We all want to have hair as silky and smooth as celebrities seem to have. Moreover, after you get your hair styled up in a salon, it looks and feels gorgeous. But how to keep that silkiness and smoothness for as long as possible without spending a fortune? Today we are going to present you some simple tricks for how to get silky hair at home.

How to Get Silky Hair with Some Simple Steps

1. Use Cold Water for Rinsing

Though people generally avoid using cold water when washing their hair, it’s more beneficial than you might expect. It’s a tried-and-true method that makes your hair smoother than usual. The cold makes the hair shrink up, holding the hair cuticle closer. As such, if you use cold water, you will make the individual strands remain flat.

2. Blot the Hair

One of the biggest mistakes people make is rubbing the hair when it’s wet. However, rubbing it will make it rougher and it will make it break, not to mention the frizz you’ll get afterward. For this reason, one of the most important tips on how to get silky hair is to blot it. Use the towel and blot the top of your head. For the length, you can squeeze it gently.

3. Choose a Good Serum

If you want to have some shiny locks, most likely you think immediately of a blow dryer and a hair straightener. Though indeed they offer your hair some extra shine, it can be damaging in time. Ideally, before using heat on it, you should apply a good protective serum. There are plenty of them available on the market, but you should make sure you pick the one suitable for your hair type.

4. Trim It Regularly

Yes, we know, you want your hair as long as possible. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be unhealthy as well. Keep it regularly trimmed and take good care of it. If you constantly use a hair mask and oil, the ends will not split that fast. Even if you have shiny and healthy roots, split ends ruin any look.

5. Use Aloe

This is yet another one of the easiest tips on how to get silky hair. You probably know that aloe does wonders for your skin, but did you know it’s good as well for your hair? You can make your own aloe mask at home. Comb pure aloe vera gel through your hair, let it sit for half an hour and then rinse. You will notice the results immediately.

6. Comb the Hair Carefully

If you start brushing your hair as soon as you washed it, you’re in for plenty of breakage and frizz. If you want to have smooth strands, use a comb with wide teeth on the damp hair. There are also special products that help it detangle easier, so you can use those as well.


Learning how to get silky hair is not complicated at all if you know the right products. Using aloe vera or homemade masks is a great idea, but be careful with drying and combing as well.

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