Tissue regeneration remains a debatable subject. However, recent studies show the capacity of stem cells to regrow teeth. Dental implants are not a thing of the past anymore due to these type of cells. Who knows, maybe artificial implants will be soon replaced.

What Are Stem Cell Dental Implants?

stem cells and their power of creating new tissues

Stem cells are a part of the human body which is capable of creating new cells of similar type. This procedure is called differentiation. To grow a new tissue, they must be kept in a safe environment, and properly fed with nutrients as well as growth hormones. The whole procedure is very fragile and risky. One tiny error could ruin the entire thing. Cell stem dental implants mimic the natural white teeth.

As you can see, stem cells are not like other normal cells. They can multiply and repair a wide range of tissues. Specialists were able to achieve blood, skin, and even muscle tissue, by dividing stem cells.

How Much Do Stem Cell Dental Implants Cost?

Significant advancements were made in the study of stem cell dental implants. Nevertheless, the procedure remains quite expensive. The average cost of dental implants is situated between 2,500 and 3,500 dollars. Compared to this, an artificial implant costs a lot less (1,000-1,500 dollars).

If you take into consideration all the pros and cons of these two teeth replacement methods, you will discover that the one which uses stem cells has a smaller risk, but it is more expensive.

Can They Help You Grow New Teeth?

All the studies made so far on mice have shown that cell stem dental implants work. The only problem is that no one can determine or control how these new-formed teeth will be, in a matter of shape and size. Despite these small obstacles, specialists have come a long way since they first started studying whether stem cell dental implants work or not.

It is estimated that in the next few years, improved procedures will be released for the public use. According to researchers, the new dentistry area created by stem cells should grow around 15 or 20 percent every year. Even though this might seem like a complicated thing, it is a lot safer than artificial dental implants. Nowadays, an implant takes a lot of time and includes several stages. All these make it easier for infections to appear and damage your teeth.

What Have We Learned?

Stem cells dental implants, if applied, are less risky than the already existing procedures. They are still in clinical trials, but doctors are optimistic about this new revolutionary way to grow teeth. All the studies made so far look promising. These cells can grow tissues in only five months, which encourages both medics and patients to try them out.

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