If you usually prefer neutral acrylic nails or shades of beige, you should take a look at these nude nail ideas that look very promising. Nude nail polish is very chic and comes in multiple shades, appropriate for every skin tone out there. Everyone can wear this color, and it is amazing because it matches every other color from your outfit. Furthermore, you can’t tell when it chips.

Amazing Nude Nail Ideas

BEST Chic Neutral Nail Polishes // Top 5 // Rachael Jade

by Rachael Annear

When you choose to wear a natural nail color, at least make sure you purchase what is best for you. One of the best nude nail ideas would be Nails Inc. Nail Laquer VVB ‘Bamboo White’ nail polish. Besides the amazing color, it also has great quality. It can last for over a week on your nails. Another amazing nude nail polish is Essie Nail Color ‘Chinchilly’. It has a gray shade.

The Maybelline SuperStay 7 Day Gel Nail Color ‘Rose Poudre’ is also an extraordinary choice since it promises to stay on your nails for seven days and the color is just gorgeous.

Natural Set Ft. Naio Nails Acrylic System

by Luciana McGee

Before applying your favorite nude nail polish, start by applying a protein bond to protect your nails. Then, use a nail adhesion acrylic liquid to make sure your nail polish will last longer. Furthermore, you can also use Micro Pigment Nail Art Acrylic Polymer to prep your nails for nude nail art. Use a brush to get a thin layer of acrylic polymer and then apply the cover, pressing it by the cuticle and brushing it down.

Then, cap it with a clear nail polymer covering the entire nail. Then, buff the nails. Now, you have a natural-looking manicure with amazing long nails. You can easily apply a cuticle oil and then apply your favorite shade of nude nail polish.

Nude Glitter Princess Nails (Prom, Weddings)

by Julia Graf

You can always use some glitter to add some glam to your nude nail polish. Apply two coats of your favorite nude nail polish for a very opaque finish. Use a fan brush to grab some glitter and apply it on your wet nail polish.

First, you can apply the white glitter and then the golden glitter. To make sure you get rid of any excess nail polish that got on your skin, you should use a correcting pen. After your nail polish dries, you should apply a top coat to make the glitter stand out.


Natasha Lee

After you file and take care of your cuticles, clean them with some alcohol to prep your nails. Then, apply the base coat. Next, apply a nail polish with golden foil effects for a luxurious look.  After the gold layer has dried, apply a nail foil adhesive. After it dries, apply some glitter to have a glamorous look.

Remember to apply to opt for this sparkly look only for one or two of your fingernails. For the rest of your nails, you could use a nude nail polish to get the perfect manicure. Apply a top coat to make sure it stays on for as long as possible.

For the rest of your nails, try your favorite shade of nude nail polish. Make sure you apply two coats of this. Use some foil adhesive and apply the glitter with your brush. After applying the glitter, use a water-based top coat to prevent the foil adhesive from cracking. You will have a fantastic manicure!

Gathering our brushes

These nude nail ideas can help you have a simple, yet exquisite and clean look. Make sure you use a base coat and a top coat every time you apply nail polish to prevent them from chipping.

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