Human health is vital to their wellbeing and a good life. Among the area of health that we human being never affords to ignore is our dental health. Proper and thorough cleaning/brushing our teeth is tantamount to ensuring that we have a more enjoyable and fun life. Well cleaned teeth ensure that we enjoy some of the benefits such as affording to offer a bright smile to our colleagues, have confident when talking to a person since your breath is fresh and clean, no smelly odor coming from your mouth.

Ensure that we do not develop tooth decay and cavities which cause complications that can result in uprooting your teeth among other vital importance accrued when we take care our teeth.

With the involving technology and advancement of dental medicine, the expert has been able to come up with an electric toothbrush to improve the efficiency of the most popular manual toothbrushes.

Companies that have been on the lead for many years in that field of production of electric toothbrushes include The Oral-B Company and The Phillip Sonicare Company. Electric toothbrushes have increasingly become popular to the current generation.

They have various features that make the classy and more effective than the other toothbrushes.

These include that they have time function, power setting, brush heads, pressure sensors and LCD screens on their handles among other important features on them. Each and every feature is made to specifically meet the need of different client/ customers with various dental needs they aspire to take care of.

Electric brushes are more efficient than another manual since them greatly aids in teeth whitening, are capable of efficient removal of plagues between teeth, can be used in people who need special attention to their gum among other vital added advantage of an electric toothbrush.

To understand the oral b and Sonicare comparison, it is important we should know about the two companies/ manufacturers first.

The Oral- B Company brands oral hygiene products ranging from toothbrushes, toothpaste, electric toothpaste, mouthwashes and dental floss. It was invented by Hutson Toothbrush in 1950 and ever since, their owner has been multinational Procter and gamble since 2006 from its previous owner The Gillette Company. It provides for the market across the whole world.

On the other hand, The Phillip Sonicare Company is an American based dental manufacturers company that was founded by David Giuliani and Dr. David Engel and Roy Martin. Their aim was to provide dental care by inventing dental hygiene devices using piezoelectric and transducer leading to the invention of the now called Sonicare toothbrush in 1992. Its name was changed from initial name GEMTech to Optiva Corporation to the current name Phillips Oral Healthcare.

The two brands have various similarities and differences depicted between them.

To start with the feature these two brands have in common, the very first similarity is that they both have LCD display. The display shows a smiley face that encourages one to keep the track of brushing habit.

They also depict a two-minute timer. It is a vital attribute to every electric toothbrush. They remind the user every second to move to the next phase of cleaning of their mouth.

They also have their respective charging stations which are mostly bought alongside the toothbrush.

The two brands of electric toothbrush have warranty and guarantee.  They both have a 2-year warrant but money back guarantee for Philips Sonicare is 28 days and Braun Oral- B 60 days.

Despite the two brands of electric brushes having similarities, they also have various feature or functionality that differentiates the two brands.

Firstly, they have different brushing technology and power. The brushing technology is based on two methods, vibrational method and rotation-oscillation technique. Phillip Sonicare uses the vibration technique a technology termed as sonic. The Sonicare toothbrush head produces about 31,000 strokes per minute increasing the accuracy of plague removal due to also side by side movement. On the other hand, rotation- oscillation action uses rotary technology.

Another difference is based on the brush head. The Sonicare brush head looks familiar to the usual familiar general toothbrush, unlike the Oral-B brush whose head varies from one another. The head for oral- b are relatively larger than those of the Sonicare toothbrush. The small head of Sonicare toothbrush gives them an advantage since they can easily and comfortably reach areas of the mouth that are hard to access. The fact that the Phillip Sonicare brush is similar to most common brushes, makes the people believe that it is more comfortable to brush with them.

Third difference is brought about by the presence of pressure sensors.  They are responsible for giving warnings or alerts when the brushing is hard or soft. It is one of the advanced features to protect your teeth as well as the brush. Most of the oral-b toothbrush have pressure sensor whereas only one Sonicare toothbrush, Phillip Sonicare Flexcare have the pressure sensor.

Battery life and voltage varies between the two brands. The battery life of Phillip Sonicare is much better than that of the Oral- B brush. The Sonicare can last its battery for up to 3 weeks whereas in not more than 10 days, the battery life of Oral- B brush would already have fallen.Also, the Sonicare brush is easier to recharge since they can accommodate both 110V and 220V, unlike the Oral- B which only accommodates 110V.

Price differs between the two brands.

The brushes from the Oral- BCompany is usually cheaper than those from the Phillip SonicareCompany. Despite Oral- B having varieties of heads and their corresponding brushes, still, the Sonicare brushes are priced higher. This attributed to the simplicity of the head and soft bristles. This makes the Sonicares more natural and comfortable since there is harmonized head movement. The brush is a comfort and this what made them popular explaining the reason behind higher prices than the Oral- B brushes.

The modes of brushing: in Oral- B toothbrush are more than those modes in Sonicare brushes. There are 5 brushing modes present in the most advanced brush of Sonicare brush and the Oral- B most advanced version with 6 brushing modes present.

The noise from Oral- B is a bit tolerable whereas there is no noise produced during brushing with the Sonicare toothbrush.

The variation in the architecture of the two brand is distinctive. The Oral- B design have different heads and different bristle appearing as the most modern brush. The design of Sonicares is more like the normal non-electric brush that has been in use for many years.

The stiff competition between the two brands have led to the manufacturers outdoing their competitors by introducing advanced features in their product. The UV technology in Oral- B electric brush, the Bluetooth advanced technology in Oral- B brush to determine the degree of cleanliness. The tongue clean mode in Sonicares electric brush among others.

Despite all the advancement on Oral- B brush, the Sonicare electric toothbrushes are the best. Sonicare gives the best brushing moment for kids. It offers interactive apps too!  It has the best features-packed toothbrush that is important in keeping and tracking the brushing habits and the best in reducing cavities, gingivitis, and gum care among other importance.

Author Bio: Emma Alex is a freelance writer, experienced blogger, and a professional social media coach. Currently, She’s working with Dental Dorks. Furthermore, Emma assists in business creation and social media planning.