Who knew that eggs are useful for a lot more things than just baking and cooking. Egg hair treatments were made ever since the 1940s. In those days, women were even choosing special shampoos that contained eggs. The best part of an egg is its yolk which fights against dry, damaged hair. Below, you will find the main benefits of an egg hair mask as well as a couple of simple and effective recipes.

The Main Benefits of an Egg Hair Mask

  • Eggs’ proteins, vitamins, and nutrients promote hair regeneration and growth.
  • Egg hair mask cleans and purifies hair.
  • Your hair will have more volume. You will style it easily.
  • An egg hair mask fights against dandruff and controls oily scalp.
  • Your hair will become stronger if you use egg treatments.

The Most Popular Egg Hair Mask Recipes

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#1. Egg Hair Mask for Hair Growth

You will need two eggs and one tablespoon of castor oil. Use a blender to beat the eggs, then add the oil to create a smoother creamier solution. All you have to do now is to apply this mix on your hair and scalp with the help of a brush. For better results, cover your head with a shower cap. Leave it there for about 30 minutes before washing your hair with water and shampoo. You won’t need a conditioner anymore because this mask acts like one.

#2. Egg Hair Mask as a Natural Conditioner

To prepare this egg hair mask, you need only two ingredients: one egg yolk and avocado. Mix these two elements together and apply the combination on your hair as well as your scalp. Leave it there for about 20 minutes, then wash your hair with cool water. It is a great conditioner due to the egg’s nutrients content. Moreover, it is an affordable and easy-to-make beauty product.

#3. Egg Hair Anti-Dandruff Mask

You will need the following ingredients: one full egg, one tablespoon of olive oil, and the same amount of vinegar. First, beat the egg in a bowl. Then, add the vinegar and the oil, and mix them as much as possible until it has an even consistency. Apply this mix on your roots and use a brush to take this solution from your scalp to your hair strands. You can leave it on your hair for even a maximum of two hours. In the end, you will have to wash your hair with regular shampoo.

Extra tip: Always use cool water when you first rinse off the egg mask. Then, after you shampoo your hair, you can continue cleansing your hair with warmer water.

Putting It All Together

Eggs contain biotin and protein which is why an egg hair mask is really effective when it comes to restoring your hair’s health. As you can see, eggs have plenty of benefits, and the above-described masks are easy-to-make, affordable, and they really work. Being a natural treatment, you will avoid the risk of developing an allergy which is commonly met when using synthetic hair care products.

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