When you are on vacation, your regular life tends to go out the window and be replaced by a more relaxed, loosened up, unburdened state of being. While this is what vacation is all about, taking a break from your day to day stresses, this doesn’t mean that your usual healthy way of eating needs to be pushed aside as well. However, it can be so hard to eat healthy on vacation even if you wanted to! Is it even possible? There are so many temptations around, and it is just so easy to eat decadent foods when you are away from your typical structure. Luckily, we’ve got some great ways to help manage your diet so you can enjoy an exotic boat trip to la Rochelle island!

Try Not To Splurge

When on vacation, it is a time of self-indulgence. You will probably buy things you normally wouldn’t, do activities that you normally refrain from and think about eating foods that you normally would resist. Keep yourself from splurging and over ordering by really assessing your hunger and what you’re about to eat every time you sit down. Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean that you should have that fourth scoop of ice cream or that second bottle of wine. Eat quantities that you normally would at home and don’t go overboard.

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Treat Yourself

While splurging is something you should avoid as it can become a daily occurrence while on vacation, you should allow yourself a treat here or there. Consciously choosing to have a treat is different from a splurge. While splurging is unfettered and over the top, a small treat will satisfy any craving you may have while still being done in moderation. You can even have a treat every day of your vacation if it is planned. In fact, when you intend to have a treat, you will enjoy it more, knowing that it is okay and not something sinful. One scoop of ice cream, while you’re on vacation, is definitely okay, that four scoops we mentioned before, still not okay.

Choose Menu Options That Promote Eating Healthy

When on vacation, chances are that you will be eating out frequently. With menu after menu of delicious food being presented to you, it can be hard to order the healthiest one. However, you should always try to make healthy choices when dining out. If you do not see something on the menu that would constitute as healthy, ask for food to be prepared differently (for example a steamed piece of fish instead of fried) or skip the condiment it is served with (goodbye fatty aioli dip!). Just because you choose a healthy menu choice does not mean you will be sacrificing flavor!

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Drink a lot of water while on vacation, and we mean a lot. You will most likely be active your entire vacation, and it can be easy to forget to drink water. It is all too easy to get dehydrated and also to consume a lot of extra food when all you really need is a drink of water. Carry water everywhere with you to stay healthy in an effortless way.


Make sure to eat at least one piece of fruit a day. In fact, you can pack fruit to bring on your vacation such as apples, oranges, or other large fruits that are easy to carry around and bite into. Then, if you need a snack while on vacation, your fruit will be right there waiting for you, healthy as ever!

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Skip the Package

While it is easy to grab a pack of chips or a premade sandwich while running around, trying to sightsee and explore, avoiding prepackaged foods is the way to go. Packaged foods tend to have preservatives, hidden fats, and other additives that you just don’t need. Find a local grocery store where you can stock up on the basics needed to make a few lunches or breakfasts to take with you on your vacation adventures. Visiting a local grocery store is a great way to get some interesting produce and other foods that are native to where you are vacationing. Grocery shopping is like an adventure! Eating real food instead of processed foods will also give you more energy, make you feel better, and keep your healthy routine while on vacation.

Vacations should be a time to unwind and completely forget about your “real life.” Let yourself fall into full vacation mode while still eating healthy. You are guaranteed to feel better while on vacation if you continue to eat well. Skip the excess foods, make healthy choices, and drink that water! Good luck!

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