Learning how much hair loss is normal when washing and brushing your hair can help you establish whether you need a hair treatment or not. Many women complain about hair loss, but sometimes this is a normal process, allowing your hair to regenerate. However, sometimes women tend to freak out when they find hair on the bathroom floor or in the drain.

How much hair loss is normal when brushing or washing it?

Experts indicate that the average person loses about 60 to 100 hairs every day. So if you were wondering how much hair loss is normal in a day, this is the answer. Nevertheless, this varies from one person to another. If you have a long hair, it may seem that you have lost more hair than you have actually done.

Our hair is very sensitive to any type of stress that occurs in the body, from a high fever to a stomach bug or a stressful week at work. However, specialists indicate that as long as we take care of ourselves and the body manages to recover, we have no reason to worry about it.

Chemical processing such as bleaching, permanent hair color and straightening does not affect hair growth, but they do impair the protein structure of the hair. Therefore, the hair shaft is weaker, and your hair may easily break.

This is not true ‘hair loss.’ However, hair breakage reduces the thickness of your strands. As a remedy, you should try biotin hair supplements. Furthermore, you should also use a sulfate-free shampoo or a hair mask for deep conditioning to restore your hair’s health.

Women who have naturally curly hair may use more tension when brushing or combing their hair. Therefore, this together with several heat styling tools can cause severe hair breakage. Experts claim that if you notice severe hair breakage or hair loss when brushing your hair and this goes on for three months, then it’s time you seek a trichologist or dermatologist’s help.

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Learning how much hair loss is normal can help you determine whether you need an expert’s advice or not.

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Hair loss can be caused by stress or internal problems

Severe hair loss can have an internal cause that you may not know of. Going to the doctor can help you establish exactly which the real reason is and find a way to annihilate the cause. Long-term hair loss may be the cause of several deficiencies like vitamin B2, vitamin D or iron. However, hyperthyroid and hypothyroid complications can also cause chronic hair loss.

After you fix the internal problem, you will see that you will no longer experience excessive hair loss. Your hair’s health will be restored.

However, if you are wondering how much hair loss is normal when washing it, you should know that this may depend on how you wash it. Normally, you can lose about 60 to 100 strands of hair every day, but that number can become even higher. If you usually rough it up with shampoo, this may cause more hair loss. Furthermore, if you tend to wear your hair up in a ponytail and you use elastic bands, then hair breakage might be even more severe.

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Knowing how much hair loss is normal really depends on your routine when washing, brushing or styling your hair. Permanent hair color or bleaching can deprive your hair of the proper amount of proteins and cause hair breakage. Make sure you contact a specialist if you believe your hair loss problem goes over three months.

Image Source: DHI Global