Pop art makeup is all the rage right now, especially when it comes to Halloween parties, comic book conventions, cosplay contents, and so on. Getting a pop art makeup and costume is not always easy feat, but we thought we could make things simpler and more entertaining for you today. We have gathered a bunch of pop art makeup experts who will talk to you about pop art makeup products and show you how to achieve gorgeous looks. Here are the six pop art makeup tutorials we recommend today!

1. Pop Art Makeup Tutorial: Lips – by Jordan Hanz

Pop art makeup guru Jordan Hanz offers you a quick but comprehensive guide on how to achieve those 2D lips, which are the foundation of any pop art/comic book/Halloween makeup. You should begin with clean lips and your favorite liquid lipstick and take it from there. Jordan will be there for you every step of the way.


2. Carnival Face Painting Andy Warhol Style – by Claire Dim

Claire Dim finds inspiration in the art of Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein and she achieves intricate, complex, and gorgeous pop art makeup you can take to any Comic Con, Halloween party, theme party, and so on. From the very foundation to the last Andy Warhol-style fine art details, Claire Dim will help you turn into a gorgeous cartoon – and the heart of the party!


3. Comic Book Makeup Tutorial – by Emma Pickles

This Roy Lichtenstein-inspired comic book makeup by Emma Pickles is not difficult to achieve if you follow her instructions systematically and use the recommended products. You have all the products listed in the description of the video. Follow Emma Pickles’ comic book makeup tutorial and impress everybody at the next theme party, carnival, or comic book convention!


4. Four-Different Ways Shiny Comic Book Girl Makeup Tutorial – by Madeyewlook

Madeyewlook has dozens of tutorials for pop art makeup, comic book makeup, and even geek-related makeup (we particularly love the Pickle Rick one). Thus, she is your go-to source if you want to achieve something different all the way. You can get the Shiny Comic Book girl makeup in four different manners and Madeyewlook takes you every step of the way. The products used are listed in the video description.


5. Easy Pop Art Makeup Tutorial for Halloween – by Fabulous Hannah

Hannah is not much into scary Halloween costumes and makeup. Therefore, she chose a pop art makeup last year for this celebration. She recommends affordable products while teaching you how to achieve a true Warhol-inspired face paint to turn you in the star of the party (not too scary, but not too girly either, according to Fabulous Hannah). The list of products is clearly described in the video description. And the procedure is easy enough to achieve the makeup even if you are not a cosplay guru.


6. Comic Book Makeup Male Tutorial – by Wesley Benjamin Carter

Let us not forget that plenty of men love a good geek convention, cosplay parades and contests, comic book conventions and events and parties with video game themes. So why don’t we get a comic book makeup male tutorial? Wesley Benjamin Carter does an amazing job with his male pop art makeup tutorial, which – we are sure – will inspire an entire generation of geeks and comic book lovers. The products are listed in the video description and Wesley’s guidelines make everything so easy!


What is your favorite pop art makeup tutorial in this list? Which is the one you are going to try next?

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