So the holidays are over! Spring is around the bend, but winter isn’t over yet and neither are some of the issues that come with the season! I personally love winter for the holidays, sweater weather and the fact that it gives me an excuse to be indoors and cozy. But for all the good things, there are some major issues I have in the wintertime too. One of the main problems I have every single year is how dry my skin gets in the winter. That’s why I’m obsessed with the RAAM Purifying 3 in 1 Activated Charcoal Mask!

The bitterly cold wind and dry air that comes with heating our homes really takes a toll on me. I know not everyone has the same problem, but for me, this is totally unavoidable. Even when I moisturize and do my best to keep my skin looking fresh I still run into some problems.

My main issue lately has been the fact that even when I think my skin is looking and feeling good…I go to put on some makeup and am very disappointed by my final look. My concealer and foundation goes on and just enhances any flaws in my skin. I peg it down to needing to just wait out the winter and when I’ll be fine. But lately, I have been pretty impatient and have no idea what to do about it.

Recently I got a suggestion to use a mask that was supposed to do wonders for me and my sad winter skin. I have never heard of it before but since it was a recommendation I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a try! But before I use any products on my skin I like to do a little research to see what they are all about. I don’t really like using things without seeing what people thought of it. This doesn’t give me a perfect idea of how this product will work on my skin in particular, but it at least it shows why other people liked or disliked a product.

Things to Consider When Trying RAAM Purifying 3 in 1 Activated Charcoal Mask

Possible side effects: This is actually one of the few products I don’t believe has any notable side effects to worry about. At least none that I have found. Obviously, there are always the normal allergy issues you might have, but that’s why I always suggest looking into the ingredients before use. You can also do a patch test on your arm if you are concerned about side effects. This is something I always recommend to my sister because she has very sensitive skin. Pretty much anything that is mild on my skin may feel like it burns her skin and makes it red and blotchy for hours afterward. Once our mom gave her a face wash with a small percentage of salicylic acid, but even though it was fine for the rest of the family, it was really harsh on her!

So always remember patch tests can be very helpful!

Efficiency: This product is very creamy and goes on easily. It also seems to dry pretty quickly, as long as you don’t put it on is a very thick layer. Even taking it off is fast and easy. All you have to do is wipe it off with a warm, damp cloth. Some people prefer sponges but it is really up to you. One woman recommended using a facial brush afterward to really remove any specks of leftover charcoal. But there really weren’t any complaints about removal that I saw!

Skin Type: This is a surprisingly versatile product that I would really recommend for any skin type. It is supposed to have a lot of the same benefits of its peel-off counterparts, but without drying your skin. I haven’t really found any complaints about this product. It seems like it works well on just about any skin type so far!

Multiple Purpose and Benefits: As I said, it has the similar benefits of the peel off charcoal masks. It will remove oils, lift blackheads and unclog pores with regular use. But in addition to that, it will gently exfoliate, as well as moisturize your skin and promote elasticity by stimulating collagen production. So…I think that about covers any minor skin problem you could have. This really seems like an incredible product for what it is!


Who Should Buy This Product

If you love what charcoal masks do for your skin but struggle with the pain of peel off mask, this is the perfect alternative. I personally would love to try charcoal masks, but I am worried about how much it might dry out my skin. Peel off masks have to be a particular consistency and need to be able to dry completely for you to peel it off in one piece. There really is no way of adding anything to the product to moisturize your skin without ruining the peel-off effect.

So in this product, they went for more of a clay mask consistency and it is honestly the best idea ever.

This could really be a great product if you have the same wintertime issues that I do. Fighting dry skin is no joke!

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product

If you are really fond of the peel off masks and being able to see your results laid out for you, in the end, this may not be for you. It also may not be the right mask if you are looking for a cheap mask. This one is by no means one that I would consider cheap. It comes in two sizes, so you do have size/price options of 2.1 ounces or 5 ounces. But for some, this still might be above the price they are willing to spend. I probably will personally be getting it eventually, but I don’t think it will become a regular product if it runs out very fast.

As much as I love the idea of this product, I will always be too frugal to justify buying every beauty product with a good review.

RAAM Purifying 3 in 1 Activated Charcoal Mask

I write about what in my research on this site because I like to condense it for other people. I’d like to do the work for us all. Then everyone won’t have to sort through mass amounts of product details to make a decision.

