One of my favorite things in the world when I was around the age of 13 was making DIY face masks with my sister. It was just such a fun project to see what we could make with household items. It was also fun to just see how well they would work. I think the only mishap I ever had was one involving cinnamon. I read the directions wrong and added a tablespoon of cinnamon when I really should have added a teaspoon. My skin was so red and irritated after that one…whoops!

Now that I’m older I have so many other things I have to focus on that I don’t really have as much time to do things like that as I used to. I really don’t spend nearly as much time as I should focusing on my skin. It is really down to the normal routine stuff like applying or washing off makeup or using face wash in the shower. I  even started moisturizing my face which is something I never did because I hated making my face feel greasy. 

I know I know, what a terrible excuse. I’m getting better I swear! 

You see, the thing is although I’m not very old I’m already getting afraid of having a lot of wrinkles when I’m old! It isn’t like wrinkles are even really that bad. But I just feel like it shows just how bad I am at taking care of certain aspects of my body. My skin is definitely one of the things I don’t take enough care of. For one thing used to only moisturize on rare occasions and I definitely don’t drink the amount of water I should.

Anyway, since I don’t have nearly enough time to do the old fashioned DIY masks that I used to do all the time, I decided to look into some masks that were ready to go and wouldn’t take as long. They will probably solve my skin issues more effectively and without as much of a hassle!

So after considering some of my problems like blackheads, occasional acne and dead skin I thought it was a good time to try out some masks that I had heard a lot about. Charcoal masks have been pretty popular for awhile now. I didn’t realize that there are so many different options out there for this kind of mask! So a recommendation pointed me towards a mask by ToullGo, so I wanted to do some more research on that mask and see what it was all about.

Things to Consider When Trying ToullGo Original Activated Charcoal Mask

Possible side effects: Most masks like this are really meant for cleansing and clearing up oil on your face. So if you already have drier skin there is a possibility that this could dry it out even more. I heard a tip that you should get some good quality aloe to apply to your face after using a charcoal mask. It is a better option than using just any lotion because that will just clog your pores directly after you cleaned them out. But it does allow you to use this product without that particular side effect!

Efficiency: This is a very easy mask to use. You are supposed to apply it in a thin layer on problem areas. It really isn’t meant for full face coverage because it will hurt so much more! But since it is only supposed to go on in thin layers in certain areas it will dry very quickly.

Skin Type: By far this is meant for oily skin. The extra oils can be the cause of acne, blackheads and is all around so frustrating because it makes you feel gross. 

I don’t typically have this issue but there are plenty of people in my life who do. I am actually the total opposite and I would use this on my dry skin to peel away the dead skin and refresh my skin.

Multiple Purpose and Benefits: This is a great product to remove oils and blackheads from your face by “suctioning” the dirt and impurities out of your pores. This may not impress everyone with the first try. But if used consistently it will clean your pores, firm your skin, shrink your pores and leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and even. But the key to this is using it once weekly and following the directions properly.

Even if you know of a product that works better for removing blackheads for you personally, it still seems like no one was disappointed in the way it made their skin feel in the end. So I guess it could still be worth it no matter what.


Who Should Buy This Product

If you’re like me you might just want something that will take care of your skin and cleanse deep into your pores. I don’t do this nearly enough and the fact that you only have to use this once a week is great. This mask is really good for anyone who wants to clean out their pores specifically and doesn’t want to spend a lot of time or money accomplishing that.

When I told my husband about it he was totally intrigued because I told him how good this is for removing blackheads and he has more issues with them than I do. He has large pores and moderately oily skin, but for whatever reason his blackheads can get so much bigger than mine.

Mine fairly are minute in comparison but still bother me. We will probably be getting something just to compare how well products like these work on his large pores in comparison to my small ones.

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Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product

To be honest, I probably not tell anyone to avoid this product. Unless I personally knew it was terrible or that they have severe skin conditions or allergies. Everyone else is free game and it really depends on what they want in a mask. 

If you have a low pain threshold I might not recommend though. While this shouldn’t hurt much as long as you avoid hair on your face, it still might be unavoidable for some people. I also probably wouldn’t recommend it to people with dry skin unless they intend to use the aloe to make up for oils that the mask absorbed.

ToullGo Original Activated Charcoal Mask

This is an all around straightforward product. ToullGo is very affordable if you are just looking to try something new. It promises that it is an all natural product that will rejuvenate your skin and remove blackheads and blemishes.

The real key to this product is using it properly. By following this example anyone can use it efficiently and test it out to see if it is for them, or not. Always make sure you have a clean face, open pores, and apply in a relatively thin and even layer. Otherwise, you may not like your results.


  • Makes skin feel soft and wonderful
  • Comes with blackhead removing tools​​​​​
  • Shrinks pores


  • May hurt
  • Could give you dry skin
  • Could be hard to peel off


Features and Benefits 

This mask is very reasonably priced but that might also have to do with the fact that it comes in such a small amount of only 3.2 ounces. Since this is really only meant for spot treatment and not full facial coverage that really isn’t a big problem and should still last long enough for you to figure out whether it works well for you or not. 

