The minimalistic makeup look is all the rage right now. After all, if we embraced minimalism in interior design, fashion, and accessories, it was about time to return to the essentials of beauty as well. The minimal makeup saves you time and money and offers you a gorgeous look with little effort and just a handful of cosmetic products. Today we will look inside the minimalist makeup bag and see what essentials you should use.

1. The No-Makeup Minimal Makeup Kit

This minimalist makeup collection contains only eight essentials. It plays on achieving a natural, neutral, feminine look with no effort. It is also an incredibly good idea for summer as it also comes with sunscreen. So let us see the natural-looking minimal makeup that goes well with your nine-to-five job, romantic sunset walks with your loved one and casual gathering with friends.

  • Pick a matte sunscreen to match your natural skin tone.
  • Begin with a creamy concealer to hide imperfections.
  • A lighter cream/beige eyeshadow will take you everywhere.
  • A clear brow gel will define and frame your eyebrows.
  • Add some contrast and depth with a tad darker shade of cream/beige eyeshadow.
  • Enhance your facial features with a light and luminous highlighter.
  • A peach/light pink blush is all you need to look fresh and natural.
  • A lip-gloss in a vibrant pink hue with a bit of shine finishes the entire look.

When it comes to minimal makeup, keep in mind that you need products that make you look natural and provide you with some skin care. A weightless face oil will offer you natural shine without clogging it.

2. The Even More Minimalistic Makeup Kit

Can you downsize your minimalistic makeup bag even more? Of course, you can! Now let us look at the 6-products minimal makeup bag for travelers, women who are always on the go, and women who tend to appreciate skin care more than makeup.

  • Start with a tinted moisturizer that complements your skin tone and makes your face glow naturally; avoid all oils and heavy products.
  • A photo-finish primer will complete your look and not clog your face too much.
  • A high-quality eyeliner; we have talked about eyeliners before, so it’s better you pick one that is waterproof and sweat-proof; in summer you will be thankful for your choice. A masterful eye line makes your eyes pop without any additional eye shadow.
  • Do not forget about mascara! Waterproof mascara – and one that makes your lashes stand out of the crowd – is enough to achieve a spectacular effect from early morning office hours to late night party time with no effort.
  • Get a resistant lip balm or lipstick that holds its ground for hours, matches your skin tone, and goes well with your outfit.

3. The More-in-One Minimal Makeup Kit

If you know how to play with your cosmetic products and use some instead of others, you will cut the products to use even more.

  • Use blush for eyeshadow and cheeks.
  • A tinted moisturizer is enough for a natural skin glow instead of both foundation and blush.
  • Use a lip balm (red and orange tones) as cream blush or color corrector to hide the blue circles underneath your eyes.
  • Use an eyeliner to make your eyes pop and you can even give up on the eyeshadow.

Finishing the Minimal Makeup Bag

Keep in mind that SPF foundations or skin moisturizers are mandatory in summer. You can give up on a literal pile of cosmetic products, but not on these.

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