Wearing a white eyeliner can prove how confident you are. Be bold and show everyone that you can pull off this look! A white eyeliner will brighten your eyes, making you look refreshed.

Put On White Eyeliner to Look Fabulous!

Fantastic cat eye

You can wear only a white eyeliner and nothing more. A perfect cat eye can be the only accessory you will need to turn heads. Try to carefully trace your upper lid using a white pencil. Towards the outer corner of your eye, draw a check mark with your white eyeliner, and you are all set. Now you have a simple, but exquisite look.

However, if you do not have a steady hand, your line might look trembling. Just to make sure you are obtaining the expected results, use a business card or credit card. Hold it at an angle at the outer corner of your eye, using your card’s straight edge as a guide.

Double liner

Start by applying your usual black eyeliner along your upper lash line. To get a totally cool look, apply a shimmery white line over the black eyeliner. It will look like a shimmery eye shadow when it is only a white pencil.

A black line and a white one

Apply a black liquid eyeliner on your upper lid, tracing your upper lash line. Then, use a white liner or shimmery white pencil to draw a similar line on the bottom lid. It is like the black line above mirrors the one below. Isn’t this great? You will have a sixties-inspired look.

The white-black-white-black effect

Use a black liquid eyeliner and trace your upper lid. Then, you can top that line with a white eyeliner. On the lower lid, make sure you start by applying the white liner first, and then you layer it with the black one. Et voila! You will have a Kourtney Kardashian-look in just a few minutes!

White eyeliner

Wearing a white eyeliner can make you have an amazing look, standing out of the crowd.

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White liner only

Even if this might look quite extravagant, it is a great way to use a white liner. Trace your upper lid with a white kohl pencil. Then, draw a straight line on your lower lid, exactly at your outer corner.

Wing your eye with white!

Use your white eyeliner to wing your eye, tracing it to the inner corner of your eye to add more vigor. Make sure you smudge the white eyeliner over the inner corner of your eye using your ring finger. N this way you will have a more diffused look.

Brighten the inner corners!

Use your white eyeliner to just brighten the inner corners of your eyes, tracing that inner “V.” This may be one of the simplest ways to use your white pencil. You will look gorgeous!

Triple eye liner

If you want an extravagant look, wing your upper lid using three eyeliners. Start by applying a black eyeliner and then top it with your white one. To complete the look, add a third eyeliner, preferably a colored one, like pink or blue. You will have a bold look.

Wrapping up

White eyeliner can make you look amazing in so many ways, having plenty of patterns and methods that you can practice. You can have fun while you do your makeup, obtaining a fantastic look.