Have you ever had issues getting your skin as clear as you would like it to be? I don’t know about you but I would really love to have the beautiful, flawless skin I did when I was little! I didn’t appreciate it then as much as I would now! That’s how I found the CidBest Official Peel Off Charcoal Mask! 

Unfortunately, we really have to work for it these days. It really has to do with the fact that our adult skin just tends to be more porous and open to dirt that can clog our pores and cause acne. Back then I obviously didn’t wear as much makeup as I do now, which is another factor in clogging my pores. When I got to be about 13 years old I started to wear the occasional eyeliner. I really wasn’t that adventurous with makeup until I got older.

These days I tend to use a little bit of everything and I love trying new makeup. It makes me feel confident and ready for my day, but it certainly means more preparation at the start of my day and more cleanup at the end of the day. I make it a point to wash off the makeup and use a facial cleanser each night. But I hardly ever do a good deep cleansing. It hasn’t really ever felt that necessary, so I guess I didn’t really think about it. But recently it seems like I could really use it. My blackheads are worse, I tend to break out way more than I used to and I get dry skin patches that make it nearly impossible to apply makeup evenly. 

When I figured out I wasn’t going to be able to be able to just wish my problems away I started looking into some products that might help me out. One product in particular was by Cidbest and it was a black peel off charcoal face mask. I decided to do some more research on the product before buying it, just to find out what it was all about and whether it was worth anyone’s time or hard earned money! Most importantly I wanted to find out whether it would do what I needed it to and really cleanse my pores.

Things to consider before buying CidBest Official Peel Off Charcoal Mask

Possible side effects: Like pretty much every charcoal mask I’ve ever researched, this one is not recommended for sensitive skin. Which includes if you do not have a high pain tolerance, have any skin conditions, extreme dry skin, or allergies.

Also with pretty much any product on planet earth, you should always check the label if you have any allergies. Since you are applying this directly to your face there is a really good possibility you will have a reaction, this is a pretty delicate part of your body!

Efficiency: This seems to me to be a quick and efficient product because it is all ready to be used, right out of the box! It also is a bit of a thinner product in comparison to some others, so it should go on really easy and smooth. Hopefully with minimal mess! I think that depends on the applicator more than the product though!

Skin Type: This product is really best for oily skin. It does a really great job of soaking up those extra oils that can be so frustrating. There are some people in my family have issues with oily skin and typically their skin makes their hair oily as well. When their bangs are resting against the skin on their forehead, the hair soaks up some of the oils and gets stringy looking. This makes them feel like they look gross and like they didn’t try very hard to look nice for the day…when in reality they took a shower the NIGHT BEFORE but since they slept on their wet hair they are basically doomed to be greaseballs for the rest of the day.

As unfair as this might be, it is pretty much unavoidable for some people.

By using this product once or twice weekly on oily skin, you can control that more. Obviously it is not foolproof but it should help with the oil on your skin, which might help a little with your hair. Every little bit helps here!

Multiple Purpose and Benefits: This is a great product for anyone with blackhead issues as well as excess oil. It claims to use a sort of suction method that will pull all the gross stuff from your pores. When it finishes pulling things from deep in your pores, it will also shrink your pores afterwards to make it harder to get more dirt in them so easily!

Not only all that, but it is supposed to be good for firming skin and giving a bright and youthful appearance! Worth a try right?


Who Should Try This Product

This is suppose to be mainly for blackhead removal and pore reduction. So if you have large pores or an accumulation of blackheads that are just getting too overwhelming, this would be a good product to try. It is deep cleaning and meant to pull the grime deep from your pores.

I personally would use this because I also have issues with dead skin, which can be a huge contributor to clogging pores. Even if I was able to get rid of all my blackheads, I would use this mask just to maintain a nice deep cleaning on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

To be honest, even if you don’t have many problems but just want to feel refreshed this could be a good product just to clean your skin and leave it feeling fresh, soft, and firm.

Who Shouldn’t Try This Product

I don’t think I would recommend this product for anyone with a low pain tolerance because it will definitely be pulling out those little hairs on your face! Some people have no problem with this and think it’s great because then they don’t need to wax….but I can’t say I personally love the feeling.

I also don’t believe this will be very helpful for very deep set infections in your pores as there is really nothing to latch on to above the surface of your skin. Although I would say charcoal soap coup potentially help if you would want to try something like that instead. The charcoal itself is supposed to be good for pulling the impurities out of your skin. But the peel off mask could just irritate the sensitive skin at the surface that covers the infection under your skin. That is why I might recommend other charcoal products instead.

CidBest Official Peel Off Charcoal Mask


  • Pulls blackheads from pores
  • Deep cleansing
  • Anti-aging
  • Shrinks pores


  • Painfully waxes hair from face
  • Thin consistency 
  • Can take a long time to dry
  • Not really for full face mask


Features and Benefits 

This mask claims to be packed full of all kinds of benefits! I don’t know for sure whether all of them are proven, but a lot of the benefits listed are mirrored across different charcoal products. That gives me more confidence that these are true and tried benefits and I am not surprised to see them listed for this mask as well. Activated charcoal itself has a lot of benefits. The fact that it is a peel of mask helps physically pull things out that are clogging the pores!


