Tooth gems were a fashion statement back in the 1990s. Those trends seem to make their comeback because these accessories are wanted again by many people. Even though they can be cool and trendy, you must be cautious before having one applied on your teeth. We wanted to help you find out more about these jewels, so keep reading our article.

What Are Tooth Gems?

tooth gems

Tooth gems are small jewelry that is worn as an accessory. It is attached to your tooth’s surface with an adhesive. There are also cases in which the dentist drills a small hole in your tooth to insert the gem there. The second method is, however, more dangerous and it can cause health problems.

Best Ways to Apply Tooth Gems

Buy A Temporary Tooth Gems Kit for Home Use

If you purchase a gem tooth kit, you will be able to do this procedure all by yourself, at home. Try to pick a kit that was created by dental experts. First, you need to brush your teeth to clean the area where you want the gem to be placed. After washing your hands, it is time to choose your desired tooth gems as well as the exact place where you want to apply it. Use a cotton ball to wipe the tooth. When it is dry, glue the jewelry by pressing strongly. You can also use a UV lamp to dry the glue. The final touch will be a cleaning process of the tooth. Make sure you have a good dental hygiene.

Ask A Professional’s Help

When you choose to go to the dentist, there are two different ways in which a tooth gem can be attached. The most durable application of tooth gems consists of drilling a small hole into your tooth. The accessory will be inserted there. Even though the safest way is clinic application of tooth gems, this procedure can also have long-term risks. It is not a reversible method, and sometimes can be quite painful. Also, if the gem falls, your tooth hole will remain uncovered.

tooth gems

Precautions to Tooth Gems

You should be careful before actually applying a tooth jewelry because it can cause serious damages such as the following ones:

  • A discolored area might appear on your tooth’s surface.
  • Your teeth’s protection shield, called the enamel, might wear off, causing dental vulnerability.
  • Dental decay and infections risks increase when you have tooth gems.
  • Other complications might appear because of food particles and bacteria that get stuck around your little accessory.

Therefore, if you want to have a tooth gem, you should be careful with the way you apply it. Even better, seek a professional’s help first.

Putting It All Together

Tooth gems were popular in the 90’s, and now they have made a powerful comeback. This doesn’t mean you should go ahead and have one applied only because it’s trendy. If you choose to have such an accessory, the best way to do it is with professional help. Also, if you want to do this procedure at home, you should make sure that both your hands and your teeth are properly cleaned.

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