If you want to know how to wear red lipstick, apart from when you go to special events, then take a look at the tricks below. It is very important what shade of red lipstick you choose. If you intend to wear it by day, then make sure you choose a sheerer shade. When going out at night, you could choose a bolder color.

Another crucial detail that most of the women out there forget is that you need to avoid a deep shade of red if you have thin lips. Such a red lipstick will make your lips look even thinner and smaller. Specialists indicate that those who have strong coloring (such as black hair, blue eyes, and fair skin) can wear intense red shades. This natural contrast between the color of the eyes and the color of the hair will benefit anyone.

Red lipstick is a statement, contouring your beauty

Furthermore, if you decide to wear red lipstick, make sure you do not wear a heavy eye shadow. Choose a light makeup. Apply a nude eye shadow and a little bit of mascara, and you will be good to go. Do not try to accentuate or over-apply the lipstick because you might obtain an unwanted shade, being darker than you originally wanted it to be.

You can use a gold gloss after applying the red lipstick to soften the color. Make sure you coordinate your look. You cannot wear a red lipstick and have a pale face. You could dot some of the lipstick on your cheeks and blend it with your fingers.

Red lipstick

Knowing how to wear red lipstick and how to apply it can help you have an incredible look.

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Whenever you apply a red lipstick, you must be precise. Otherwise, you will have an irregular contouring of the lips. Either you use a brush, or you could apply it straight from the tube. You need to take your time when applying it, making sure you accurately followed the lines of your lips.

Do not use lip liner to contour your lips! The odds are that your lip liner may not match your lipstick and that won’t look good. You will get a two-tone effect. However, if you really want to use lip liner, you need to find a shade that perfectly matches your lipstick. Otherwise, you will be disappointed by the result.

These tips about wearing red lipstick might change your perspective

To prevent your red lipstick from “bleeding” off your lips, apply a little bit of concealer around the border of your mouth. Another unwanted result would be red lipstick on your teeth. Make sure you remove the excess, preventing it from getting on your teeth.

Every woman knows that red lipstick is a statement. It is like wearing expensive jewelry or some gorgeous high heels. If you have experimented a lot, searching for that one perfect shade of red lipstick, you most certainly noticed that there aren’t two shades that look the same. Many makeup artists around the world argue that wearing red lipstick is a skin-illuminating beauty trick which has been used by women around the world for many years.

Summing up, make sure you keep in mind all the tips and tricks on how to wear red lipstick casually to avoid the unwanted outcomes. These tricks can help you choose a shade which is appropriate for the color of your skin.