Some say that blondes have more fun and are more attractive. I don’t really know that since I’m a brunette, but you can find out if you want to. The new cool trend is sandy hair color. Actually, sandy color includes a wide range of shades, starting with light butter blonde and reaching up to beige and dark ash colors. For a better result, you can combine different hues to create a smooth balayage effect or an ombre illusion.

The Coolest Sandy Hair Color Options You Should Try

attractive woman with blonde hair

5. Smooth Balayage

This means your locks will show graded shades of sandy hair color. Therefore, on top of your head, you will have a darker shade such as amber while the edges will look lighter and more natural. This effect is best showed by wearing your locks freshly trimmed and flat ironed.

4. Bombshell Blonde

Most stylists use a beautiful sandy hair color palette to create this exquisite look. Your roots will be given an earth brown shade mixed with a beige blonde. Both sides, as well as your locks’ tips, will be dyed with lighter sandy hues. Your stylist will know for sure what colors to combine in order to give you this unique appearance.

3. Beach Blonde Waves

If you want to achieve a beach look, tell your stylist to use a dark base color called acorn brown. Then, he/she will have to add some highlights painted in dark blonde. You can even opt for a golden shade that replicates sun bleached hair. To create the wave effect, give your hair some smooth curls. This way, the sandy hair color of your highlights will show even better.

2. Beige Beauty

If you have straight long locks, this look is the right one for you. Dye your hair using a subtle beige blonde shade. However, leave your roots slightly darker. For a wow appearance, add some highlights to provide a beautiful contrast. To enhance your highlights, you should use a baby blonde color. Flat iron your locks to create a beautiful silky look.

1. Sandy Short Bob

We haven’t forgotten about those of you who have shorter hair. There are plenty of beauty tips and tricks for you too. For example, you can choose a short bob haircut that has a lot of volume. To enhance this style, the best sandy hair color to use is a regular one as the base and baby blonde highlights. Make sure you blow-dry it for a stunning result. This way, your bob will have great volume and shape.

Putting It All Together

Sandy hair color styles are hip and cool, and they have gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of years. With these shades, you can create a wide range of beautiful hairstyles, from classic long locks to modern updos. Some specialists even say that this color will never go out of style. So make sure you try our above-described recommendations.

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