A silicone free primer is the key to a long-lasting makeup look. These products are also good for your skin, especially if you have acne problems or large pores. It is a great choice for those of you who have an oily complexion. As you can see, there are plenty of benefits when using this type of primer. Primers that don’t contain silicone will make your skin look glowing and beautiful. Let’s see which products made our list.

Silicone Free Primer – Best Choices

primers that create the perfect base for makeup

Lorac Aquaprime Oil Free Makeup Primer

This silicone free primer is amazing according to most of its users. Your skin will remain smooth without getting oily because this product is water-based. You will feel refreshed, due to its gel texture. Moreover, it has a cool feeling when applied to your skin. Lorac Aquaprime doesn’t color your face, and it is very lightweight. Go on and give it a try, to discover all its benefits.

Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentrate

Embryolisse costs 16 dollars, and it has become one of the favorite silicone free primers in the beauty industry. It is a great product and contains Shea Butter. Even though it makes your skin smooth and moisturized, it will not give you an overly heavy sensation. It works wonders, especially if your complexion is normal-to-oily.

Sephora Collection Silicone Free Foundation Primer

Sephora shops have a wide range of products and collections to choose from. Everybody knows how good Sephora products are. This silicone free primer is no exception. It is easily absorbed by your skin, being the perfect base layer for makeup. It was specially created for irritated skin. If you have an oily and sensitive complexion, this is the right choice for you. Furthermore, it will even calm down the redness of the acne-prone skin.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water

Many of those who have used it say they are truly impressed by this silicone free primer. Smashbox doesn’t contain oil and alcohol. It costs 32 dollars, and it hydrates your skin. You will add that extra glow when using this fast-absorbing primer. Furthermore, among its ingredients, there are electrolytes which are great at revitalizing and moisturizing your skin. Yes, that’s right! This product works wonders.

Fresh Rose FreshFace Primer

This primer leaves your face flawless. FreshFace is one of the best beauty products on the market, containing green tea extract, rose water, and cucumber. As you can see, it refreshes your complexion, giving it a soothing and cooling effect. It is 100 percent natural as well as organic, restoring your skin’s appearance. Even though it has moisturizing properties, it’s not making your skin greasy.

Putting It All Together

When it comes to products that make your skin glow without making it oily, there are plenty of options to choose from. However, only some of these makeup primers have great benefits for your skin. All of the above are worth trying. You should see which silicone free primer best suits your needs and preferences. Once you find the perfect one, stick to it, to make sure your complexion gets healthier and more hydrated.

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