Lately, I’ve been really interested in different face mask products and the benefits that they can have for my skin. It’s pretty incredible to me that a single ingredient, product, vitamin, moisturizer can make such a difference for your body. Or in this case, your skin. Which is why I love the Auperwel Black Mask. There are so many face masks on the market right now so we wanted to break it down for you, so you can find the perfect mask for your skin type.

There are just so many things that factor into creating a love for a certain product. It is nearly impossible to recommend the perfect product for someone who may even have similar issues that I do. They may not have the same skin type, tolerance for certain ingredients, or they may even have internal reasons for external breakouts.

For instance, I have pretty dry skin normally. I breakout on occasion, have more than my share of blackheads and have to wash my skin with a tea tree face wash regularly to even keep my skin manageable. But at the same time it only helps a handful of my problems, certainly not all of them.

Compare my problems to those of my sister or even my brother, the difference is incredible. My sister has excessively oily skin but hardly ever breaks out. But that is probably a really good thing because she has a lot of different allergies that she needs to think about when she chooses skin products. If she chooses the wrong one it won’t make her breakout in acne or blemishes… but it will make her breakout in hives or rashes. So really while she can use the tea tree face wash like I do, there are also a lot of products she has to avoid as well.

My brother on the other hand is 17-years-old and puberty has not been kind to his skin by any means. He has tried a ton of different products and has told me that using products like Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Moisturizer and Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Control Cleansing Pads work much better for him than the tea tree face wash I use regularly.

This is just because his skin is so different from mine. He has also cut a ton of junk food out of his diet because our Mom is convinced that the preservatives in the food could be contributing to his acne issues.

Anyway, I know I’ve been spouting a lot of information that seems really useless to the rest of you. But the point that I’m trying to get at is the fact that everyone is so different, so what makes one product so much superior to another? I think the answer to that question really comes down to whatever product has a multitude of benefits. Something that anyone can use!

Recently I have been really interested in different charcoal masks. Doing all this research for the list of best charcoal face masks has been great! Charcoal masks are a trending product and have been for some time. But I had no idea just how many were on the market until I worked on this list. It’s actually kind of incredible. One of the main places I have been looking for these masks has been on Amazon, as you could probably tell by now. But the one thing that kind of intrigues me about Amazon is the fact that they have this ever-changing list of “Amazon Choice” items. For every category of products, there is always a favorite and it is always changing depending on what is trending or its general popularity.

So in this particular post, I want to look into why Auperwel Black Mask is the current Amazon Choice item, considering how different everyone’s skin can be!

Things to Consider When Trying Auperwel Black Mask

Possible side effects: So the Auperwel Black Mask is not meant for sensitive skin. It is a peel off mask that could really hurt when you remove it. This, of course, all depends on your pain tolerance and how sensitive your skin is. Considering that this will definitely be removing all the little hairs from your face, it’s pretty understandable that it can be painful. So if that is not a feeling you enjoy, you might want to only use this as a spot treatment in key areas.

Efficiency: ​As far as use goes, it is super similar to any others. All you have to do is clean your skin and steam your pores open, then just apply an even layer of the mask and wait about 15 minutes until the mask is dry and you can peel it off.

So overall this seems very quick and efficient for those of us who just can’t seem to keep our lives at a slow pace! I would definitely like to try this out on an evening when I’m watching an episode of a current show!

Skin Type: This product claims to be really great for aging skin, oily skin and people with “pink noses.” I think they mean when you have red blotchy skin. It is not recommended for sensitive skin because it can be pretty difficult to remove and could end up irritating your skin rather than soothing it.

Multiple Purpose and Benefits: One thing I have learned about charcoal masks is the fact that they have a lot of benefits you never would have suspected by looking at them. Charcoal is a great ingredient to soak up and remove the excess oils on your skin that can clog your pores and make you uncomfortable about your shiny complexion. It also is good for smoothing and toning aging skin. It is supposed to smooth out the fine lines and wrinkles that you hate. But more than anything else, the Auperwel Black Mask is meant for blackhead removal. It acts as a sort of suction cup to pull junk out of your pores. This is what it is really known for and why the “peel off” aspect of this mask is so important!

Who Should Buy This Product

For one thing, this is a wonderful product for anyone with oily skin. My sister has to be pretty picky about what she uses on her skin, like I already said. But I think this would actually be a good product for her to try. The oils on her skin have always been something she doesn’t really enjoy, obviously. When she applies makeup her eyeliner ends up smudging around her eyes. Nothing seems to set for her like it does for me with my dry skin and liquid eyeliner.

It goes further to be good for my skin as well because I may have dryer skin, so I don’t really need to remove oils. But I really need help with my blackheads and dead skin. My favorite face wash might help with any breakouts, but it does nothing for my blackheads. I need something extra for that. This could be the perfect thing to add to my routine once a week or so.

And even further than that, this is great for aging or uneven skin. By smoothing and moisturizing your skin with aloe vera, removing impurities with charcoal, and toning the skin so that wrinkles will be softened in appearance.

