Hair loss is not a new complication to humankind. Old medical history even reveals that people were trying to cure baldness before many of our favorite historians were born. Even hairstylists invented various kind of hairstyles in the past to cover the bald spot. All these facts show that most men have always wanted to keep their hair. That is why hair regrowth treatment is always a trending topic. Moreover, nowadays people are pretty conscious about hair care.

The hair care technology was not advanced earlier; however, nowadays there are plenty of modern methods to regrow hair. Today professionals have an entirely different approach to hair loss because they know what a hair is, what it needs to be stronger, and why people who belong to the same family suffer from hair loss. With this knowledge, multiple vitamin supplements are available in the market, but keratin is one of the most valuable tools for hair stylists these days. Most of the hairstylists use keratin to provide strength and shine to hair.

Essential Minerals Required for Hair Regrowth

Mineral deficiency is a significant cause of hair loss. Reports say Iron, Zinc, and Iodine are substantial contributors to hair strength. To know more about the benefits of these minerals, check the points mentioned below:

*Iron: Iron deficiency causes anemia which promotes poor hair health. Many people had seen amazing results with regrowth treatments when they added iron supplements and foods to their diet. Therefore, iron is an excellent supplement for hair loss which provides a full range of action.

*Zinc: Zinc deficiency is another known cause for hair loss. Many researchers think people with alopecia either face problems using the available zinc from their bodies or have a low concentration of zinc in their blood. Increasing the amount of zinc through diet or supplementation is an excellent way to prevent hair loss.

*Iodine: Lastly, iodine is essential for hair growth because it is the most critical element required for proper functioning of thyroid hormones. Thyroid problems are behind various cases of hair loss. That is why increasing iodine concentration with sea vegetables or supplements is helpful in bringing back the health of your hair.

Science and Facts about Herbs for Hair Growth

Many people say bald men look masculine. However, if you do not think so, then using natural products and herbs is an effective hair regrowth treatment which will naturally bring back a younger appearance to your looks. Herbs do not harm you. They are a remedy for all kinds of health conditions. Talking more about herbs brings me back to the first recorded treatment for hair loss from ancient history. Even science has turned various remedies of herbs into substantial therapies. So, if you are also willing to grow your hair naturally, check out the list of beneficial herbs for hair regrowth below:

*Gotu Kola: Gotu Kola is a small herb found in India which grows in swampy areas and near natural water. Also, it is a native plant from Ayurveda. Ayurvedic medicines have been using this herb for thousands of years for hair loss and other health conditions such as viral and bacterial infections, fatigue, and many more. Recent research demonstrated Gotu Kola increased hair density and length in rats which made it an excellent choice for hair supplementation.

*Nettle Leaves: A nettle leaf is a plant rich in Vitamin A, C, D, K, and B. It grows during summers. Nettle leaf capsules and tea are one of the oldest treatments to treat hair loss and dandruff. Massaging nettle oil on your scalp combats hair loss effectively. Not only do nettle leaves help in fighting hair loss, but they also help in hair re-growth and curing dandruff. Nettle leaves are rich in sulfur which makes hair shinier and healthier. Rinsing hair with nettle extracts and water is beneficial for hair regrowth. It also helps in restoring the original hair color. Massaging your scalp with coconut or mustard oil infused with dried nettle leaves and leaving it overnight, is an effective treatment for dandruff.

The Best Herbal Product for Hair Regrowth

There exist multiple products for hair loss on the market. That is why users generally, get confused in choosing the appropriate product for hair loss. However, forget all other solutions, because below are our favorite products to combat hair loss.

*Ultrax Labs Hair Rush: Ultrax Labs Hair Rush is a product that combines vitamins, minerals, and herbs to treat hair loss. Hair Rush contains twenty vitamins, minerals, and herbs that serve as nutrients for hair follicles and grown hair. Hair Rush includes no drugs. Also, it takes science into consideration behind hair growth and the causes of hair loss. Therefore, Ultrax Labs Hair Rush joins the top researched solutions for a natural regrowth treatment. So, instead of trying more specialized and expensive products, opt this entirely natural and safe product as a first line treatment for hair regrowth. Using this product fulfills all the vitamins and minerals requirements. Hair Rush also provides a solubilized keratin supplement which contains the building blocks for proteins in your hair.

The above are the reasons and treatments for hair growth in men. I hope that this article can help some of you out there are are struggling with hair loss. Let us know your favorite of the solutions we suggested in the comments below!


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