Losing weight can be one of the biggest struggles that a person might go through in their life. Losing that extra weight is everyone’s supreme dream, but the sad reality is that few are willing to make sacrifices to achieve this dream. Also, a large number of people don’t take expert advice into account and prefer to guide themselves on what their friends are saying and doing, in the hope that it will also be effective for them. There is no bigger mistake that you can make! What works for your friend might not work for you, and the other way around. This is why we have prepared a list of small diet changes for weight loss, according to experts in this domain.

In the back of our minds, we all know the basics of what we are supposed to change about our lives to lose weight. Do we do it? Not really. But according to experts, the key lies in the smallest details. You don’t need to give up on food for good or go through the ordeal of starving yourself. Making the smallest adjustments is often enough for a healthier lifestyle. Here are some small diet changes that experts agree will indeed help you lose some weight. Enjoy!

Drink lemon water

Celebrity trainer Jackie Warner has the simplest advice for you if you want to lose weight: drink lots of lemon water! You should already know that drinking even plain water is exceptionally good for your health. Well, adding lemon into that mix will help you lose weight a lot faster if, Warner says, you can drink up to three liters per day. She says that lemon detoxifies the liver and metabolizes fat. This means that your metabolism will be sped up and you will lose about 100 extra calories per day! Amazing, right?

Avoid diet food

Weight Watchers’ spokeswoman and author of No Gym Required Jennifer Cohen says that choosing foods that are marketed as “diet” is the biggest mistake that you can make. Instead, you should only choose foods based on their health benefits and nutritional value, not on what the label says. Eating food that is rich in nutrients will surely make you lose weight fast. Cohan advises everyone to make lists every time they go grocery shopping and compare the list with their needs and goals. This way, you will avoid buying unhealthy or unnecessary food, and you will lose weight.

Salads are the way to go

Creator of Yogalosophy and celebrity yoga instructor to celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Brooke Shields and Kate Beckinsale, Mandy Ingber, says that replacing your lunch with a big salad that is full of greens is the way to go. Also, if you are one of those meat-lovers, add protein to your salad like nuts, avocado, and colorful veggies that will not only look pretty, but will help you lose weight fast.

In conclusion

So, what did you think about these small diet changes for weight loss that came from some of the best experts out there? Are you going to add them to your diet? Are you struggling to lose weight too? Tell us your story down below!

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