Struggling with a not so smooth shave? Bikini line bumps are one of the most frustrating things in the world, especially in the summer. They just always seem to pop up! We feel your struggle with bikini line bumps and have written an article that aids in your knowledge of the prevention and healing of your bikini line irritation issues! It’s all down below.

The Root of Bikini Line Irritation

So what makes your bikini line light up like a Christmas tree after you shave? When shaving, razor bumps form when ingrown hairs under the skin bend and curl back on themselves. This causes a lot of irritation to the skin and they even can cause pimples and scarring. This super annoying and inconvenient problem can be prevented and treated even though it feels like the end of the world. Below are some awesome tips on how to prevent and treat razor bumps on your irritated bikini line!

Bikini Line Irritation Prevention

An irritated bikini line after shaving, even shaving carefully, can be prevented by just applying simple, easy changes. What are these changed? Glad you asked! Preventing razor bumps on a place you absolutely do not want to draw attention to can be fixed by:

  • Investing in a new razor.
    • If you are using an older razor or a razor that has 3 or less blades, it may be time to get a new razor. A new razor will have finer and sharper blades which will decrease skin irritation. Dull blades make for higher levels of irritation.
  • At the most, shave every other day.
    • At peak summer time, when you and your friends are going on beach trips and spending the day sunbathing, you will want to shave almost everyday, But resist that urge! Give your skin and hair follicles a break by shaving every other day at the most.
  • Don’t press down on your razor while shaving.
    • Pressing down on your razor while shaving your bikini area makes the razor blade run unevenly on your skin. This cause skin irritation and an uneven shave. Not cool at all.
  • Exfoliate gently after a shave.
    • Exfoliating after shaving leads to smoother and softer legs. Yay! But it also can lead to skin irritation if you exfoliate too hard. This is easy to avoid, just do not get too carried away with the sugar scrub when your are exfoliating your bikini line area.
  • Shave in the same direction as your hair growth.
    • Shaving against the grain of your hair growth can lead to more bumps. Shaving in the same direction can aid in prevention of bikini line bumps because you are not forcing the hair to change direction.
  • Shave in the shower, preferably a steamy one.
    • Shaving after being in the shower for a while can lead to a nice, clean shave. This is due to the hot water softening your hair which leads to skin that is less prone to nicks. Not only is this tip easy to implement, but it is also pretty convenient!
  • Use moisturizing shaving cream.
    • Don’t skimp on using shaving cream in a pinch! Shaving cream actually helps further soften your hair, especially if it is made with a moisturizer or aloe.
  • Rinse off with some cold water.
    • Rinsing off with cold water will close your pores and decrease your chances of having razor burn or bumps on your bikini line.
  • Use Aloe Vera and/or Witch Hazel.
    • Both Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel help calm irritated skin naturally and effectively. Apply both directly onto your razor bumps to help reduce redness and irritation.

Bikini Line Irritation Treatment

If you tried the above preventions for getting rid of your bikini bumps, here are some more treatments that may have better outcomes if your skin is still sensitive.

Gigi No Bump Scrub

This wonderful honey and mango scrub helps reduce bikini line bumps by soothing skin through the removal of dead skin cells, releasing of trapped hair follicles, and prevention of hyperpigmentation. What more can a girl ask for? This affordable scrub is guaranteed to wash away all of your bikini bump worries with every use.


  • “My first body scrub that I don’t have to be so (gentle) with! I don’t like to use scrubs because I the grittiness hurts. Although I love the feel of my skin after scrubs, I tend to rarely use them. But this one doesn’t give me that feeling at all! It goes on so smoothly and and makes me skin feeling silky. I use it in the bikini area to prevent ingrowns after my waxing lady told me I should exfoliate to stop my ingrown hairs from coming back. And I can tell you, this helps so much!”
  • “Yep this actually works extremely well. I use it to prevent ingrown hairs and also help removes ones you already have. I didn’t think it could, but it shockingly expedites the process.”

The Cool Fix

The Cool Fix by Shaveworks helps to soothe sensitive skin and heal redness. Containing the ingredient boerhavia root to help heal your bikini line and phytic acid to detoxify the infected area, The Cool Fix will totally change your shaving routine.


