A chipped tooth is a hazard in plenty of different ways. It’s painful, it poses risks of infections and other aggravations, and it also looks really, really bad. There’s no wonder that so many people seek out immediate solutions for this problem. Unfortunately, if you’re seeking the knowledge of how to fix a chipped tooth at home, that’s sadly not possible. Even if it makes you squeamish, you do have to pay a visit to your dentist. But fear not, below you will find what you can expect from an intervention.

How to Fix a Chipped Tooth

First of all, what you can do at home is keep the situation under control until you can attend your doctor appointment. Use some over-the-counter painkillers to soothe the toothache and avoid eating any foods that could possibly get stuck in the chipped section and make things worse.

Now that this is done with, once you’re at the dentist’s office, there are several procedures that you can possibly undergo.


Also known as dental filling, bonding is the simplest approach in dealing with a chipped tooth. This usually becomes a viable option when the chipping isn’t too relevant in size and it’s only a small portion. The procedure essentially involves molding a tooth-colored composite resin to cover up the gap caused by chipping. This intervention doesn’t require numbing and it can last up to ten years. Costs for a session of bonding vary between $100 and $400 per tooth, depending on the clinic you’re visiting.


Veneers are the go-to option for those who’ve already tried bonding and ended up cracking that implant as well. It’s also good for people who have more than a single chipped tooth or if this issue poses a greater cosmetic trouble. The procedure involves applying a layer of porcelain covers to give your teeth a polished and novel look. A veneer cover for a single tooth starts at $925 and can cost as much as $2,500. Their application can last up to twenty years.


Crowns are very similar to veneers, the main difference being that the porcelain cover is applied to the entirety of the tooth rather than just the frontal part. They are the best option if you wish to wholly repair your teeth and get a brilliant smile. Costs for crowns start at $600 per tooth and can reach up to $1,500. Certain crown applications are covered by insurance.

Dental Implants

For the point of no return, dental implants are the worst case scenario option. At this stage, the dentist will remove your tooth entirely and then replace it. It’s a lengthy process that requires allowing your gums to heal, but it’s also a pretty costly one. You might need to take out of your pocket at least $1,500 for an entire intervention and at most as much as $4,000.

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, a chipped tooth shouldn’t get to the point where you require a dental implant. Keep it in line with some painkillers, visit your dentist ASAP, and simply fix it with a bonding session.= to avoid further complications.