So the product I did some research on is a brand called RAAM. I’ve never personally heard of this brand before now. But the product we are looking at is a 3-in-1 purifying mask that is made of activated charcoal. The details about this mask were surprising!


  • So many benefits in one mask
  • Does not dry your skin
  • Contains vitamins C & E
  • Lightens dark spots like freckles, age spots, sun damage and darkened skin.


  • May take awhile to dry 
  • Will take a few uses to lift all blackheads from your pores
  • You are supposed to use 3 times a week for best results. You may run out pretty quickly.


Features and Benefits 

So this mask seems like it is a literal super mask. It kind of has it all. I’m really tempted to buy this ASAP because I’m so curious to try it on my skin and see the results. This literally has no drawbacks I could find! I think I’m just so used to people having a ton of complaints no matter the product. This was certainly a new one for me.


This has all the benefits of a peel-off charcoal mask! This is supposed to do the same thing, like remove excess oils and blackheads. But it adds even more benefits because of its creamy texture, added ingredients and vitamins.

Moisturizes your face while removing the impurities from your skin! This is really helped by the fact that it has the added vitamins C and E. Those really promote healthy skin!

Gently exfoliates which will help to work things off your face, like dead skin. This will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth!

Easy to apply because of its creamy texture that is very similar to a clay mask. Everyone seemed to like the consistency of the mask because it made it easier to put on and take off. It was not gooey and mess like some of the gel products you could get instead. It also won’t practically dry on your fingers while you are trying to apply!


Smells great! This can be a serious factor for some people. If a mask smells gross like straight up chemicals, some people won’t even want to use it, More natural products seem to have better smells, but considering that I did not see anything on this about being all natural, it smells surprisingly good.

Goes a long way if you get a large size. In some of the beauty vlogs I watch about this product they said they got the larger size and were surprised at how much they got and how long they thought it was going to last!

Lightensdark areas because it contains hydroquinone which is used to lighten areas of darkened skin such as freckles, age spots, sun damage and darkened skin caused by hormonal changes. I do not personally know how well this works, but if you have issues with that you could try it out and let people know how well that aspect of the product works. I would love to know even though I do not personally have a problem with my freckles. Any information is good information!

Stimulates collagen production which will help your skin heal itself from other damage, as well as fight to give you more youthful looking skin.


I personally don’t know why you wouldn’t want to try this product. But in case you weren’t that impressed or just love hearing about new products, here are some other options!

Peter Thomas Roth Mask Sampler Kit: This is a great option for those of us who have no idea what we really want in a mask. Instead of choosing when you have no idea, you could get a sampler kit like this one to give yourself lots of options. This could even make a great gift if you want to get someone beauty products but have no idea what type would work best for them!

This comes with:

  • Cucumber Gel Mask
  • Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask
  • Pumpkin Enzyme Mask
  • 24K Gold Pure Mask
  • Irish Moor Mud Purifying Black Mask
  • Blue Marine Intense Hydrating Algae Mask

Seaweed Oil-Balancing Mask by The Body Shop: This is a mask that my sister recommended to me. As a family, we basically are in love with anything from The Body Shop. As I have mentioned in the past, my sister and I have the polar opposite issues with our skin. While my skin may be dry, hers is super oily and sensitive. This was a product she loves to use for removing all the extra oils from her skin without being harsh on her skin at all. It was the perfect product for her skin type!

African Black Soap Problem Skin Facial Mask: This is a new product for me! This is made with tea tree oil and Tamarind extract. I mentioned before that I really love products that contain tea tree oil. It just never fails to help me fix any deep set blemishes. This product is for clarifying oils and blemishes. Although I have never tried it I think I can say for certain that at least for me, this would definitely do what it claims on my skin. Tea tree oil can be pretty harsh on its own, but in a face mask, I’m sure it is the perfect mix to clear up any blemishes on your skin quickly!


I haven’t even tried this product and I am extremely impressed, which doesn’t really ever happen. It is good for removing oils and blackheads, cleaning pores, lightening dark areas on your skin, hydrating your skin and repairing your damaged skin. This is a pretty impressive list for a single mask in my opinion.

So overall, it definitely has my recommendation and interest in trying it out as soon as I can. When I get it I will get it off of Amazon!

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