Removing Blackheads is one aspect of this type of mask that is pretty common across them all. At least masks that dry like this and you can pull off. It’s kind of like you applied an extra layer to your skin and ripped it off. Taking all the impurities with it! While that sounds weird and gross, but actually is totally satisfying in the end and can be very effective!

Spot Treatment is really the best way to use this mask. If you cover your entire face it could be really painful. If you are okay with that then go right ahead. But it can be just as effective if you only cover the really troublesome areas like your nose, forehead, chin and in the crease of your nose and under the nostrils. This perk to doing this is that you will use a lot less product, and you can always go back later and target other areas that are bothering you if need be!

Shrinking Pores is a really helpful benefit of this mask. I believe this has to do with the fact that when you remove the impurities, you will clear the pores to shrink back down to what they would normally be like without grime jammed down in there. It also firms your skin which will contribute to the shrinking of your pores.


Increases Blood Circulation to the skin of your face. This is really a great benefit because it will help promote elasticity and youthfulness to your skin. Blood flow is something that is really important for all organs of your body, including your skin. I guess this is something that I never personally considered but it makes so much sense! If you have bad circulation in certain areas of your body, or really any area of your body, you can have a lot of issues. Why should your skin be any different?

Not just for women! Although you normally see girls buying beauty products like this, that doesn’t mean that they are the only ones who can buy these products! Men on average work the harder and dirtier jobs than most women, which means they could probably use this way more than we could! My husband is a pretty prime example. (Sorry honey!) He has such large pores that everything gets trapped in. Being a mechanic who is pretty frequently covered in oils and dirt makes his skin way more likely to get dirty and clog his pores. He tends to have many more blackheads that are so much larger than mine. So this could be a mask I end up putting on us both!

I actually will usually include him in my experiments with new masks. It’s kind of a fun routine when we are relaxing and sitting down to watch a movie! You should see if you can rope the men in your life to do it too!

Social Proof

This is not the most well known charcoal mask in the world, but there are enough reviews and input from frequent users or beauty vloggers/bloggers. It really goes to show that the success of this mask could really depend more on the user of the mask and their skin.

For one thing, I didn’t know until I read the instructions carefully that you need to use a warm towel or warm water to open your pores before applying the mask. If you don’t do this you may not have great luck with any masks!

I mean in all reality even if you use it properly you may still have some issues. But it really just goes to show that you will just never really know unless you give it a chance! You can look at as many reviews as you want and you still won’t know for sure that this is the right product for you unless you try it out for yourself.

But if it makes you feel more comfortable, more than 75% of the reviews I found from other people liked this mask and gave it positive reviews! Most customers liked this product for the blackhead removal or just the way it helped get rid of oils on their face. Overall, the most people liked the way it made their skin feel even if the other benefits did not really show on their skin.


So I know that this charcoal mask business is intriguing for some and not so much for others. Maybe you were curious about this product but decided that it really just is not going to help your skin at all. You might have sensitive skin, severe dry skin, or even just hate peel off masks. But if you really aren’t interested for whatever reason, I always like to list some alternative products! 

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque: This particular product is as cheap as can be! It comes in a good size of about 8 ounces and for the price it’s hard not to try it. It gets some seriously great reviews from over 6,000 people! So not only is it affordable, it is well loved!

A funny plus to the mask is that it looks exactly like the spa masks you see in movies. The ones where people go to the spa and sit around with thick green masks and cucumbers over their eyes. So if you’ve ever wanted to give that kind of mask a go, here is your chance. I think that would be hilarious to try on my husband or brother. Cucumbers and everything!

This mask is good for sensitive skin. It is supposed to be for a lot of similar skin issues you might try to solve with the charcoal mask. Such as removing blackheads and soaking up that excess oil. But it is supposed to minimize the look of those deep set pimples you can get as well. This product is also meant to be rinsed off instead of being peeled off, if you prefer that!

Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Mask: If you are anything like me, this sounds like a fantastic mask! I have so many issues with dry skin right now because it is winter. I try to moisturize as much as I can without making my face super greasy. Just when I think I’m doing a good job, I apply makeup and all my dry skin seems to pop up out of nowhere. 

A mask like this that is meant to hydrate deep into your skin and retain the moisture. This is just what I could use right now. Not only all that, this is such a great brand normally, I would actually want to try it just to see if it is on par with the rest of their products. Considering the other reviews, I would say it probably is!

St. Ives Nourished and Smooth Oatmeal Scrub and Mask: I love this brand of beauty products. I always have their their Apricot face scrub on hand in the shower. But this is something I would love to try as well. This fits into our category of masks and would be absolutely perfect for sensitive skin. This is really meant for making your skin feel better. Gently exfoliating away your dry skin and evening out your skin. This is also a great price so such a well known brand!


So in the end, this is really a great product. It may not work for everyone, but that is to be expected with every product. This has solid reviews from people who have tried this in the past and judging from all the listed benefits​.

It is a reasonable price, works best for spot treatments, will go on thin and peel off easy and firms your skin to soften any wrinkles you might have!

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