While it will not be able to smooth them out entirely, I think this is a great benefit. Age is a beautiful thing. Although you will mourn the change in your skin, it is really just important that your take good care of your skin through the years. Don’t start when it has already been damaged beyond repair!

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product

As I have already mentioned, people with sensitive skin probably will not enjoy this product much. It is not really a harsh product, by any means. But the Auperwel Black Mask can be really difficult or painful to remove. This is really one of those things that will depend on your skin, sensitivity and pain threshold.

Also, another thing to keep in mind is that you should always check the ingredients before using the product or recommending it to other people. For instance, I wouldn’t get this product for my aunt. She has a pretty significant allergy to aloe that will potentially send her into anaphylactic shock. Not really something I want to give her as a gift!

So these are just all things to keep in mind. If you are at all unsure, just be sure to do a patch test in a small area on your arm before using this on your face.


  • 100% Natural 
  • Blackhead remover and acne controller
  • Great for several skin types


  • May hurt to peel off
  • NOT recommended for sensitive skin
  • May need to be used a few times for real results

Features and Benefits 

All natural! This is a wonderful feature of any product. Personally, I like to know what I’m putting in or on my body. It isn’t always something I can achieve, we live in a world where everything is processed, preserved, or packed full of chemicals. But at least in this case you can read the ingredients and be surer of your product!

Blackhead remover by means of suction. This was something that sounded really odd to me. I mean it makes sense that you would want to suck the gross dirt and oil from your clogged pores. But I never thought about that in terms of a mask. So the concept is a very interesting one for me! But since this is pulling and suctioning things from your pores, you might need to use this a few times to get everything. And you may need to continue the use on a weekly basis to ensure that your skin stays clear and pores stay clean.

Absorbs and removes excess oils. Honestly, I think we all need help with this from time to time. I personally don’t have any issues with excess oils, but in the summertime, I certainly have my moments. My sister has problems with this all year round. The charcoal in this mask is what really helps absorb and control the oils on your face. Even if you don’t have issues with blackheads, you could apply this to your T-zone and it will help with your oily skin!

Anti-aging properties included in the Auperwel Black Mask is a great perk. The thing is, anti-aging is not for old people or already wrinkly skin. It is anti-aging because you are fighting the aging process before it even starts. So if you want to have firm, elastic, smooth skin as long as possible this is a great way to promote that!

Balances out uneven skin tone or redness that can be so irritating to deal with. By soothing, rejuvenating and promoting even blood flow to your face!

Money back guarantee is a wonderful way to ensure that you can try out a new product without the risk of wasting your hard earned cash! I like to see this in a product because this just shows that the company has confidence in what they are selling.

Great potential gift! I know I already said it probably isn’t the best thing to give someone the Auperwel Black Mask as a gift. They could have allergies you don’t know about. But in all reality, this is a wonderful gift to give someone so they can relax and pamper themselves. Just make sure they patch test before applying to their face.

Social Proof

I think that we can see the social proof right on Amazon. Originally, I decided to look into this mask because it was the current “Amazon Choice” charcoal mask. The thing is, if you haven’t been interested in any of the masks on our list so far this could end up being the perfect one for you. Since so many people have tried it and liked it, I am certainly more drawn to it myself. It has the social backing to make me, and probably most other people, feel more comfortable to take the chance and try it out!


So, as usual, I wanted to make a quick list of some other products that you might like instead of the Auperwel Black Mask. There are usually some pretty simple reasons you might like one product and not another, so I thought it would be good to suggest some that are slightly different but hold similar benefits!

RAAM Purifying 3 in 1 Activated Charcoal Mask: This mask is one of my favorites from the list! I love this one for my skin in particular. Peel off charcoal masks tend to to dry out your skin if you aren’t careful. So if you already have dry skin like I do 50% of the time, this is a great alternative. It will pull the impurities from your skin, but is creamy and meant to be washed off rather than peeled. It rejuvenates, moisturizes and cleanses, and is good for all skin types!

SheaMoisture African Black Soap Facial Kit: This is actually a product we have reviewed before, but it is worth mentioning again because there is so much too it! If you want to try a new mask, this kit has it! The best part though is that this comes with a facial wash and scrub, moisturizer, bar soap and the mask itself. So if you want the whole package, here it is!

The reason I am recommending this product is really because it actually has a lot of similar benefits to a charcoal mask!

Arabica Coffee Scrub: I thought this might be a good product to add to this list, In case you were interested in the anti-aging properties of the charcoal mask, this could be a great alternative or additional product option! This is supposed to have some really wonderful benefits and it isn’t just for your face but for your whole body!


​It is really great for most people, as long as their skin isn’t too sensitive for this to be worth the trouble. Not to mention it can really be so satisfying to pull all that junk out of your pores!

Considering the fact that this is an “Amazon Choice” item I definitely would say that I’m more likely to try the Auperwel Black Mask out. I just like the idea that this is a product that a lot of people enjoy and bothered to give it a great review.

So whether you want to buy it for yourself or for a friend, you can find Auperwel Black Mask on Amazon and try it for yourself! I just might do the same thing.

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