This happens to everyone, and we all want to know how to get rid of static cling. Some may spend quite a while figuring out what to wear to find out in the end that the skirt will cling to their legs and the shirt will get stuck to the bra. This constant fight determined us to bring you some tips on how to get rid of static in clothes while wearing them.

​Tips on How to Get Rid of Static Cling

​Metal hanger

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​This trick will help you learn how to get rid of static from clothes naturally, especially if we talk about silk. Take a metal hanger and simply glide it between your body and your clothes to remove the electric charge. Furthermore, you could also try just to glide the wire hanger over your clothes before you dress up.


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​Just spritz some hairspray on the area where static cling occurs, and you will see how it will disappear when you put your clothes on.


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​Use a metal safety-pin to get rid of static cling in your clothes. Just hide it inside your clothes, and it will prevent static cling from occurring.

​Dryer sheets

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​Make sure you always have dryer sheets with you. Just simply rub them over your clothes and you will no longer experience issues with static cling.

​Leather soled shoes

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​Wear leather soles shoes to get rid of static electricity. The leather will allow electricity to flow through your body.


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​Put some lotion on before dressing up. Therefore, you will add some moisture to your clothes while eliminating the static cling.

​DIY static guard

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​There is no need for you to purchase a special spray to use it as a static guard. You can do your own spray using household ingredients. Mix water and fabric softener in a spray bottle. Then, spritz it on your clothes where the static cling appears. This DIY spray will work wonders!


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​If you have a static shirt or sweater, put it in the freezer for 30 minutes to discharge the static electricity from your clothes.

​Natural fibers

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​It is better to wear clothes from natural fabrics to prevent static electricity. Make sure your clothes are made of linen or cotton.

​Laundress Static Solution Spray

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​Purchase this spray to make sure you will get rid of static cling. Spray it between the fabrics that cause static electricity and wait for a few minutes. Then, flatten the fabric with your hands.

​​Metal thimble

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​Put a metal thimble on your finger and make sure you touch the fabric with the thimble before touching it with your bare skin.

​Silicone-based products

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​When styling your hair, make sure you apply silicone-based products to avoid static cling. Th silicone will coat each hair, developing a barrier which neutralizes electrical charges. Therefore, static is prevented.

​Baking soda

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​To prevent static cling, add some baking soda into the washing machine before starting the washing cycle. Ass 1/4 cup of baking soda and you will get rid of the problem.

​​​​Wrapping up

​If you understand how to get rid of static ling it will be easier for you to wear your favorite dress.

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All these tips will help you learn how to get rid static cling in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, you will not need to spend a lot of money on very expensive products. You can use household ingredients and objects to remove static electricity.

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