Tanaka face massage is a contouring anti-aging technique that will help you get rid of wrinkles and sagging skin. Jukuko Tanaka is the one who created this massage, and she has gained a lot of popularity worldwide. It is said that this procedure, if done correctly, will help you brush off years of your face. Here are some benefits and tips of this rejuvenating method.

Tanaka Face Massage Benefits

  • According to our research, most of those who have used this technique have experienced significant improvements in the way they look. The Tanaka face massage actually works.
  • It relaxes your facial muscles, relieving stress.
  • Your toxins get easily flushed out of your system after using this massage.
  • It takes only five minutes to do it, especially once you get the hang of it.
  • After a couple of sessions, you will start to notice significant changes in the way your face looks.
  • According to some, this massage will make you look ten years younger.

On the other hand, you have to do this procedure every day, if you want to achieve results. All the steps of the massage are in a certain sequence, so you must learn it and do it in that order only. At first, you need a lot of patience, because it will take you some time to learn it and remember the entire technique.

How to Do a Tanaka Face Massage – Useful Tips

  • The best moment of the day to do this massage is in the morning. You can also apply this technique in the evening, though, but only after you have cleaned your face.
  • You will need to use a face cream or oil. Apply enough of it so that your face won’t get irritated. You don’t need to rub your face. The Tanaka face massage is all about applying pressure on certain areas.
  • Use your fingers as well as your palm to exert the right pressure. Make sure you don’t press too much, though. Otherwise, you will feel sore. This massage was created for you to relax while you do it.
  • During the entire procedure, your mouth should be closed, and you should be gently biting down on teeth.
  • Make sure you apply the correct pressure points. When you watch somebody else doing it, seems easy, but you need to learn the proper technique. It can be tricky because you should press enough without doing it too hard. On the other hand, if you press too soft, the massage won’t work.
  • If you suffer from lymphopathia, avoid using this massage.

Here is a 10-minute tutorial for Tanaka face massage, from WorkoutVideosX YouTube channel. Watch it and follow its steps, so that you can apply all the above-described tips in a correct way.


Overall Thoughts

The Tanaka face massage is said to be an effective beauty procedure that eliminates sagging skin and reduces wrinkles. I personally think that this type of massages is good to improve blood circulation and give you an overall face lift. If you follow all the necessary steps and apply them every day, you will eventually look younger and rejuvenated. Be patient while learning the entire technique, because it might take some time to master it.

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