We all have that scenario where we are still working at our desk and we suddenly get a call from our significant other. A surprise date! While indeed being a very beautiful gesture, it brings us to the next point: the makeup. Spending an entire day at the office doesn’t require too much of a makeup. A thin layer of foundation, some powder, blush, lip balm and we’re usually good to go. But what happens when we have to execute a perfect day to night makeup in just a few minutes? We panic, this is what usually happens.

However, these kinds of scenarios shouldn’t scare you anymore. Because we want to help you, we have asked a few makeup artists to give us some tips and tricks about transforming an ordinary makeup into a glamorous one in minutes. Their secret? Focus on one or two areas of your face. Keep this in mind and you should be ready in no time for your special date. Curious about the tips? Let’s begin!

Focus on the lips

According to makeup artist Norah Salazar, your primary focus when revamping your makeup should be the lips. After all, this is all about adding extra drama to the face for the night out. And what scream drama better than a bold lip? Use a bright red, purple, dark red, burgundy, even black if you are brave enough. It’s all up to you. If you don’t like dark and mysterious colors, you can try applying a bright lipstick color, like an orange or a pink. A third solution would be to add a sparkly lip gloss into the mix, but then you should focus more on the eyes.

Drama to the eyes

When it comes to the eyes, makeup artist Misha Shahzada says that if you were not already wearing mascara you should definitely add a few coats. If you were wearing, you will only need a touch up. If you want to go bolder you can even apply some fake eyelashes for that extra drama. Another important step would be to create that elegant cat eye by using black eyeliner. This says drama like nothing else!

Speaking about the eyes, you will definitely need to create a bold makeup look so choose dark colors like grey, blue or black. A smoky eye never fails so you can go down that route. Maybe add in some glitter? Makeup artist Brianna Gonzalez says that you can also accentuate your lower lash line with some eyeliner. Remember, it’s still about maintaining a balance in your look. So, if you added a bold lip, take it easier on the eyes and the other way around.

That sexy flush

Finally, you can complete your day to night makeup look by adding some extra blush and highlighter to your cheeks. Keep it elegant and don’t apply too much. Otherwise, it will look weird and we don’t want that, right?

Wrapping it all up

So, did these tips coming from makeup artists on how to achieve the perfect day to night makeup help you? Will you use them next time you’re in a rush? Let us know down below!

Image source: pexels