Thankfully, in recent years, the best weight loss tips have become increasingly popular. Many people now know everything about what they need to do and eat to get rid of some extra pounds. However, for every piece of good information, there is also bad. The main problem is that nowadays, everyone thinks that they are an expert in everything and anything. This leads to a series of completely wrong common ideas that are perpetuated and end up being a general truth. Because of this, based on some specialists’ opinions, we have prepared a list of the worst weight loss tips that you can follow.

Even words of wisdom can sometimes be conflicting, and when this happens, things go bad. This is why it’s important to only take into account specialist advice regarding your weight loss efforts. Sure, everyone is different and what works for you might not work for your friend. Still, some general rules apply to everyone, and it’s important to be aware of them. So, here is our list of the worst weight loss tips that you can follow, according to specialists.

1.      Sweat more, lose more weight

While exercising and sweating is a good thing because it gets your body rid of toxins, it’s not always a believable indicator of how much weight you lost. It is merely an indicator of your workout’s intensity and duration. Elizabeth Burwell, celebrity trainer and co-owner of High-Performance GymUsually, says that even if you notice changes on the scale afterward, it’s usually because of the water you lost by sweating, not actual weight. So, you can sweat a lot in a sauna, but this doesn’t mean that you will lose weight. At the same time, you can sweat a lot less during a run in the park but end up burning only 300 calories.

2.      Don’t eat carbs!

Completely false! While it’s a good thing to toss out some carbs, like white bread, giving up on all of them is not a good idea. Marjorie Nolan, R.D. and American Diabetes Association spokeswoman, says that eating pasta, rice, and white bread will surely help you lose weight. But it’s important to not give up on carbohydrates completely. Having a balanced diet means that you are eating enough healthy foods to be able to ingest some carbs from time to time too because they deliver important nutrients. Also, they are a great source of energy and fiber, just not when they come from overly-refined grains.

3.      Don’t eat and you’ll lose weight!

Unfortunately, many people go down this route because it can be deceiving. However, starving yourself won’t get you anywhere. Yes, you might lose some pounds, but imagine how quickly you will put them back on once you start eating. The idea is that your body needs fuel to function and therefore, lose weight. By not providing the fuel, you don’t allow it to shed pounds either. Makes sense, right?

Summing it all up

So, what did you think of our list of the worst weight loss tips, according to specialists? Do they sound familiar? Will you try to change your habits now that you know they won’t help you? Tell us down below!

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