  • “Love love love this product. The one that I received seems to be authentic with the same quality thickness and scent as our salon purchased one. The scent is sort of a cross between minty and ocean…absolutely love this product. It reduces redness after shaving or waxing and no razor bumps or ingrown hairs!!! If you use after waxing, it will have a slight cool tingle. Will definitely be purchasing again.”
  • “It works, you need to keep on applying it to the shaved region over days though for the anitmicrobial and exfoliating agents to work properly. It says so on the product too.”

Tend Skin Care Solution

Tend Skin Care Solution is one of the best ingrown hair products out there. This skin care product has a cleansing agent in it that helps calm firey razor burn around your bikini line. This product is also great for post waxing and post plucking irritation.


  • “This stuff is great! I was a little skeptical at first, not really sure how it would work, but I’m so glad I made the purchase and will be purchasing again when I run out. I have very coarse and thick hair, and have been suffering from ingrowns for so long- they often times get super painful. I apply a little bit of this for a few days following hair removal, and then spot treatment for whenever necessary, and it’s so effective. Highly recommend!”
  • “Never had anything work for my ingrown hairs and razor bumps until now. I’m honestly thrilled. Only need a little. Smells like alcohol but works like magic”

Coolife Ingrown Hair and Razor Bump Treatment

The Coolife Ingrown Hair and Razor Bump Treatment has an exfoliating brush that aids in spreading the treatment thoroughly across your bikini area. The best part about this product is that is doubles as a body massager. This allows for a totally relaxing experience that will make taming your ingrown hairs a pleasure rather than a chore.


  • ” have had nothing but troubles with ingrown hair since I was young. I used to have problems on my legs and thighs and even my arm pits. This is great. I use it in combination with the ingrown hair solution and it really manages to help remove the dead skin. It is big enough to fit in my palm and it is still small enough to use in small places. I like that it isn’t super sharp. It had the ridges to help exfoliate but it won’t scratch open my skin. I think this really works well and is easy to clean when finished. I definitely like this and this is the best tool I have used for exfoliation yet.”
  • “Nothing is worse than those horrible ingrown hairs that happen from shaving. Finding something that can help with those is incredible and eis easy to use. This is easy to use and is able to be kept with all my shower basics. It really is comfortable to hold with its nice handle I don’t have to struggle to hold this while using and it’s bristles feel good on your skin.”

Kerah Lane Organic Razor Bump & Ingrown Hair Formula

The Kerah Lane Organic Razor Bump & Ingrown Hair Formula is best known for  how easy and effective it is on your bikini line irritation. This treatment contains essential oils and other organic ingredients which prevent your skin from any harm. Use this product for great results all while enjoying the calming scent!


  • “This product is seriously a godsend. I have been struggling with ingrown hairs for the past 3 years. I attended a school and took an esthetics course, where students practiced hair removal procedures such as waxing on eachother. I suffered the consequences. My hair follicles were damaged, and the hair on my legs grow improperly. My legs are filled with razor bumps and ingrown hairs that often lead to infections. It has caused a lot of scarring. I have been to a primary doctor and dermatologist, and have taken all the prescriptions and applied the creams they prescribed. NOTHING HAS WORKED. For 3 years I have been embarrassed and self conscious to the point where I won’t wear skirts or shorts. I tried this product and I can’t believe how amazing it works! I was about to give up hope!I applied this after shaving, and it made my skin so smooth, it also made the skin complexion on my legs even up, since I have many dark spots and scars from my prior ingrown hairs!
    I will continue to purchase this product. It is helping me by smoothing my skin, preventing ingrown hairs, and fading the scars and dark spots!I have taken before and after photos to show you guys! Seriously a essential product everyone needs!I purchased this product in exchange for an unbiased honest review.”
  • “I’ve only used this once and I am so happy with the results. Usually it’s the day after I shave that the bumps show up. Not with this product. My skin felt not only smooth but soft with no bumps. I love the pleasant clean scent. I am very pleased and will be purchasing this again when I need it.”