Long gone are the days when women used only regular hair dye colors to embellish their locks. Now, there are other hot trends. One of them is represented by cool purple hair shades such as lavender, violet, and lilac. Pastel colors will offer you a completely different and beautiful appearance. Take a look at our list of inspirational ideas for purple hair and make sure you try at least one of them.

Top 6 Most Original Purple Hair Ideas to Consider

purple hair shades

#1. Shades of Lilac

If you’re not ready yet to do a complete hair transformation, you could just try a light shade of lilac instead. It is a great way to start turning your hair purple. Just apply a contrasting color to your under layers. You can even play with more than just one hue. Combine lilac with a few highlights of pastel pink.

#2. Grey Purple Hair

If you want to achieve an ethereal appearance, you should try to mix gray with pastel purple hair. Moreover, your look can seem lightweight if you avoid blunt cuts or hair styles. Don’t worry if you are a brunette. You can still pull off this look. However, if you have darker hair color, you should try purple highlights or ombre styles.

#3. Purple Highlights

Purple highlights represent a great way to blend pastel purple hair with the rest of your locks. Make sure you choose the right hue of purple. For example, if you opt for a lighter shade such as lavender, you should apply the highlights in the lower part of your locks.

#4. Pastel Ombre Hair

One of the not-so-great things about hair color is the fact that sometimes it might result in a messy-looking appearance. However, other times it can be a fun surprise. To avoid all unpleasant surprises, you should opt for an ombre look. Choose a more pinkish hue which still provides a purple tone. You can even combine it with silver blonde curls.

#5. Dip-Dyed Violet

If you want to gain a rock or punk look but you are afraid of bleaching all your hair, you can try a dip-dyed violet color. This means you should ask your stylist only to apply the violet color on the bottom half of your locks. This way, you will achieve a vivid color as well as an original hairstyle.

#6. Lavender Hair with Dark Roots

Nowadays, there’s a new hot trend when it comes to hair styling. Visible roots are very popular. Therefore, you should let your top part of the hair to grow a little, but no more than a couple of inches. Then, you can enjoy a trendy look, created by the contrast between dark brown roots and purple hair.

Final Words

Purple hair is the hot trend right now when it comes to styling your locks. All purple hues need bleaching your strands before applying the hair dye. If you want optimum results, you should go to a specialist. Pastel hues are very versatile and a lot easier to maintain. Make a change and try something bold!

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