I think that this product is something that will work really well for some people and not at all for others. Regardless, I think it will remove some of your blackheads and probably all of the dead skin. But something that works really well for one person probably isn’t foolproof for another. That’s why you have to be adventurous and try things for yourself!

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Now if you read this product review and you are a little unsure on whether you really want to take the leap and try out this specific mask, that is totally okay! I’m here to give you all the info and let you know why I would/wouldn’t use something. Not to convince you to buy something you don’t even think you would like!

So, that being said, I always like to give you some other alternatives because no matter what your skin deserves to be to be pampered in whatever way you see fit!

Disco Kitten by I DEW Care

This is a diamond illuminating fask mask that is such a fun concept, with some great benefits! This is a hydrating peel-off mask that will leave your face feeling so refreshed. It exfoliates, moisturizes and cleans your face. So if you have really dry, sensitive, or dull skin, this could be just what you are looking for! 

Formula Ten O Six Mask Collection

If you just can’t make up your mind and you’d like to experiment to see what you face really needs, this might be just the option for you! Amazon has all four of these sold as a package deal for such a good price that you might as well just get them all!

In this collection you get one gel mask, one peel mask, and two mud masks! Each one is good for something different: clarifying, brightening, cleansing and calming.

I believe that they are meant more for irritated and sensitive skin, so if you don’t find any appeal in the charcoal mask, or think it might be too harsh for your skin, you could try all four of these! If you want to check them out you can find them all on Amazon!

JeJu Volcanic Lava Mud Mask

This is such an interesting idea for a mask I just had to add it. This mask is meant to protect and detox your pores, minimizing the blackheads. But the list of benefits they included was almost too good to be true and definitely makes me want to try it out! They claim to help with: skin rashes, cellulite, blemishes, damaged skin, wrinkles, eczema, psoriasis, acne and even stretch marks.

That is quite the list of benefits! Not only that, but it is also really affordable and natural! Just the idea of covering my face in a mask made from volcanic ash from a specific island makes me think this is exotic enough for spa level skin treatment! If you want to check this one out it is also on Amazon! I think I am definitely going to try it soon myself!

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​It seems to do its job when it comes to blackhead removal, soaking up excess oils and cleansing pores. It is so affordable that it really doesn’t hurt to give it a try!


I love to find really affordable ways to take care of my skin and hair. It is really important to me to take care of my body and I love to pamper myself every now and again. It just helps to give me more confidence! But I definitely am more frugal minded, whether I have to be or not, and I like to know I have affordable options. Big prices don’t guarantee quality products after all!

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