Although not many women consider cutting their own locks instead of going to a hair salon, it can be a great solution, especially if you don’t have enough time or you are on a tight budget. However, trimming your own hair doesn’t always lead to a successful result. Sometimes, no matter how much effort you put into it, your hair will come out as a complete mess. This is why we have decided to help you by offering you valuable tips from experts on how to cut your own hair.

The Best Tips and Tricks on How to Cut Your Own Hair

a woman with blonde hair having her locks trimmed

#1. Use Tiny Scissors & Have Realistic Expectations

Donna Williams, who is an experienced stylist at Bushwick’s Tomahawk Salon, says you should always use [easyazon_link identifier=”B00YYMLEWS” locale=”US” tag=”beautifu0f2-20″]small scissors[/easyazon_link]when you cut your own hair. Avoid using big professional tools because they are harder to control. Instead, opt for baby nail-trimming shears or even cuticle scissors. You should be realistic and don’t expect your look to be perfect. Even though you might do a great job, your overall look will probably not be as polished as a professional haircut. Being realistic is advice that Michael Angelo gives. He is the founder of the Wonderland Beauty Parlor, located in the West Village.

#2. Stick to What You Can See & Maintain Your Style

According to Williams, you should never try to cut the back part of your locks, using a mirror. Instead, you should try to bring those locks in front of you to see them clearly. Otherwise, you should give up on cutting them all together. Donna also states that you should stick to the basics when you trim your own strands at home. Don’t try to invest something new and original. What you should achieve is a basic maintenance.

#3. Do the Twist for Split Ends

There is a proper way to trim your split ends. And Nuccia Ardagna, who is a popular beauty vlogger, has created the perfect YouTube tutorial to teach you how to cut your own hair. Don’t wet your hair before trimming it. Gently and slowly move around your hairline, with a small pair of scissors, coiling only one inch of your locks around your index finger. Once you’re done twisting, you can fix all the split ends that pop out.

#4. Pull Your Bangs Together

If you want to trim not only your hair but also your bangs, you should pull them down. Then, you can twist them together. Finally, you will be able to cut your bangs in a proper manner easily. Trim the entire section at once. This tips on how to cut your own hair is a valuable and effective one, and it comes from a Fringe stylist, Jessica Ruby Whalen. Fringe Salon is located on the Lower East Side.

Summing It Up

Trimming your own hair can be tricky. On the other hand, if you follow our recommendations that we have gathered from real experts, you should obtain a nice result. Remember to stick with the basics. You shouldn’t try to create super difficult and complex haircuts, especially if you are new at this.

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