Is[easyazon_link identifier=”B001B2RG1C” locale=”US” tag=”beautifu0f2-20″]mineral oil[/easyazon_link] bad for your skin? Many skincare enthusiasts have been asking this question in fear of accidentally damaging their skin while trying to take care of it. Truth be told, it’s nothing completely black and white. Mineral oil has both its good and bad aspects and, today, we are going to run over them to paint the complete picture of its uses.

What Is Mineral Oil?

There’s no point in sugar coating it: mineral oil is a derived product of crude oil, the very same type that you pump into your car as fuel. Other names for mineral oil include liquid paraffin, white oil, or liquid petroleum.

Being a petroleum derivations, mineral oil had people really torn about whether it’s actually good for your health or not. Some use as main argument in its favor the very reason why we use mineral oil in cosmetics. Due to its nature and compounds, it causes no allergic reactions which could possibly lead to some serious health issues. Moreover, they argue that it’s a natural compound given by earth and that when distilled and refined properly, it’s nothing like petroleum. On the other side of the argument, there are people who beg to differ.

Is Mineral Oil Bad for Your Skin? The Pros & Cons

What Is Mineral Oil Good For? – THE PROS

  • It has some great effects on your skin, particularly if you struggle with dryness. Mineral oil has some compounds which moisturize the skin and create a “barrier” which helps the skin retain it. Perhaps what’s most important here is the fact that it can help people suffering from patches of psoriasis. Because of the strength of its properties, it makes a fantastic ally in the battle against this ailment.
  • Cradle cap, psoriasis, and dandruff are all problems you can solve through a mineral oil-based treatment to your scalp. After application, put on a plastic shower cap and leave it stay overnight. After merely two or three rounds of this treatment, you’ll start to see the results.
  • When used on the face and neck, mineral oil can soften the skin and minimize the fine lines which show your real age.

Mineral Oil Side Effects – THE CONS

  • While treating one problem, you may accidentally unleash another. Mineral oil may lead to acne and clog your pores, accentuating a number of pre-existing skin issues.
  • Although it’s not the first bullet point on this, it’s by far the most important. No matter how distilled and refined, mineral oil still contains considerable amounts of toxins which can even lead to cancer.
  • Frequent applications can disturb your hormonal balance, triggering serious afflictions such as ovarian dysfunctions and miscarriages.

Bottom Line

So, what’s the conclusion? Is mineral oil bad for your skin? It’s definitely risky and not just for your skin alone. If you don’t have any other precedents with skin issues and you just need to treat dryness, you may give it a shot. Or better yet, use it to deal with various scalp issues. However, it’s best that you try to avoid it altogether and opt for safer alternatives.