Instead of going to a hair salon and paying a lot of money on expensive chemical treatments, you should try a natural and cheap way to gain glossy locks. A mayo hair mask is easy to prepare and apply and it can have surprising benefits for your hair’s health. Let’s see the main steps of doing it as well as its benefits for your hair.

Simple Steps of Preparing Your Own Mayo Hair Mask

Step 1

Put a small amount of mayonnaise in a bowl and go to the bathroom in order to not stain your floors. Clean your hair by washing it with normal shampoo. Then, apply the mayo as you would with a conditioner. Accentuate your locks’ ends because they are your hair’s oldest parts and they might be the most damaged ones. If your locks are thin, you should avoid putting mayo on your roots.

Step 2

To increase the mayo’s absorption rate into your locks, wear a shower cap or a plastic bag on your head. You can even use a thermal cap if you have one. Leave the mayo hair mask on for about 15 to 30 minutes.

Step 3

Wash your hair with a gentle shampoo in order to clean the mayonnaise from your hair. Cleanse the locks until you feel there’s no mayonnaise left.

To do your own mayo hair mask, you can use a purchased product that you can find at your local store, or you can prepare a homemade mayo. All you need are the following ingredients: olive oil, eggs, coconut oil and lemon juice or vinegar. Even though the main ingredient of a mayo hair mask are eggs, you can also add some other natural things such as avocado, honey, and more. Make sure to apply this treatment once a month.

Mayo Hair Mask Benefits

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  • Moisturizes your hair. Due to its oil content, a mayo hair mask will nourish your locks from deep within. If you have damaged or dry hair, this is a great homemade remedy.
  • Protects your hair from direct sunlight. This happens because mayo creates a hair strands coating which acts as a protective shield.
  • Fights against breakage. Mayonnaise contains protein which strengthens your hairs, making them look shiny and fuller.
  • Restores pH balance. When you prepare mayonnaise, you use vinegar which restores your hair’s health and balances its pH.

Wrapping It Up

A mayo hair mask has plenty of benefits if you apply it correctly on your locks. However, there are some tips you should be aware of. For example, make sure you choose a full-fat mayo. After using this treatment, you should wash your hair thoroughly because mayo is rich in fats and it might take a while until you get it out of your hair. You can mix it with a little bit of vanilla extract. This way, your hair will smell better after using the mask.

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