This mask has some major benefits and although it really depends on the skin of the person using it, I think that most people will find that these perks really apply to almost everyone. 


 Removes blackheads fairly easily as long as it you use it properly. This means that you need to really open up those pores beforehand by warming your skin with either steam or a warm towel. This will open up your pores and make it easier for the mask to really get into the pores and pull out all the dirt.

Shrinks pores by firming and toning the skin after the dirt has been removed. This will make it harder for dirt to get into your pores and give your skin a fresh and youthful appearance. I never would have thought of the benefits to something like this but as long as this is used on a pretty regular basis, this could really help your skin say clear!

Comes with tools that will help you get the pesky blackheads that the mask may have missed. It also has a tool to pop whiteheads. This is great because you can minimize the damage done by squeezing at your skin. Instead you can really target individual flaws you might find in your skin and these tools allow you to fix them instead of making matters worse! I have always wanted to try these and see how much they help to get in areas like the crease of my nose.


Quick and easy to use! All you have to do is wait 15 minutes or so and the mask will be dry enough to pull off. It is also super satisfying when you can see how much stuff you removed from your pores. I also don’t personally mind the fact that it pulls out the little hairs on your face when it peels off. It makes your face feel so smooth and soft!

Great for spot treatment because other things that you might get like sheet masks or Biore strips are supposed to be super convenient without any of the mess. That is great and everything, but the thing I like the most about this mask is the fact that you can really get the goo in the cracks where the hard-to-reach stuff is! I’m not saying you can’t use the other items to do the same thing. But I think this would work really well. 

It is a wonderful gift if you want to get something that practically everyone could really use and would have fun with! This would be a great for anyone from boyfriends and girlfriends to preteen girls having a sleepover!

Social Proof

I was fairly impressed with how much people liked this mask. It doesn’t seem all that special and there are so many other products out there. But the one thing I noticed when sorting through comments about this, was the fact that some actually really prefer this over things like Biore strips. I thought this was kind of crazy because most people stick with familiar products and Biore strips have been around for what feels like forever. But the reason for this was the fact that for people with very oily skin, adhesive strips don’t really do the trick. I never thought about this but it really makes sense!

When we were younger my mom me and my sister some strips to try and I remember them working better for me. At the time we weren’t really all that bothered by it, we just loved trying them and thought it was hilarious that it made our eyes water so much upon removal. But she has WAY more oil on her skin than I do and I never thought about that being a reason for adhesive strips not to work. I figured we just had to use them on a more regular basis and it would eventually get everything. 

But back in the good old days we didn’t know much about masks and I told you already about how we used to make them at home. But the charcoal mask might be the perfect solution for her!

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So as I’ve said before, I know that these charcoal masks aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Even if this is exactly what you are looking for, you might not mind some extra suggestions. I love digging around to find more masks that have a variety of uses. It doesn’t matter what kind of problem you might be having, dry skin, blackheads, excessive oil, severe acne or even uneven complexion and redness.

No matter your problem, there has to be something out there for you and I’m going to touch on a couple here that I have either used or want to try!

Tea Tree Clearing Clay Mask by The Body Shop: Tea tree beauty products are probably one of my favorite things. They work SO WELL, at least for me. I’ve used tea tree products from the Body Shop plenty of times. I even use straight up tea tree oil for spot treatment if I have a really sore zit coming to the surface and I know I want to get rid of it ASAP. But you have to be careful because the stuff is pretty potent.

I don’t know what it is about this oil but it really does the trick. I usually only have to use it sparingly like two or three times before it gets the job done.

So if you are having a lot of acne issues I would try this mask and also get their tea tree face wash as well, but that would be more of a daily routine. I’ve been using that face wash consistently every other day for a few years and I haven’t had many issues with breakouts until recently when I ran out of face wash!

Blueberry Oxygen Facial Scrub: This is a new one for me but I thought it looked like a really interesting option. I know this is more of a scrub than a mask. But this is meant as a mild exfoliant to gently remove impurities from your pores and hydrate your skin. I think the idea is really cool. It is also 100% organic but still completely affordable! So if you like trying new things like me this is definitely a fresh idea!

LuckyFine Aloe Vera Peel Off Face Mask: This one made the list of alternatives because it basically promises the same benefits as any charcoal mask, but it isn’t supposed to dry out your skin. I thought it was funny that I happened to stumble across this product right when I talked about the aloe trick earlier in this post.

For people with already oily skin, the charcoal mask might be the most beneficial, but for people like me with moderate/dry skin this might potentially be a serious contender! 

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After going through reviews and comparing this one to some other masks on our list.

It does pretty much everything it promises and you can’t really go wrong with a new charcoal mask. This one is mainly for spot treatment for the troublesome areas, not really recommended for full face. This is mainly because this product goes on thin and it will really pull out those little hairs on your face instead of blackheads. But most people only have blackheads in certain areas anyway so this is not really a big issue. It also means that your product could go much further if you don’t use it in excess!

But this really is a good product if you are looking for something that will take care of any oil on your face, remove blackheads, and even tone your skin. I can say I wouldn’t mind using this product on a weekly basis and finding out just how effective it can be on me and my husband. I’d love to do a comparison because our skin is very different!

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