Mermaid eyes makeup routine is the new exquisite beauty trend that you should definitely try. You can wear this makeup on a summer night while going out with your friends. Your glittery eyes will stand out, making you look gorgeous. Take a look at these tutorials to know how to get the look.

Metallic Mermaid Eyes

Lisa Eldridge

To get the mermaid eyes makeup look, start by using a damp brush and a metallic aquamarine eye shadow. Spread the eyeshadow all over the eye lid. Continue to apply more and more color until you get a liquidy shine from the blue. Then, use a dry brush to blend it the color in the crease. Next, choose a darker blue and apply toward the outer ‘V’ of your eyes, on the outer edge.

Use a dark glittery blue and apply it with your finger all over the eyelid. Next, get a damp brush to pat the color on. Blend off any edges and go back in with the navy shadow to create depth. Apply powder on your eyebrows and brush them. Next, use a navy blue gel eye liner at the lash roots. Use the same eye liner underneath the eye too. Apply a volumizing mascara, and you are ready to go.

I’M A MERMAID Glitter Makeup


First, start by contouring your eyebrows using a brown eyebrow kit. Next, apply your concealer underneath your eyebrows and above the eyebrows. Use a beauty blender to blend the concealer in. Apply primer all over your eye lid. Then, use a fluffy brush to apply a white eye shadow, blending it in all over your eye lid. Use a shimmery white to apply it under your brows.

Grab a navy blue eye shadow and use a fluffy brush to apply it in your crease. Thoroughly blend the color in, use a darker blue and apply it over the previous blue eye shadow to create a fading effect. Next, apply some makeup glitter on your eye lid and use a fluffy brush to place the green glitter over the glue. If you want to obtain an extreme effect, you can also use some blue glitter to apply over the green one.

Apply some darker blue glitter into your crease. Then, grab a yellow eye shadow and blend it in into your crease. To highlight the outer ‘V’ of your eyes, use some black eye shadow. Use black eye liner to contour your eyes. Apply your false eye lashes, and you will look like a true mermaid.

Mermaid Eyes Makeup Tutorial


Apply an eye lid primer and then choose a navy blue eye shadow, concentrating the color on the inner and the outer corner of the eyes. Pick up a different brush to blend in the eye shadow. Grab a green glittery eye shadow and apply right above your eye lashes, in the middle of the lids. Intensify the outer corner with the blue eye shadow again.

Next, use a deep blue eye shadow and blend it into your crease. Use a small brush to concentrate a black eye shadow into the inner crease and the outer crease. Make sure you do not have harsh lines. Apply adhesive on your eyelid and then apply green glitter. Grab your false eyelashes and apply them. Do not forget about your concealer.

Gathering our brushes

The mermaid eyes look is a spectacular one that will make you shine through the night while going out partying with your friends. You will get an incredible look, turning a few heads that will admire you. If you decide to apply glitter on your eyelids, do not forget about using adhesive to make sure the glitter stays on. Have fun, you Little Mermaid!

Image Source: YouTube