In what follows, we will take a look at some hair moisturizer DIY recipes which will help you have a healthy hair, protecting it from the effects of extreme seasonal shifts. Let’s take a look at these list of DIY hair masks.

Raw Egg and Olive Oil

Just mix a raw egg with some olive oil and your hair mask is ready. The egg yolk is the most important ingredient here since is rich in proteins and constitutes a natural moisturizer.

Avocado and Peppermint Hair Mask

This mask is a mixture of honey, olive oil, and avocado that will keep moisture in your hair. Furthermore, you should add some peppermint tea to stimulate your scalp. Peppermint will constitute a refreshing element to the creamy mixture.

Yogurt Hair Mask

This hair mask also bears a considerable amount of proteins, nourishing your hair. It contains a lot of proteins, acting as a hair moisturizer. If you decide to apply this hair mask in the morning, then you should add a mixture of lemon juice and egg. Check this article out for more yogurt hair masks. 

Banana and Almond Oil

This is an edible hair mask since bananas represent one of the main ingredients. Banana protects and softens the scalp while the almond oil preserves the moisture in place.

Avocado Oil, Mayo, and Honey

First, you need to make your own mayonnaise. Do not use one that you bought at the store. The most important thing here is that it contains oil and whisked eggs. This is the reason why you need to do it on your own. Spread it on your hair and enjoy the beneficial effects of it.

Hair mask

Hair moisturizer DIY recipes will help your hair be strong and nourished.

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Shealoe Butter

You can obtain an amazing hair mask by mixing some aloe vera and Shea butter. This mask will moisturize your hair while also strengthening it. Furthermore, it soothes and hydrates your skin.

Aloe and Coconut

If you have an aloe plant, try to use a leaf to extract the gel by yourself. Mix the gel with some virgin coconut oil and use this mixture as a mask for your hair.

Hot Oil Hair Treatment

Make sure the oil is not too hot so as not to burn your scalp. Try to microwave the oil for about 30 seconds and apply it on your hair. Leave it in for approximately 30 minutes. Finally, shampoo your hair.

Pumpkin and Honey

Pumpkin is rich in vitamins. Mix it with some honey and apply it on your hair. Leave it there for about 15 minutes and then rinse it. Hence, you will obtain amazing results.

Beer and Banana

Specialists indicate that beer is a natural volumizer. Furthermore, it also has thickening properties which make your hair flowy and full.

Coconut Oil and Honey

This mixture will help your damaged hair. The moisture-packed mask is easy to use it on wet hair. Then, leave it for approximately 40 minutes. You will obtain extraordinary velvety results. Coconut oil alone is also a great hair mask, see more here. 

Summing up, these hair moisturizer DIY recipes will help your hair regain its strength and shine, nourishing and hydrating it from the root to the ends.