With all of the many, many, MANY, diet fads, tips, and tricks out there, it is so difficult to know which ones will work and which ones are a scam. And you probably don’t want to try them all to find out.

Some of the trending diets right now are low carb, high fat (Keto) and the super carb diet, which completely contradict one another! No wonder it’s so hard to figure out the best diet to have good health. And the problem is, you can find scientific data to back just about every diet plan.

Now, the key to losing weight isn’t figuring out which diet is really the best. The key is figuring out which is the best for you. The Keto diet, as well as other trending diet plans, has helped tons of people lose and keep off a lot of weight. A diet that works for thousands of other people might not work for you.

How can you know which diet will work best for you?


The first thing you will want to find before you start your weight loss journey is motivation. It is not enough just to say “I want to lose weight.” You need to find a reason, a “why” that will drive you and keep you motivated when it gets tough to stick with it.

For some people, they want to have more energy, to look and feel better, to be able to keep up with their kids. Whatever your “why” is, think of it before you start and maybe even write it down and post it to your mirror to keep you motivated along the way.


The second step is going to be commitment. Losing weight and keep it off and keeping your body healthy is not a one time deal. It is a change in your entire way of life. It’s not to say that you can’t ever have another piece of chocolate again, but that you’re going to need to be committed to making healthy decisions every single day – especially at the beginning.

You need to be dedicated to making a huge lifestyle change. Making decisions about your diet and lifestyle before you get started can help you to stick with it later on. Just stick to your guns and push through.

Learn What Works

You shouldn’t have to try every type of diet out there before you start seeing results, but you do need to learn what works for you. Here is a list of questions that can help you decide what to include in your diet plan:

  • Do you have any dietary restrictions? If you have any food allergies, those can determine if a certain diet will or will not work for you.
  • What are your favorite foods? Now, you might have to let go of some of your favorite sweet treats and packaged foods, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t eat foods that you enjoy. So make sure you find something that allows plenty of foods that you do like to eat.
  • Does it allow snacking between meals? No diet should cause you to be hungry. Snacking between meals, as long as it is healthy food, can be important to keep the hunger at bay and the bingeing away.
  • Can I live with it forever? If you want to keep the weight off and stay in pique health, then it’s good to find a diet that you would be comfortable keeping for an extended amount of time, possibly for the duration of your life. That’s not to say you can’t ever indulge in a sweet now and then, but you want to stick with it for the most part.
  • Can I afford it? Some diets are really expensive! And when dieting, stress can be very detrimental and so you should not stress yourself out financially in your efforts to lose weight. Find something that you will enjoy and can afford.
  • Does the diet plan have small, gradual changes? Most people, when asked to face a massive change in their lifestyle might be able to do it for a week or two but quickly fall back into their old habits. So it can be important to make sure that you are making small, gradual changes that stick with you.
  • Does it call for supplements or detox formulas? Understand that we’re not saying supplements, and various formulas don’t work or have benefits, but they are not necessary for losing weight, especially if you can’t afford them. A good diet will help you lose weight with natural foods. Daily multivitamins are always good though.
  • Do you want a strict structure plan or something with more flexibility? Every person is different in how to incorporate change into their life. Some people really need a lot of structure and organization; others can just go with the flow and regulate themselves without much structure. Decide what you need.

Answer these questions for yourself and the diet you are looking into for your weight loss journey.

If you’re not sure where to get started or what will work for you, talk to a healthcare provider like Rindfleisch Family Practice to determine a good place to start. Best of luck!


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